The Story Of Etay

Chapter 8

The three girls looked at each other, then gathered in a huddle and started whispering. Etay looked over to them. Taylor followed his twin's gaze.
"I guess I'll tell them," Ariella said. A murmur went up across the room. She took a deep breath and began.
"Well, Fran, Cathy, and I, were sorta...umm.." Ariella's eyes darted to Fran.
"We're kinda like guardians or something, for Etay and Taylor." Cathy started speaking.
"Well when we found out he had left his home for the past seventeen years, we were sent to find him. Luckily for us, we knew he'd be with Taylor." Ariella continued.
"Unfortunately, there would be some fights between the two of you, and your power would be provoked." Isaac interrupted.
"Wait a minute! What the hell are you talking about?!" Ariella, Cathy, and Fran looked at each other.
"I can explain that part." Everybody looked at Etay, who until this time had remained silent.
"You see Cathy, Fran, Ariella, Taylor, and I all have some sort of magic power. Ariella can see the future. Cathy can conjure calming spells. And Fran can do stuff with fire. You already know about me and Tay."
"Well our job is done!" Fran and Ariella said in unison. They jumped up and walked out the door.
"Just a minute you two!" Taylor called out after them. Mumbling swears, Ariella and Fran walked back into the room.
"We aren't gonna run through cities during a full moon howling are we?" The room erupted in laughter at Taylor's question. He blushed deeply.
"No you guys won't." Cathy said between fits of laughter.
"You can change by your own free will, or when someone angers you." Ariella said.
"Oh look at the time! We gotta go swimming before the pool closes." Fran said.
"Hot guys in swimsuits! Lead the way Fran!" Ariella called out as she left the room. Fran raced after her.
Cathy stood at the doorway. "Hey you guys wanna come with us?"
"Sure!" They all said in harmony. Fran and Ariella jumped at Cathy the minute she entered the hallway.
"Did they say yes?!" They asked over zealously. Cathy nodded.
Ariella ran down the hall screaming. Over the ruckus Cathy could hear Ariella say, "You think Cathy will make out with Ike in the pool?"


Taylor walked down the hallway to the pool. The smell of chlorine made his head spin.
"Funny never did that to me before. Crap! Must be the new senses I have." He thought.
"Hey aren't you that little gay shit from Hanson?" A masculine voice called out to him. Taylor began to walk faster. An arm grabbed him from behind, and spun him around. The man he was facing looked to be about in his thirties, and was overly muscular.
"Hey buddy can you unzip your pants when you got to take a piss?" Taylor thought to himself. The idea made him smirk.
The man roughly seized Taylor against the wall. The impact pushed the air from his lungs, and caused his nose to bleed heavily.
"What's so funny, you gay little faggot?" Taylor watched in horror as a fist connected with his stomach and continually punched. At that exact moment Etay came down the hallway, and saw what was happening to his twin. In a blur of tan and blond he threw the other man off of Taylor.
"What the fuck?!" The thug cried as he went hurtling across the room. He stood up and saw who had pulled him away from his prey.
Admittedly Etay wasn't as muscular as the thug, but over the last few minutes a miraculous change came over him. He had filled out a bit more, and the scratches on his stomach were gone. Etay walked over to Taylor and cradled his twin.
"So there are two of you "MMMBop" shits huh?" Etay looked over at the thug, and curled his lips up in a snarl, exposing his sharpening teeth. Fur was already covering his arms and his eyes were glowing slightly red.
"You thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked his twin. Taylor copied his twin's smug grin.
The two werewolves lunged at their prey and in a matter of seconds the pristine hallway was tinged with crimson.
"We're gonna have to hide this you realize." Tay pointed out Etay. Etay nodded.


Taylor stood on their little balcony as the wind whipped his hair around. He felt arms around his waist and a low growl issued from his throat.
"Relax bro. It's just me." Etay said calmly.
"Hey." They stood there in silence. "Etay can I ask you something?"
"When you came down to the pool, you looked like you did the day I saw you. Your scars were gone and.." Etay placed a finger on his twin's lips.
"I know. Werewolves recover from injury quickly. See?" Etay lifted Taylor's shirt and the bruises from the encounter at the pool were gone.
For the first time in his life, Etay felt love from his family. Taylor wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug.
"Etay we gotta find you a knew name." Etay smiled under the moonlight. Things were changing for the better.

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