To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 20 - Days Of Recovery - Continued

Taylor looked up at his dad and smiled. Walker got up off the bed and sat in the chair that Ike was sitting in.
"What's up Dad?" Taylor asked noticing his father had a serious look on his face.
"Mr. Smith, the police captain, wants to talk to you about Jason Monroe."
"What does he want to know?" Taylor asked as his heart suddenly started to pound faster.
"He has the crazy notion that Jason Monroe kidnapped you."
"NO! That's not true! It's not TRUE! Tell him that Dad! He saved my life! He was just scared of people! It's like what I told you about him!" Taylor shouted angrily pounding his fist on the bed.
"Tay? Taylor just calm down. Don't get all worked up about this. Just tell him what you told us." Walker advised grabbing Taylor's shaking arm. Taylor nodded his head angrily searching his father's eyes.
"When do I have to talk to him?"
"Later today. I will be here with you. Okay Tay?" Walker assured him lovingly.
"Okay. Why can't people just let it go!? The man saved my life. Even on the news they make him out as some kind of wild creature who took me away. I sort of know now what Jason was talking about. Just because he has terrible scars and doesn't fit in with what they consider normal they want to make him out as something different. Something bad!" Taylor groaned tearfully.
"I know. I know Taylor." Walker crooned softly rubbing his son's arm.
Suddenly the door opened and breakfast was being brought in. The man placed the tray on the table and Walker got up and moved the chair so he could pull it over by Taylor.
"Thanks Mr. Hanson!" The young man smiled.
"You're welcome." Walker smiled back.
"Have a nice breakfast Taylor!" The man said while opening the door.
"Thanks!" Taylor smiled back watching him leave the room.
Walker hit the switch on the bed to prop up Taylor slightly so he could eat in a more comfortable position. Taylor frowned a little from the pain in his hip as the bed rose upward.
"Sorry Tay. Does that hurt?" Walker asked with concern.
"A little. But it's okay now." Taylor said reassuring his father.
Taylor lifted the lid and a big smile crossed his face as the aroma of steam from the pancakes rose upward making Taylor's mouth water. He reached for the pitcher containing the maple syrup and poured it over the pancakes. He took the fork and knife and cut a piece and shoved it into his mouth, closing his eyes in pleasure.
"Mmmmmm.... tastes great!" He mumbled through his food smiling at his father who took a seat on the big red chair.
"You're making me hungry." Walker chuckled happily watching his son stuffing the next forkful into his mouth.
"You want some?" Taylor asked as he held up a piece on the end of the fork. Walker grabbed his hand and led the forkful into his mouth.
"Hey they do taste good. But you eat the rest Tay. You need the food."
Taylor nodded his head and smiled. Just then the door opened slightly and Alice, the nurse, peaked in and then came through the door propping it open.
"Hi Taylor! How are you feeling today?" Alice asked brightly walking up toward the bed.
"Well I have to take your temperature and blood pressure." Alice told him smiling at the boy who was enjoying his breakfast.
"Oh....okay. One more bite and then I'm done." Taylor said licking his sticky lips with his tongue.
Alice stood waiting for him to finish his breakfast. When he was done she rolled the table out of the way and wrapped the blood pressure cuff around his arm. Taylor watched her every move.
"Open the mouth." Alice instructed as she placed the thermometer under his tongue. She watched the monitor until it beeped and wrote down the statistic onto Taylor's medical chart.
"Well how is everything?" Taylor asked raising his eyebrows and smiled at her.
"Everything is normal and looks good."
Suddenly Taylor noticed a blond girl peak around the corner shyly and immediately pull back out of view. Taylor smiled slightly chuckling. He turned and looked at his dad who he noticed found it amusing too. Alice turned around curious to see what they were looking at.
"What are ...?" Alice began to ask as the girl did it again. Alice then rolled her eyes.
"Sherri? Stop peaking in here and just come in the room!" Alice shouted laughing.
Slowly the girl walked in bending her head down shyly gazing at the floor.
"Umm... Taylor, Mr. Hanson? This is my daughter Sherri." Alice smiled introducing her to them.
"Hi!" Taylor quipped holding out his hand. Slowly she grabbed his hand and shook it smiling at him.
"Hi.... ni... nice to meet you!" Sherri stammered in a shaking voice.
Taylor noticed she was very pretty with her long straight blond hair that reached the middle of her back and her light brown eyes shyly looking into his.
Sherri felt shock waves bolt through her as Taylor softly shook her hand. She thought his eyes were more intensely blue in real then in all the pictures she had pasted on her walls at home. To be this close to him was a dream come true.
"Sherri is a big fan of your's Taylor." Alice innocently announced smiling from ear to ear.
"Mommm please?! You're embarrassing me." Sherri groaned turning a bright shade of red.
"Don't feel like that. I'm glad to meet you. You're mother was telling me about you the other day."
Sherri threw her mother a look and Taylor smiled knowing what the look meant.
"Don't worry Sherri. She said only nice things about you! I heard you work here in the hospital." Taylor laughed looking at the young girl who's face suddenly lit up smiling.
"Ahhh...yeah I do. I go around making sure people have things to read and stuff. I like helping people!" She exclaimed calming down a bit.
"Oh... well maybe you could find me a good book to read. I am getting kinda bored just laying here day after day." Taylor suggested running his hand through the front of his hair pushing the loose strands back away from his eyes.
"Oh sure!" She smiled looking down at her watch seeing that it was getting late.
"Well I have to get going. I just wanted to say hi and give my mother her lunch she forgot this morning. I have to get to school before I am late!" Sherri smiled and started walking toward the door glancing back at Taylor.
"Well it was nice meeting you!" Taylor smiled nodding his head.
"Same here! Well bye Mom! See you later!" She exclaimed as she hurried out of the room.
"Bye!" Alice yelled after her.
They all started to laugh when they heard Sherri scream a big 'YEEEES' in the hall way.

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