To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 25 - To See My Taylor Once Again - continued

He quietly walked down the hallway when suddenly a little boy came running out of the bathroom, bumping into his legs. The child looked up at him in awe.
"I...I'm sorry sir! Just was going to the bathroom." Mackie apologized smiling up at the huge man.
"It's okay son." Jason couldn't help but smile at the little boy.
"Ar...are you the one who helped Tay? They said he was tall and had a hurt face!" Mackie bellowed innocently. Jason bent down to the boy's level and gently grabbed his shoulders and put his finger to his lips.
"Shhhhh... you don't want to wake the patients up do you?" Jason scolded sweetly. Mackie shook his head no and looked a little embarrassed and looked down at the floor.
"I'm sorry." Mackie whispered.
"That's okay. And yes... I am the one who helped your brother. Now I think you should go back to your mommy before she wonders where you are." Jason suggested smiling at him.
"You are the one!" Mackie suddenly yelled and put his arms around Jason's neck and hugged him tightly. Jason was startled by the hug , but couldn't help to hug him back. Mackie released his arms from his neck and stepped back gazing into Jason's eyes with a big smile on his face.
"Thank you so much for saving him!" Mackie said happily.
Jason nodded his head and stood up feeling dumb founded by the affection given to him by the boy.
"Mackie!? Mackie where are you!?" A voice whispered angrily behind them.
Jason spun around hearing footsteps coming up behind him. He fearfully stared at Taylor's brothers approaching him in the hallway.
Zac stopped in his tracks as he looked at the biggest man he ever saw in his life. Ike started running toward the man.
Jason suddenly bolted through the swinging doors.
"WAIT! JASON MONROE WAIT!" Ike yelled running through the doors after him. Ike stopped looking down the hallway not seeing him in view. Suddenly the swinging door hit him in the back and he fell to the floor with a thud.
"ZAC!? Watch where you're going!" Ike shouted rubbing his shoulder as he sat up.
"Where? Where did he go!?" Zac asked breathlessly.
"I don't know. Man he's fast!" Ike exclaimed getting off the floor. Mackie slowly opened up the door and peaked through.
"I... I just wanted to say thanks for all he's done." Ike said sadly looking at Zac.
"Why didn't he stay?" Zac asked angrily stumping his foot. "I mean we aren't going to do anything to him! Doesn't he realize that!?"
"He was nice!" Mackie interrupted looking up at both his brothers.
"And you! Mom and dad told you not to go to the bathroom by yourself! Didn't they?" Ike scolded. Mackie shamefully nodded his head.
"I'm sorry Ike."
"You should be!"
"Hey Ike!?" Zac asked excitedly.
"Do you think he was with Tay? He probably came to see him!" Zac suddenly realized smiling.
"Yeah!" Ike exclaimed when they both bolted through the door as Ike swooped up Mackie into his arms running to Taylor's room.

They slowly opened the door to their brother's room and quietly walked up to the bed.
"He's still sleeping." Zac whispered looking down at Taylor.
"mmmm....Ja...Jason?" Taylor moaned.
"He knew he was here!" Ike whispered excitedly putting Mackie down next to him. He bent close to Taylor.
"Tay? Tay..... are you awake?"
"mmmm...don't leave!" Taylor groaned sleepily opening his eyes slowly.
"Tay? It's me. Ike! Was Jason here?" Ike asked crinkling his eyebrows wanting to know.
Taylor nodded his head looking confused as he darted his eyes from side to side.
"Where... where is he?" Taylor asked sucking in a sharp breath of air.
"He's gone now. He left." Zac informed him sadly.
"What? What letter?" Zac asked watching Taylor fight to wake up.
"He... he said he wrote me a letter." Taylor said slowly raising his arm and rubbing his forehead with his hand. He turned his head weakly looking over at the table.
Ike turned to look in the direction Taylor was looking. He saw Taylor's necklaces, watch, and rings laying on the table with a piece of paper stuck underneath. He went over and pulled the letter out and brought it over to the bed handing it to his brother. Taylor shakingly grabbed it and unfolded it as his brother's watched in anticipation.
"Can ..can you turn on the light Zac?" Taylor asked as Zac walked over to the switch and flipped it on.
"Oh God! That is bright!" Taylor groaned squinting his eyes painfully as he covered his eyes with his hand trying to adjust to the bright light.
"Sorry." Zac smiled walking back to the bed next to Ike.
"Here... wait I will raise the bed up a little." Ike said grabbing the switch and pressing the button.
"Okay! That's enough. That's fine." Taylor said smiling at Ike.
"WELL?! What does it say Tay? Hurry! Read it. The suspense is killing me!" Zac bellowed excitedly.
"Zac? Let him read it first. It might be private." Ike said looking at Zac sternly. Zac nodded his head understanding but at the same time was dying to know what Jason wrote to Taylor.
Taylor looked up at Ike feeling a little nervous and licked his lips. He swallowed hard as he began to read the letter. He blinked trying to focus on the words.
Ike and Zac watched Taylor as his eyes filled with tears and then a smile crossed his face as he silently read the letter. Mackie stood between his brothers looking up at them and then looking at Taylor. Finally Taylor finished and smiled tearfully at Ike and Zac.
"Is it too private to read to us?" Ike asked.
"No.... not really."
"I want to sit on the bed!" Mackie whined looking up at Isaac. Ike lifted him up and placed him on the bed next to Taylor.
"I will read it, but sit down first. Okay? You both look like vultures ready to strike." Taylor chuckled.
"Ha Ha! Very funny!" Zac said rolling his eyes.
Ike pulled two chairs next to the bed and they sat down.
"Read it.... will Ya! I am dying to know what he wrote to you!" Zac exclaimed anxiously smiling at Taylor. They both leaned forward as Taylor started to read.

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