Chapter 1

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. I was no longer in my car, Zac wasn’t in the passenger seat, and I just didn’t know where I was. It was black as if I had woken up in the middle of the night and couldn’t find the light switch.
“Hello…hello…” The only thing that answered was the echo of my own voice.
“OH GOD!” I screamed, letting my voice go hoarse.
“WHERE THE HELL AM I!” I yelled again.

Without warning, this incredible light surrounded me. It almost hurt my eyes at the intensity of it. It was all white. I looked at my hands and could see that they were still there thankfully.
The light slowly receded and faded so that everything seemed normal but still bright. In front of me was a scene that no mortal could ever describe. It was beautiful. Everything was filled with vibrant colors and things seemed so alive. I could feel my mouth go dry just looking at the awe-inspiring scene before me.
Before I could even close my mouth, I was lifted into the air. I looked down frantically towards the ground as I floated about. I looked up and could see this ball of light was carrying me by the shoulders. I couldn’t make it out for it didn’t have any definite shape to it.
“Where-where are you taking me?” I stammered. Of course I didn’t get an answer but was still carried on. After a few seconds, I was dropped and I floated quietly down to the paradise below me.
I looked and everything was white. I couldn’t tell where I was or really what I was doing there. Then in what seemed a flash of light, the whole scene changed into what looked like a city filled with people but every building was surrounded in what looked like an iridescent aura.
“Woah…” Was all I could muster to say. I gulped hard, attempting to clear my throat as I turned in my spot to look around.

“Come…” A voice sounded through the air.
“Come…follow the light…” The voice sounded again, leaving me to feel like a chill went up my spine. I watched as a bubble of light formed before me and floated aimlessly through the air.
“ I have to follow that…” I said out loud. I shrugged my shoulders and went on my way. I followed the lighted sphere for only a short while until it stopped in front of a huge building, pure white and so tall that you couldn’t see the top. The bubble dissipated and I went on to what looked like the entrance.
“Talk about a really funky dream.” I said to myself.
“This is not a dream…” The voice said. I turned fast, wondering where the source of it was. I began again towards the entrance and opened the doors that were made of pure silver.

In what seemed the middle of a lobby was a desk. I looked carefully and could see a man sitting behind it with pure white hair and a cream colored suit on.
“Hello?” I said, moving to the desk cautiously.
“Taylor Hanson, we’ve been expecting you?” The man said, not even looking up from his work.
“Follow me please.” He said as he pushed himself away from the desk on his rollaway seat and began reading a file as he walked ahead of me. I followed silently.
“Have you had the tour yet?” He asked, still not looking away from the file.
“Uh…no…I didn’t think there was a tour…is this some sort of extra part of Disney land or something?” I asked, trying to make a little bit of a joke.
“No…please go through those doors up ahead and take a seat.” He said with no emotion to his voice.
“Uh…okay.” I said and went to a set of doors he had led me to. They were tall and seemed to go on forever. They too were made of pure silver. I opened them carefully and went in. I looked and could see I had made my way into a perfectly round room with a long table in the center. There were only two chairs on either ends of the table. The closest to me, I could see, had my name engraved on it. I looked around, as if trying to locate the source of all of this. I sat down and found the chair to be extremely comfortable. I looked around again and down to my hand, expecting to find my watch. It wasn’t there. As a matter of fact, neither were my clothes. My normal clothes anyway. I had on what looked like a white t-shirt and a pair of cream colored pants.
“Dude…” I choked out as I looked at my new threads.
“Do you like them?” A voice said. I looked up immediately with wide eyes.

Standing there was a woman. She was tall and looked to be about fifty five to sixty years old with pure white hair, short and feathered. She had a flowing white outfit as she made her way to her chair.
“Uh…yeah…” I answered.
“Good, we aim to please.” She smiled.
“Uh…what am I doing here?” I asked.
“And where am I?” I added.
“They didn’t tell you?” She asked, a little puzzled.
“Uh…no.” I answered.
“Isn’t it a little obvious?” She smiled.
“Taylor…you are dead.” She said matter of factly.
“HUH!” I said with wide eyes. Before I could say another word, she put her hand up to silence me as the man who led me to the room came in, file in hand. He handed it to her and left silently. She scanned it and looked back over at me.
“Jordan Taylor Hanson, male, seventeen years old, car accident, only casualty.” She read out loud.
“I’M DEAD!” I said, feeling my breath escape me.
“You didn’t think this was Disney land did you?” She smiled.
“I’M DEAD!” I said again.
“Stop repeating yourself, yes you are.” She said, looking back down at the file. I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. How could I be dead? How?
“A car ran into you head on.” She answered my thoughts for me. I looked back up wide-eyed.
“What-what about Zac…what happened to Zac?” I said, sucking in a shaky breath.
“Paralyzed from the waist down.” She answered and slowly looked back up at me.
“Paralyzed…” I stammered. I could feel the tears begin.
“Don’t start crying…please…” She said as she put the folder down and got out of the seat she was sitting in.
“OH GOD!” I said and buried my face in my hands, crying uncontrollably. She came over and put her hands on my shoulders.
“Don’t cry. Everything will be all right. He’s doing very well Taylor.”
“I’ll never be able to see my family again!” I said, looking up at her with tears streaming down my face.
“You can see them any time you want…you just can’t let them know…it’s important. Do you want to see them now?” She asked, smiling as she brushed the hair away from my face. I nodded and she helped me to get up.

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