Chapter 21

I was playing intently, looking over at Ike every once in awhile. It felt great for me to be able to play with him after such a long time. I was just about to say something when I could see something flash before my eyes. I stopped suddenly where I was as my eyes began to cloud over.

I could see, walking to the parking lot, Phyllis. She was heading to her car with her keys in her hands. She was looking down at the ground as she walked. It was dark out, so dark that you couldn’t make out her definite features. Suddenly she stopped mid step and her expression changed as a small hue of light passes over her face.
“What are you doing here?” I could hear her say. Suddenly, I could see Damien standing a few feet away from her, leaning against her car, lighting a cigarette.
“Hello Phyllis.” He smiled.
“Damien…what’s going on? Why are you here?” She asked puzzled as she took another step.
“I want something from you.” He said, narrowing his eyes.
“Why didn’t you call or…”
“Phyllis…stop asking questions!” He yelled, shocking Phyllis.
“Wh-what?” She asked puzzled. His face soon changed from a smiling look to a look of anger. I gasped seeing his eyes begin to glow red.
“Da-Damien…what’s going on?” She stammered nervously as she took a step back.
“I want something from you Phyllis...I want your wings!” He said, smiling evilly.
“What! I…I…I don’t have…” She began to stutter. Before she could even move away, he flew up and landed directly in front of her.
“TAYLOR!” I could hear her scream.

“DUDE! TAYLOR!” I shook my head to see Ike’s concerned face in mine.
“I…I…I gotta go!” I said, blinking hard. I ran out of his room and down the stairs toward the front door.
“TAYLOR! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!” Ike yelled from the top of the stairs. I ran so fast that I didn’t even have time to answer. I was flying down the ramp only to almost knock someone over. I didn’t have time to see who it was. All I knew was they were wheeling themselves up the ramp. My wings finally ripped through with my shirt shredding to pieces. I took off into the air, intent on getting to her.

“TAYLOR!” I turned slightly to see not only Ike yelling my name but someone else that I just couldn’t make out.

The only thing on my mind at that point was getting to Phyllis. Any anger that I had built up inside had vanished. It was so dark out that I could hardly see where I was going. I stopped suddenly when I heard something.
“TAYLOR!” She screamed. Damien had her up in the air over his head. I began to dive down when I could feel something hit me in the head causing me to cringe in pain. I glanced up to see about ten dark, shadowy figures hovering above me.
“SHIT!” I shouted, dodging, or attempting to dodge, the bolts of energy the damned things were throwing at me.
I dove down, still dodging left and right, but they were faster than I was. One of them hit me right between my wings and I could feel myself pass out, but some how, I could still see…through Phyllis’ eyes.

She saw me fall, and screamed. The energy I only felt when she was extremely angry burst from her body, throwing Damien back, and he disappeared. Massive black feathered wings erupted from her back and with a single flap, she was off the ground and heading for me. She caught me, but unfortunately, I was too heavy for her to old, and we both fell, straight into a swirling black and red portal.

I came to and just in time to flip to my back and cradle Phyllis as we hit the ground. She bolted up and kneeled over me, hand to my cheek and one hand stroking my wings. I looked down towards my wings only to see the redness had seeped all the way through each feather. Slowly, they started falling off, one by one and as each feather touched the ground, it transformed into a puddle of blood. Phyllis caught one in her hand and as soon as it touched her pale palm, her skin was turned crimson with blood. I looked up at her and our eyes locked.
“I…I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you Phyllis…” I began to stammer as the tears escaped and trickled down my cheeks.
“But you did…you did…” She said with her voice cracking with emotion. She stopped speaking and looked up at something.
“What is it?” I whispered and closed my eyes slightly.
“Damien.” She whispered back and put her one hand on my face. She got up, leaving me to lay there. I turned my head slightly and watched Damien come out of the shadows. Phyllis stood there in a determined stance with her wings outstretched.
“What do you want from me!” She yelled angrily.
“I want your wings and you know why.” He grinned. I noticed his eyes were still glowing red as he looked at her.
“No…I don’t know why! I refuse to give you anything!” She yelled.
“Oh…but you do know and you will.” He grinned. Before Phyllis could realize what was happening, he sent a bolt of energy at her. She just stood there. Suddenly, I could once again see through her eyes.

I could see Damien, different than what he was now. He was light and I could see he was in the same place that I went to when I first died. He was standing in front of my guide, listening to her speak.
“What is it?” He asked, concerned.
“One of our kind had left us. You must get her back. She was on a mission when something happened…” My guide began to say.
“What? What happened?”
“She has fallen in love with a mortal. No one can find her. You have to find her and bring her back Damien. If you fail…you will be stripped of your wings.” My guide said seriously and stood up.
“Who is it?” He asked.

