To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 36 - The Music Lives On - Continued

Taylor happily walked down to the recording studio when he thought he suddenly heard the sound of his keyboards playing.
"Ike must be fooling around." Taylor thought but then heard all their instruments playing at once. He quickly raced to the room wondering who was at his keyboard. He slowly opened the door and Ike, Zac, and Sherri looked up at him surprised. Sherri was sitting in his spot and he crinkled his eyebrows together staring at her.
"Hey Sherri trying to take my place?" Taylor asked a little perturbed but noticed she suddenly had a look of fear cross her face.
"I...I...no... I just was trying to help your brothers while you were in physical therapy. I...I didn't mean to...."
"I'm sorry Sherri. I shouldn't have said that." Taylor said trying to apologize as she shyly casted her eyes down on the keyboard.
"Gosh Tay! I didn't think you were so sensitive." Zac said teasingly as Taylor threw him a look.
"Actually Sherri is quite good. We didn't know how long you were going to take and we just wanted to try out the song we were planing on recording today and she told us that she could play, so we asked her to help out till you would come." Ike explained smiling at Sherri.
Taylor walked over and pulled another stool over as he hopped on his right leg bringing it over to Sherri and finally sat down next to her. She moved a little away hoping Taylor wasn't mad at her. She swallowed hard and shyly looked up at Taylor who smiled at her.
"Play something." Taylor asked Sherri flipping his hand out toward the keys.
"Umm... what should I play?" Sherri smiled turning red.
"Anything. I'm not mad Sherri. I was just shocked to see you in here. I would love to hear you play." Taylor said smiling at her and he noticed she finally relaxed and placed her hands upon the keyboard and started playing their song 'Weird'.
"How's that?" Sherri asked finally finishing while they all smiled at her.
"Wow! That was nice. We didn't know you played keyboards. Why didn't you say something?" Taylor asked smiling at her as tingles went down her back looking straight into his blue intense eyes.
"Well know one asked me." Sherri chuckled.
"I guess I should go now and leave you guys alone so you can get to work." Sherri said getting up quickly and went to the door as she felt their eyes watching her intently. She turned around and smiled back at them and waved as she went out the door.
Sherri drew in a deep breath and leaned against the door feeling relieved. She knew she had a crush on Taylor but she didn't want him to know that, knowing that probably he didn't feel the same way toward her. Being friends with him was still a thrill in itself. Suddenly she heard music fill the air and she smiled as she walked down the hall to try to find Jessie and see what she was up too.
Finally after a few hours they were listening to the song play back and satisfied with the sound that they heard.
"Sounds great!" Ike said feeling satisfied.
"That took long enough, but worth it though." Taylor agreed smiling pulling his hair back behind his left ear.
"How far did you walk today Tay?" Ike asked looking at him intently.
"Actually to the middle. But I think I pushed it a little to much and had to stop."
"What did Alice and Jason say?" Zac asked stretching his arms and upper body over the back of his chair feeling exhausted.
"They were impressed, but told me to take it slow."
"Do what they say Tay." Ike advised matter of factly.
"Don't worry Ike I am."
"Sherri is cute." Zac stated suddenly changing the subject and smiled.
"Yeah she is pretty. Zac? Do you have a crush on her?" Taylor asked as he smiled teasingly at his brother.
"NO! I think she is cute though."
"And quite talented too." Ike added putting in his two cents.
"Yeah! I still feel bad about that day I ..I..." Taylor began looking down at his hands.
"Tay you couldn't help it and anyways I don't think she minded it all. She wanted to help." Ike said touching Taylor's hand.
"She is real nice, but she doesn't talk to me much." Taylor stated.
Zac rolled his eyes looking at Ike. Ike smiled realizing Zac too noticed how she constantly stares at him when they are being home schooled by their mother, but thought it best not to say anything to Taylor right now knowing Taylor needed to work on just getting better and concentrating on the music.

