To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 25 - To See My Taylor Once Again - Continued

"Dear Taylor,

I am writing this letter to you to let you know how much you have changed my life. First of all I want to say, I miss you very much. My world is such a lonely place without you in it. I never thought I would want or need someone close to me ever again in my life. But then you entered it. Not in the way I would have liked to have met you. From the first day I bumped into you and your brother I sensed something special about you. When I found you that night by the cliff I just couldn't walk away. I desperately wanted to help you. I know I scared you for awhile and I am truly sorry about that. I never meant to hurt you in any way. I was just scared myself. It was frightening to think that anyone would find me. But I think you understood that about me. And I love you for understanding my feelings.
Your song weird really touched my heart when you sang it to me that night. I felt like you wrote it about me. I bought your CD, Middle of Nowhere, and guess what? Hearing you singing it with your brothers was so amazing. You were right when you said it would sound better with your brothers singing it with you. I am awed by such talent! You and your brothers have a incredible gift! That song made me think about my life and I thank you for that.
Taylor? I am sorry I didn't stay and meet your family. It tore me apart inside hearing you scream out to me when I left. I am so sorry if I hurt you! I never want to do that to you! I love you so much. That may sound strange coming from me, but you are like the son I never knew. You have brought joy into my lonely world and now I want that back again in my life. I want to find peace within myself. I need to do that first before I meet anyone. I hope you can understand that. You gave me the gift of friendship that I will treasure in my heart forever. And Taylor there will be a day when I will see you again. I promise! I don't know exactly when, but you have started the healing process inside of me. I tried so hard to deny my past. I was trying to forget it ever existed, because it hurt to much inside to face it. But I am going too now! I have too! And thanks to you kid I will! Well I will let you go now.
Remember till we meet again I will always love you! I really love you so much! You are the world to me! Now get better and heal fast!

Love your friend always,

Taylor looked up from the letter and noticed his brothers had tears in their eyes. He smiled at Mackie who was happily staring at him.
"I don't know what to say...." Ike said clearing his throat.
"Me neither." Zac added in tearfully trying to hold back his emotions.
"We saw him in the hallway, but he ran away from us. I just wanted to say thanks to him for all he has done." Ike stated looking down at his hands.
"You... you did?" Taylor asked shifting a little.
"He was talking to Mackie." Zac said pointing at their little brother sitting contently on the bed. Taylor turned to look at Mackie who was still smiling.
"He was a nice man. I bumped into him." Mackie said cheerfully looking at Taylor.
"What did he say?" Taylor asked pulling his loose hair behind his ears.
"Well I thanked him for saving you and gave him a BIG hug!" Mackie announced demonstrating the hug by wrapping his arms around himself. Ike, Taylor, and Zac laughed watching Mackie tell his story.
"Then what? How did he react to the hug?" Ike asked smiling at his little brother.
"He hugged me BACK!"
"He did!?" Zac exclaimed with amazement and smiled at Mackie who nodded his head.
"YEAH! But he told me to go back to my mommy because she would probably be worried about me. And that's when you guys came and the big man ran. Why did he run?" Mackie asked looking seriously at Ike.
"I guess he is just afraid of to many people." Ike answered.
"Oh! But he wasn't afraid me!" Mackie shouted triumphantly.
Taylor started to laugh.
"Hey!" Ike said putting a hurt teasing look on his face.
"Guess you guys just were to scary to look at!" Taylor teasted still laughing.
"If you weren't laying there hurt in that bed Tay, I would......" Ike said laughing. Zac started to laugh too. Taylor yawned and smiled.
"Guess we should let you get back to sleep. It's 3:30 in the morning." Zac said looking up at the clock.
"Yeah... come on Mackie let's get you back to bed." Ike smiled reaching out and picking up Mackie off the bed.
"Night guys." Taylor said as his brothers headed for the door.
"Night Tay. Hope you feel better today!" Zac yelled back as he went out the door. Ike looked back and smiled at Taylor before he left the room.

Taylor sat there staring at the letter and read it over again. He hugged it to his chest and smiled.
"Please God take care of Jason. Please let him find peace!" Taylor prayed looking up at the ceiling. He reached for the switch and slowly lowered the bed. He found a comfortable position and carefully slipped the letter under his pillow. He closed his eyes and thought of Jason as he fell back to sleep.

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