“What do we want to listen to man?” I asked Zac who was sitting next to me in the car as I drove.
“Doesn’t really matter. What time do we have to get back anyway?” He said, looking over at me as he scrunched up his eyebrows.
“Dad said as long as we got back to the hotel by 10, we could stay out.” I answered, looking back to the road ahead of me. It was already getting dark and I had to put on the headlights just to see where I was going.
“So, what do you want to listen to?” I asked again.
“I don’t care, I’m getting a little tired anyway?” He said, leaning his head back against the head of the seat.
“Dude, you’re no fun.” I laughed and looked back over at him.
“Fine, fine…what do we have tonight?” He said, just moving his eyes over in my direction.
“Open the glove compartment.” I answered, turning on my bright lights. He reached over and opened the glove compartment, pulling out a vinyl cd folder. He unzipped the side and opened it.
“I can’t see anything.” He said.
“I’ll turn on the light.” I answered and flicked on the overhead light which seemed to make it even harder for me to see the road. He flipped through the folder and grabbed a cd from it.
“Found what I want.” He smiled. I flicked off the light and looked back at the road. I brushed back my hair from my face as he pushed the cd gently into the player. I waited patiently as the song began. I looked at my little brother again and he smiled a toothy grin as Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen began blaring over the speakers.
“You read my mind.” I yelled over the music. I kept driving a long, singing to the music on top of my lungs. I enjoyed spending time with Zac by myself. Rarely was it ever just him and I. There always was at least another family member around. He acted sane when it was just he and I.
“Hm…” I said.
“Do you ever get tired of it all?” He asked.
“Tired of what?” I said and looked over at him.
“You know, all the hype, the attention, being who we are?” He said with a meek look on his face.
“Of course I get tired of it. I think anyone would. People seemed to think it’s glamorous and wonderful until it happens to them.”
“Can’t say we’re not loved.” Zac smiled.
“Nope can’t say that…”
“TAY!” Zac screamed as he looked ahead to the road. I looked back and all I could see were two blinding headlights in my eyes.
“SWIRVE!” He screamed.

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