Damien left immediately to find her. The scene changed and I could see Phyllis sitting in a small room. The room looked so familiar to me but I just couldn’t understand how. In her hands was a small bundle, a baby. She looked so happy. I watched as she begun glowing white with her white, instead of black, wings wrapped around her and the baby. Then suddenly, a small child ran in the room. I gasped to myself when I recognized the child, it was Ike. The baby in her arms was I. Ike looked up at her and she smiled warmly.
“My Taylor…” She whispered to the baby. I could feel myself well up. She kissed the baby sweetly and smiled over at Ike. Suddenly the door burst open and there stood Damien, wings spread, looking directly at Phyllis. She looked up at him and narrowed her eyes.
“Damien…what are you…”
“You have to leave now! You have to go back!” He yelled. Phyllis carefully got up and put the baby in the cradle.
“Now listen to me! I don’t have to do anything! I’m not going back!” She said angrily and walked towards him.
“You don’t understand…they said that you have fallen in love with a mortal and…”
“What’s your point Damien! Go back and leave me.” She said sternly and sat back down.
“So you have…fallen in love with a mortal? You were supposed to finish your mission and come right back and from what I’ve seen, you’ve accomplished it.” She said, pointing towards the cradle.
“Leave him out of this!” She said angrily, referring to me.
“You have to go back!”
“I do not have to go back! I am happy where I am. Now leave!” She yelled. She glanced over at Ike who was standing there, frightened.
“Don’t worry Isaac. Everything is all right.” She smiled.
“Phyllis…if you don’t go back you’ll lose your memories and will resume living as a mortal never knowing if you’ll be guaranteed a spot up above.” Damien said, trying to convince her the best way he could.
“No deal. It’s a small price to pay.” She said and pursed her lips together.
“Now go tell your superiors that!” She added. Damien sighed and left.

Back in front of his superiors, Damien was severely punished for not completing his mission. He was stripped of his wings and is spot in heaven and left to wander for the rest of eternity until now.

I snapped back to reality only to see Phyllis down on her hands and knees.
“Because of you…I lost my place in heaven! I’m going to get back in there if I have to kill you to do it!” He laughed.
“I…I…” She began to say.
“Give me your wings!” He bellowed. She looked up at him, her eyes flooded with tears.
“Damien…I beg of you…save Taylor and I’ll give you anything you want.” She cried. He glanced over at me and back at her.
“You want me to save him!” He yelled.
“Please…please…” She cried.
“Fine.” He smiled.
“For you.” He laughed.
“Phyllis…no…” I said weakly. He walked towards her and placed his hands on her shoulders. A light began to emanate from her as slowly her wings disappeared and reappeared onto his back. He yelled and she shrank back. She hurriedly came over to me.
“Why…why did you do it…” I weakly said.
“I did it for you Taylor.” She said then turned her head towards Damien.

“AFTER ALL THIS TIME!” He yelled. He stretched out the wings only to stop suddenly.
“What the…what’s…what’s happening…” He began to yell.
“STOP! STOP!” He screamed. Suddenly, the wings burst into flames, causing his whole body to do the same.
Both Phyllis and I covered our eyes as slowly he began to disappear, screaming out in pure agony. When he totally vanished, I looked back, back up at Phyllis only to see her wings were back and fully extended.

She held me in her arms and let her tears stream down her face.
“Ph…Phyllis.” I whispered. She looked down at me sadly with her bottom lip trembling.
“I…I…I need to tell you something before I die…” I whispered again. As soon as I said ‘die’, she closed her eyes and scrunched up her brow, attempting to control her sorrow.
“Y-Yes.” She choked out.
“I love you…I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you and all I ever wanted to do was protect you and make you happy.” I said quietly. Her whole body tensed up as she began to rack with sobs.
“Please…please don’t cry for me…please.” I begged as I weakly raised my hand to her face. She looked down at me with her eyes overflowing with tears.
“I love you. I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you.” She trembled. I smiled slightly in spite of the pain. Slowly she wrapped her ebony wings around both of us and she looked down at me again. She leaned in and softly pressed her lips to mine, leaving a tear to linger on my lips.
“I love you Taylor.” She said, burying her face in my chest.
“I love you too.” I answered and closed my eyes. Suddenly, a feeling of warmth enveloped my body. I opened my eyes and looked deeply into hers.
“Phyllis…remember…I love you…forever…” I said in a whisper as slowly my body began to vanish. She held it in as best she could but allowed her tears to flow.

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