Chapter 20

After a couple hours, Phyllis came out of her room. She had on a tight, black leather mini skirt and a skintight black v-neck shirt that was long sleeved.
“PHYLLIS!” I yelled in shock. She just ignored me and grabbed the phone.
“Hey Man. Are you free tonight?…Get Holly and come over would you. I’m going on a date tonight…NO! NOT WITH TAYLOR!” She yelled. She finished her brief conversation and hung up. She walked passed me and glared.
“Don’t speak to me.” She said sternly.
“I just don’t think you should go out with him…”
“You know Taylor…when you asked Amanda out, I never stopped you. As a matter of fact I encouraged you. My world does not revolve around you!” She spoke.
“Well…don’t come crying to me when he does something.” I said angrily under my breath.
“WHAT!” She said angrily.
“Nothing.” I said and looked away.
“Man and Hol should be here soon. They’ll keep you company.” She said and went into the kitchen.
“What shoes are you going to wear?” I asked.
“Why do you want to know?” She asked suspiciously.
“Just asked.” I answered.
“I’m wearing shoes and that’s all you need to know.” She said angrily. As soon as she came back into the living room, a knock came to the door.
“I’ll get it, you stay there in case it’s Damien!” She said, rushing to the door. I just sat there with my arms crossed over my chest. She opened the door and Holly and Amanda were standing there wide-eyed. They both immediately looked at me in surprise. They came in, in silence.
“He should be here soon.” Phyllis said, looking at the clock. I just rolled my eyes.
“Who?” Holly asked.
“My date.”
“Taylor is already here?” Holly began to say.
“HE’S NOT MY DATE!” Phyllis yelled.
“Sorry.” She said in a small voice. Suddenly a knock came to the door that made Phyllis jump.
“He’s here.” She announced. She opened the door slowly and smiled. He walked in, smiling with a pair of black dress pants and a blood red shirt.
“I found your apartment pretty easily…oh…uh…hi…” He said and waved to Holly and Amanda.
“Hello Taylor.”
“Damien.” I answered sternly.
“Well…are we ready. I thought maybe we could go to that Italian restaurant by you.” Damien smiled and wrapped his arm around Phyllis’ waist.
“S-Sure.” She laughed.

They left and I sat there.
“Taylor?” Holly said.
“What?” I said angrily.
“Are you all right?”
“Fine. What do you guys want to do?” I asked and sighed.
“Want to rent a movie and order a pizza?” Amanda suggested.
“Whatever.” I said. I got up and headed to the phone.
“God damn it!” I said to myself.

The girls left at around 10:30 and I was stuck waiting up for Phyllis. I was so incredibly angry. I flicked on the television and waited.

At around one in the morning, I could hear some noise outside the front door. I got up and headed towards it. I looked through the peephole just in time to see Damien lean in and kiss her briefly. Without holding back my anger, my wings burst free making my shirt shred to pieces. I walked into my room non-chalantly and stripped down to my boxers and lay down on the bed with my wings fully extended. I looked up at the ceiling and waited to hear the door open and close. I closed my eyes for a brief second and looked up to see Phyllis looking down at me smiling slightly.
“What are you doing up?” She asked.
“Waiting for you!” I said angrily, allowing my eyes to start glowing an eerie blue.
“What the…why are your…” She said in shock.
“I’M ANGRY!” I yelled.
“WHY!” She demanded.
“I’m trying to protect you and you…you…” I began to stammer as I sat up in the bed.
“Taylor…you have no control over my life. If I want to go out with someone, I’m going to go out with someone. You can’t stop that so don’t even think you’re going to try!” She said, pursing her lips together.
“I’m so sick of this. I care…I mean…It’s my job to protect you…”
“GIVE IT UP!” She yelled.
“Fine Phyllis! FINE!” I yelled. I got up off my bed and headed to the living room and to the balcony.
“I’m getting the hell out of here for now.” I said, turning my head to look over my shoulder at her.
“Taylor…” She began to say as she moved towards me. I opened the window and stepped out.
“TAYLOR!” She yelled desperately. I just extended my wings and jumped out, taking to the sky.

“GOD DAMN IT TAYLOR!” She yelled.

I couldn’t go far but I knew I couldn’t go back in the apartment. I sat on top of the roof, every once and awhile, peeping into the window to see what she was doing. For about and hour she was cursing me out and the next twenty minutes she just paced. Finally she went to bed. I sat up on the roof practically the whole night. I woke up with the sun and glanced back in the window. I saw her get up and head into my room.

“Taylor, time to get up…” She said like she normally did. She walked into my room and saw that I wasn’t there.
“DAMN IT!” She yelled. She stomped her foot and left to go and take a shower. There was no way that I was going to go to classes considering I would end up having to see both her and Damien together. She left at the normal time and I headed back into the apartment.

At around 4 in the afternoon, I got a call from Ike asking if I wanted to come over. It was the best idea I had heard all day. I was feeling a little lonely and I needed someone to talk to. I headed over to his house soon after with my lyric book and music sheets to show him.

“Hey Taylor.” Ike said as he opened the front door.
“Hey Ike.” I answered solemnly.
“What’s wrong?” He asked concerned as he sat down on the couch and looked up at me.
“Oh…uh…” I began to stutter.
“Having trouble with your room mate aren’t you.” He smiled.
“A little.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Is it because of that guy she’s going out with?” He asked and bent over, resting his arms on his knees to look up at me better.
“How…how did you know about…” I asked puzzled.
“You do know that Rachel is really good friends with your life drawing instructor, Anne. She knows what’s going on. She saw how jealous you were…”
“I’m not jealous!” I said angrily and scrunched up my brow.
“Sorry…I mean…she knows how much you don’t like the guy.” He said, back tracking.
“Well…you know how things are.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Well, take a seat. I see you brought something with you.” He said, pointing at the notebook in my hands.
“Oh yeah…here are some lyrics that I’ve been working on.” I said, handing him the notebook. He opened it up and read them carefully.
“These are really good. Who did you write this particular song for?” He smiled, glancing up at me.
“Uh…uh…no one.” I stammered and could feel myself start to turn red.
“You sure about that?” He smiled.
“Yes! What are you insinuating?” I asked angrily.
“Oh nothing…Taylor…can I ask you something?” Ike said, staring me right in the face.
“Uh…I…I guess.” I answered.
“Are you going out with anyone?”
“I…uh…no…not at the moment. Why?”
“Is there anyone you’re interested in?” He said, ignoring my question.
“Uh…uh…I…I…uh…no.” I stammered, feeling the heat rise in my face.
“Uh huh.” He said quietly and turned his attention back down to my notebook.
“Answer my question Ike. Why do you want to know?” I said sternly.
“Taylor…by reading this, I can tell that you must have something for someone close to you. Very close to you. You are so much like my brother it’s scary. He did the same thing when he felt a certain way about someone. I could always tell.” He smiled.
“Well…I…I…” I stammered, wide eyed.
“Well, I’m not going to bug you about this, let’s just play.” He smiled and handed the notebook back to me. I nodded and headed back upstairs to his room.

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