To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 26 - Do You Want To Go? - Continued

Alice slowly opened the door to Taylor's room and walked in. Taylor turned and smiled at her.
"Oh I thought you would still be sleeping. It is only six o'clock in the morning." Alice said cheerfully.
"I have had plenty of sleep."
"I heard you had a bad time last night." Alice said as she approached Taylor's bed.
"Oh... yeah the muscles in my hip swelled up and boy did it hurt! It really scared me!" Taylor told her casting his eyes down.
"How do you feel now?" Alice asked with concern in her voice.
"Better. Just hurts a little. Like a ache or something." Taylor said casting his eyes up and down.
"If it starts hurting again just call me. Okay?"
Taylor nodded his head.
"Alice? Guess what? Jason came to see me last night! He brought back my stuff and wrote me a letter!" Taylor gushed excitedly searching Alice's eyes.
"Oh that is wonderful! What did the letter say? If you don't mind my asking." Alice asked remembering not to tell Taylor about seeing Jason as she kept her promise to him.
"Here..." Taylor said as he pulled the letter out from under the pillow and handed it to Alice. Alice took the letter and he waited watching her intently until she finished reading.
Tears welled in her eyes as she read the letter. Finally after all these years Jason was finding his way back again. She always prayed and hoped that Jason would come to terms with his past. And it took a boy like Taylor to start the healing.
"Alice? Are you okay?" Taylor asked noticing Alice had tears welling in her eyes.
"Oh yes Tay. You know something? I love you Taylor Hanson!" Alice bellowed as she bent down and kissed Taylor on the forehead.
"Gosh! I...I never expected that kind of reaction from the letter." Taylor smiled blushing a deep shade of red.
"Tay you don't know how long I have waited to see Jason again! I have hoped and prayed for many years that he would come to terms with his life and finally the day has come. I guess he just needed someone to show him and you did that for him." Alice said lovingly stroking Taylor's hair with her finger tips.
"But what did I do? He helped me..."
"Taylor? Through caring for you he found he needed someone again. You gave him back a caring heart. Jason lost that the night his family died in that fire."
Taylor swallowed hard and didn't know what to say. All he could do was shyly look up at Alice.
"Oh and Taylor I do want to be your physical therapist if the job is still available?" Alice chuckled.
"Great! You're hired!" Taylor laughed.
"I think your parents have to say something about it first before you do." Alice smiled.
"Yeah I know." Taylor said happily looking at Alice.
"Oh... I have something for you." Alice mumbled reaching into her pocket and handed Taylor a photo. She watched as Taylor's eyebrows raised up as he looked at the picture.
"This... this is Jason before the accident?" Taylor questioned in awe and saw her smile nodding her head.
"Yes... that was how he looked." Alice smiled seeing Taylor rub the side of his face and stared intently at the photograph.
"He... he was..." Taylor began.
"Beautiful." Alice finished cutting in as she smiled from ear to ear.

"I would have not have put it that way... but yeah." Taylor chuckled and looked at the photo again.
"And now I want to know when you would like your sponge bath?" Alice chuckled watching Taylor blush again.
"Is that why you came in here, to give me a bath?" Taylor asked shyly.
"Partly and of course to see how you are doing."
"Don't worry Tay. I have seen it all!" Alice said smiling at Taylor who suddenly looked nervous. She grabbed the photo from his hand and put it back into her pocket.
"How are you going to give me a bath?" Taylor asked looking down at the casts on his hip and legs.
"Michael, a male nurse, is going to help. Don't worry we have done this a million times. Michael should be here with the bath stuff soon."
Suddenly they both turned as a burly tall man came through the door.
"Hi Michael. This is Taylor Hanson." Alice said introducing Taylor to the man.
"Hi Taylor. Ready for a bath?" Michael asked with a smile noticing the boy looked nervous.
"I...I guess so." Taylor mumbled as Michael lifted him gently off the bed. Taylor groaned a little as Michael put him down on the gurney that was wrapped with plastic. Taylor swallowed hard as the man carefully took off his hospital gown. Taylor turned his head away from Alice feeling embarrassed knowing she was seeing him naked. He shivered slightly from the cold of room. Alice came over with the tub of warm water and placed it on the table and pulled the curtain around them for privacy. She soaked the sponge in the water and squeezed some soap onto it and handed it to Michael and repeated it again with another sponge. They both gently washed down Taylor's body trying to do it as quickly as possible.
"Tay it's okay. Don't feel embarrassed." Alice crooned softly noticing Taylor was looking upset as she gently lifted Taylor's arm and rubbed the sponge over it soaping it down.
"I...I just feel like a helpless baby. I hate this Alice!" Taylor frowned with his lip quivering slightly.
"We're almost done. Now we just have to rinse off the soap. It will make you feel a lot better. Okay sweetheart?"
Taylor nodded his head sadly and looked up into her eyes.
"I...I'm cold." Taylor moaned after they rinsed off the soap and towelled down his body as he began to shiver.
"Here." Michael said as he placed a cover over him.
"Thanks." Taylor answered notcing that the cover was warm.
"I am going to slide you up to the end here so we can wash your hair. Okay Taylor?" Michael said as Alice placed the shallow tub on the end of the gurney to wash Taylor's hair in. Taylor nodded as he carefully slid the boy to the end.
"Ohhhh...that...that hurts a little." Taylor groaned.
"Sorry. Didn't mean to hurt you."
Alice gently took all of Taylor's hair and sprayed water over his head wetting it down. She then squeezed some shampoo into her palm and started to wash his hair.
"Beautiful thick hair you have Tay." Alice smiled as Taylor smiled up at her from the comment.
"Bet you say that to all the guys!" Taylor chuckled.
Alice smiled as she rinsed it down again and repeated the washing. Michael took a towel and helped to wrap it around Taylor's wet hair. Michael lifted him up as Alice dried Taylor's backside and then he placed him back into his bed taking a clean gown and helping Taylor get it on.
"There all done. Wasn't so bad... now was it?" Alice asked after Michael left the room.
"No, but a little bit weird." Taylor said rubbing his hair with the towel then pulling it off.
"Want me to comb it out for you?" Alice asked willing to help again.
"Alice? I can at least handle that part!" Taylor chuckled as she handed Taylor a comb.

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