Hours later Taylor was sitting in the living room watching the TV intently when he heard Jason come through the door and excitedly call out to him. He couldn't wait to hear about his date with Alice after his mother told him he asked her out on a date for lunch. He was gone most of the day and he was dying to find out what happened. Jason came into the room and sat down next to Taylor smiling down at him.
"Well?" Taylor asked raising his eyebrows.
"Well what?" Jason asked teasingly returning his question with a question.
"Jason? How was it with Alice?"
"I had... we had a wonderful time." Jason told him sliding down on the couch so his head rested on the back of the couch and stared up at the ceiling looking happy.
"And?" Taylor asked with a pleading look on his face as he swished his hand in a circle.
"We talked." Jason smiled.
"Jason stop it! Tell me what happened!" Taylor yelled gently slapping him in the stomach as he smiled down at Jason who acted like the slap really hurt him as he looked up at Taylor and smiled.
"Okay." Jason said sitting up and suddenly grabbed Taylor's face in his hands and softly kissed his forehead.
"What was that for?" Taylor asked looking at him curiously.
"For letting me know just how Alice felt about me. She is a amazing woman Taylor. She told me all about how she cared for me during the time I was in a coma. I never knew. No one ever told me. She explained to me how she always loved me. I can't believe I didn't see it sooner. I guess us men can be so blind sometimes." Jason chuckled as he still thought about her.
"And how do you feel about her now?"
"I think I really... well I don't know if I can say love yet, but I do feel something toward her. I am attracted to her." Jason smiled.
"Great!" Taylor exclaimed happily hoping that Alice and him would fall in love. He felt that Jason and Alice deserved one another. He loved them both very much for all the time and care they gave him. He wanted them to be happy.
"Oh.... I am suppose to drive Sherri back home! I almost forgot." Jason stated suddenly as he bolted up from the couch.
"But first I have to make a phone call to Old Ben to see how Snow is doing." He said flinging his arm in the air.
Taylor noticed he had a necklace tied around his wrist.
"Jason? Isn't that mine?" Taylor asked pointing at Jason's wrist.
"Oh....yeah...yes it is." Jason stammered looking sadly down at the floor.
"I was wondering what happened to that one. I thought maybe I lost it when I fell off that cliff." Taylor said noticing Jason looked at him with a guilty look covering his face.
"Well I just... I just wanted to remember you by something... so I kept this one." Jason confessed casting his eyes away from Taylor.
"You did? Well....I..I will let you keep it, if it means that much to you." Taylor said swallowing hard wishing he didn't make Jason feel bad.
"I would really like to Taylor. It has become such apart of me." Jason said smiling at him.
"Sure. I won't miss it. I thought I lost it anyway." Taylor admitted smiling back at Jason.
"Well I better go find Sherri and tell her to get ready to go home now."
"She is with Jessie and Avery in the back yard."
"Oh ...thanks. Where are your brothers?" Jason asked seeing Taylor frown.
"They went rolling blading!" Taylor rasped angrily feeling jealous that they went without him.
"Don't worry Tay you will being doing that again soon." Jason consoled trying to reassure Taylor as he felt sorry for him, understanding he felt left out of a lot of things lately due to the injury.
Taylor nodded his head and watched Jason leave the room. He started flipping through the channels feeling bored. He shifted in his seat trying to find something that would interest him. Finally he turned off the TV and grabbed a book that he was intending upon reading. Just as he lifted it up Sherri walked into the room and sat down on the chair next to the couch holding her purse and books in her arms. Taylor smiled at her and she smiled shyly back.
"Waiting for Jason?" Taylor asked.
"Yep. He is talking to some man on the phone right now. Taylor?"
"Did he go out with my mother on a date? Jessica told me he asked her."
"Yes they did." Taylor said smiling.
"Wow! Finally the two got together." Sherri said giving Taylor a huge smile.
"I feel the same way. It was agony watching them for days as your mother kept throwing him love stares and Jason not even noticing. And I was in the middle watching all this." Taylor informed her making Sherri laugh.
"I am glad to see you are happy again." Sherri mumbled shyly smiling at Taylor.
"Oh.... Sherri? About that day." Taylor said suddenly looking down at his hands nervously.
"Yes Tay?" Sherri asked with her heart pounding suddenly faster.
"Well I never thanked you for being there for me. I really am glad you were. I needed.... I needed someone who understood and you did!" Taylor declared shyly looking into Sherri eyes.
"Oh anytime Taylor. I am glad I could help." Sherri stated feeling her knees start to shake and felt a thrill rush through her knowing that Taylor felt that way about her.
"Sherri? Come here please." Taylor asked standing up and getting his balance. Sherri gave him a inquisitive look and stood up and walked over to him. He grabbed her books and purse out of her hands and plopped them on the couch as she looked up at him longingly. He suddenly gave her a great big hug and kissed the top of her head gently. She wrapped her arms around him too and squeezed back enjoying the pleasure of being in his arms. Tingles ran up and down her spine as she held on to him. Slowly she released the hug and looked up at him again noticing there were tears in his eyes.
"Sherri? I want you to know you will always be my friend." Taylor expressed smiling as he cradled her face in his hands.
Tears sprang to her eyes. She grabbed Taylor's head gently and brought it to her lips and kissed his cheek softly. Taylor smiled and blushed slightly at the loving gentle kiss.
"Thank you Taylor. I want to be your friend forever too." Sherri said feeling joy fill her heart.
Taylor sat back down feeling his right leg getting tired from standing to long without his crutches to hold him up. Sherri bent down next to him grabbing up her books and purse.
"Hey Sherri? Ready to go?" Jason yelled standing by the entrance waiting.
"Oh yeah! Coming Jason! See you tomorrow Taylor!" Sherri gushed happily as she left the room and turned back and waved noticing Taylor was watching her leave.
Taylor sat back into the couch grabbing his book and felt contented that his life was finally beginning to be normal again. He turned to where his bookmark was and began to read losing himself in the story.

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