To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 13 - Anticipation - continued

As the afternoon approached most of the camp was departing. All the volunteers who helped search for Taylor were going home. Only the police would still stay to keep things in order and help to keep the media from entering the camp site of the Hanson's. Ben Johnson and his granddaughter Amy stayed behind to make sure all the unused food products that were donated would go back to his store.

Everyone was saying their goodbyes and wishing the Hanson's well. Walker stood shaking hands watching people get into their cars drive away. He could never thank them enough for all they did. The people of Southfork would never be forgotten for their kindness. As the cars were leaving he noticed a pickup truck was riding toward the camp. From a distance he knew it looked familiar. The truck parked near the base tent and out climbed their long time friend and manager Christopher Sabec. Walker ran towards the smiling man heading toward him.
"Diana! Chris is here!"
Diana bolted from the camper as did the rest of the Hanson's. Walker embraced Chris in a hearty handshake.
"It's about time you got here." Walker chuckled.
"I know I was in Europe when I got the news about Taylor! Is he alright? I came back as soon as I heard."
"Well Jason Monroe hasn't brought him back yet, but we are hoping soon. He stated in the letter he wrote that he would bring him back at the end of the week. And it's friday. I'm going nuts waiting. I can't wait to see him!" Walker exclaimed breathlessly.
Chris nodded his head as Diana hugged him.
"Oh Chris... I am so glad you came. Taylor will be with us soon, I hope!" Diana moaned tearfully looking up into Chris's eyes.
"I wish I could have been here sooner. How is everyone doing? I know this must have been very hard on all of you!" Chris stated with a concerned look on his face.
"We are handling it as best as we can. At first we didn't know where Tay was, but Zac here got the letter from a wolf of all things. I guess doctor Monroe forced him to deliver it to us."
"A wolf? That's weird. Why doesn't he just come out and tell you himself? Why is he hiding like this?"
"It's a long story. If you have the time to listen." Walker said.
"Sure I want to hear all about it."
"You must be hungry. Let's go into the camper and Walker and I will fill you in." Diana said.
He looked over at Ike who was standing a little further away from him then the rest of the other kids. He noticed he looked very sad.
"Hey Ike! How ya doing?" Chris asked trying to get him to smile at him.
"Fine..fine Chris." Ike smiled weakly.
"I am starving Diana. What's for lunch?"
"I am going to make some toast and cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. How does that sound?"
"Hey! Are you forgetting me?" Zac asked poking Chris's arm teasingly.
"I could never forget you kid!" He said grabbing Zac's head in a head lock while everyone laughed.
It made them all feel better having a good friend around, that would lend them emotional support. The anticipation of waiting for Taylor to come home to them was taking its toll. They all headed toward the camper and went inside.

During lunch they all filled in Christopher with all the details of the past five days. Walker, Diana, and Chris still sat around the table sipping on coffee while the rest of the Hanson clan were outside busy with their own thoughts and activities.

"Is Ike alright? I mean he hardly said anything during lunch. He doesn't look to good." Chris questioned with concern, looking at Walker.
"He is feeling guilty over this whole accident. We all tried to tell him it wasn't his fault. I am worried about him. I had a long talk with him early this morning. Poor Ike is filled with guilt. He needs to see Taylor really bad. He feels like his brother will blame him for what happened." Walker stated sadly looking down at his cup.
"Oh... poor kid! Doesn't he understand that he did everything he could?"
"Yes! But he keeps feeling like he could have done more." Diana added in sadly.
"We are trying our best to comfort him. I just hope when he sees Taylor it will help him overcome his guilt. I know Tay doesn't blame him. I feel that in my heart. But I can't get Ike to see that right now." Walker explained sadly.
They sat around the table suddenly going silent. They were all in deep thought.

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