Chapter 2

I got up, stumbling over my own feet as she led me to a mirror.
“All you have to do is look in it and remember your family.” She smiled.
“That’s all?” I asked.
“That’s all.” She smiled. I turned and looked in it carefully and thought hard about my family and how much I missed them.

I looked and I was at home. It was unbelievable. One minute I was in the office and the next I was home. I was so ecstatic.
“I’M HOME!” I screamed with happiness. I ran to my room as fast as I could. I opened the door and looked all around. No one was in sight.
“Where-where are they?” I said, saddened. I ran out of my room and to the next logical place, our studio downstairs.

“GUYS!” I yelled. I stopped and looked. There, sitting at the table in the middle of the room was Ike, playing a few chords on his guitar.
“IKE!” I yelled and ran over to him.
“Ike! Ike!” I said, attempting to get his attention. No deal, nothing, he didn’t even look up.
“Man, I’m home!” I smiled. I bent down and looked at his face. It was stained by tears. He sniffled a little and wiped his face.
“Oh…man…I…” I stammered. I felt horrible. Here my big brother was, crying, all alone.

“Ike!” I turned and looked up at the top of the stairs. My brother Mackie was standing there with a glass of juice in his hands.
“Oh..uh…what?” Ike said, coughing to clear his throat of any emotion.
“Zac wants you upstairs.” Mackie answered.
“Tell him I’ll be right there.” He answered.
“Okay.” Mackie said and smiled. He left my visibility and I looked back down at Ike. He put down his guitar on the table and straightened out his shirt as he slowly ascended the stairs. I followed silently behind, knowing that even if I did talk to him, he wouldn’t hear it. We made our way upstairs and into the living room. I looked over towards the couch, where Zac normally sat and could see it was empty.
“What do you want?” I could hear Ike say. I looked over toward the direction Ike’s gaze was at. Sitting in the corner of the room was Zac. He flicked off the television and looked up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was in a wheel chair with his legs strapped to it. He had on bike gloves too. He took off the break and wheeled his way over to Ike.
“I wanted to know what you were working on downstairs?” He smiled.
“Oh, nothing really.”
“Oh…well…I just thought maybe you were. You haven’t written anything since…since…well…”
“Taylor died…I know. I just can’t. I keep thinking about it and I just can’t write anything.” Ike answered. I could feel myself start to well up.
“What about you? Anything new lyrically or anything?” Ike asked, putting his hands in his pockets awkwardly.
“Uh…no…not really.” Then there was silence. An awkward silence that I never would think could ever occur between my brothers. I always remembered when they wouldn’t shut up when I was around.

“Oh, well, I have to go to the cemetery…do…do you want to come?” Ike said, pushing the carpet in with his foot.
“Oh…I…I don’t think so. I have to go to physical therapy in a little bit…maybe tomorrow or something.” Zac said, biting his lip.
“Uh…okay.” Ike answered. He turned and shuffled off and into the other room.

Suddenly, I was transported back to the office, standing in front of the mirror. I turned my head and looked at the woman. I felt like bursting into tears.
“I’m sorry Taylor. It’s really not as bad as it seems. They’re still grieving. Zac couldn’t even attend your funeral, he was still in the hospital.” She said to me.
“Why am I here?” I said seriously as I looked down at the floor.
“You were sent to me for a mission.” She answered, folding her hands in front of her.
“Mission?” I asked, looking back up at my hostess.
“You are to become a guardian…before you are reborn.” She answered.
“Guardian? Reborn? I don’t understand.” I said, still puzzled.
“Taylor, take a seat and I will explain it.” She said, leading me to sit back down. I plopped down in the seat and waited for her to sit in hers. I watched as instantaneously a small bell appeared to the right side of her. She picked it up and rang it carefully, allowing a melodious sound to ring from it. The same man came in, carrying another file. He handed it to her and smiled as he left. I watched as she carefully opened it and examined the contents inside.
“Taylor, you are to become what is known as a guardian. This is what will allow you to eventually become reborn given whether or not you successfully complete your task. Your particular task is very important. One of the most although it might not seem so in the beginning. I have in my hands a file that contains extremely important information on a very special person. You will understand when you get to know this individual. If you want to become human again, you must finish this to the best of your ability.”
“Uh…okay.” I said, gulping hard, just thinking of what I had to do.
“You will temporarily become human but you may not see your family. I know it seems harsh but it’s a rule. Your main objective is to protect this person, not just watch out for her…”
“Her?” I said, raising an eyebrow.
“Yes, her. As I was saying, your main objective is to make sure she is protected, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is extremely important, do you understand.” She said seriously.
“Y-yes.” I stammered.
“You will go up against what seems impossible odds and I don’t just mean the manifestations you’re protecting her from.” She smiled.
“Huh?” I said, bewildered.
“Well, she is what you would call…a little difficult.” She smiled and laughed a little.
“A little difficult?” I said, wide eyed, just thinking how horrible this whole situation was going to be.
“What exactly do I have to do?” I asked.
“You have to live with her.” She said, looking back down at the file and flipping through a couple of the pages.
“Live with her!” I said nervously.
“Don’t worry, You will know what to do. We will guide you along the way.”
“Do…do I have any defenses or anything against these…uh…”
“Manifestations?” She said, just raising her eyes to look at me once.
“Yeah, manifestations.” I answered.
“Yes, you have you’re temporary immortality which won’t really do any good for her personally and your wings.” She said, closing the file.
“Wings?” I said, leaning forward, wondering if I heard her right.
“Yes, angel wings.” She answered as she stood up and came around the table.
“You are a guardian angel and yes I know it sounds corny but that’s the only thing you really can call it.” She said as she handed me the folder.
“Now, make sure you read everything in there, including the small print.” She smiled.
“I’ll leave you for awhile, when you are ready, I will come back and I will take you to get your wings.” She said and patted me gently on the shoulder.
“Uh…okay.” I stammered as she left the room.

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