The Story Of Etay

Chapter 7

Isaac sighed as he walked down the hall.
"After all the trouble he caused." Isaac thought. He went into the bedroom to see Etay huddled in a corner.
"Tay? Tay, what are you doing?" Isaac said going up to who he thought was Taylor. Then he saw a knife in Etay's grasp.
"TAYLOR DON'T!" He said grabbing Etay's hands and holding them back from his chest.
"Why shouldn't I?" Etay cried.
"I love you." Isaac said with concern.
"NO YOU DON'T! You pushed me, punched me,and you want me out of your life,and I'm granting you that wish Isaac! You won't let me near Zac! He's in shock."
"Oh my gosh it's Etay." Isaac thought. I caught Etay in attempt to commit suicide.
"Etay why would you commit suicide?"
"Cause I almost killed my family! I'm not as good as my rock star brothers. I caused my brother to go in shock! No one wants me right now!" Etay said catching Isaac off guard and tried to bring the knife back to his chest. Isaac pulled it back.
"Stop it Etay! Just stop it!" Isaac cried. That's when Etay passed out. Isaac set the knife on the dresser and knelt down beside Etay. He tapped his cheek.
"Etay? Wake up.." Isaac said with worry. That's when Taylor came into the room.
"What's wrong with Etay?" He said with a hint of frustration. He didn't like Etay at all right now.
"Tay, he just passed out and tried to commit suicide. Call a doctor."
"But Isaac, then people will think.."
"CALL A DOCTOR!" Isaac ordered. Taylor nodded and went to use a phone.
Zac crept into the room with a scared expression on his face.
"It's alright Zac, he's not awake. He won't hurt you." Isaac said softly.
Zac walked slowly over to Etay and sat down beside him. He gently pet his forehead. Zac drew his hand back quickly.
"His forehead is hot, Isaac." Zac said looking into Isaac eyes with concern. Taylor showed up at the doorway with a doctor. The doctor rushed into Etay and pulled out his equipment. Isaac pulled his brothers back so the doctor could examine Etay.

Minutes later.

The doctor sat up and sighed. "He is in bad condition. He has a high fever, he hasn't been eating for a while. His stomach is quite slimmer then it should be. Then there are some odd scratches across his stomach." The doctor explained. Taylor bit his lip. That was from the fight. The doctor looked at Taylor and made a confused expression.
"There are two of you? I thought there was only three in Hanson." He murmured.
"There are two of us, yes." Taylor replied.
"But doctor, does our brother need hospital treatment?" Taylor asked, changing the subject. The doctor shook his head.
"I'll come by. I don't want you guys to get mobbed." He said gathering his things. "All he needs is rest, food, water, and rub some first aid cream on his stomach each night until the scratches go away."
"Okay, thank you doctor." Isaac said shutting the hotel room door.
"What else could go wrong?" He muttered. Then he saw scratches on Taylor's neck.
"Tay, take off your jacket, your back is injured." Isaac said going up to Taylor. Taylor pulled back.
"I'm fine Isaac, really I am. I feel fine."
"Taylor! Take off the jacket!" Isaac said pinning Tay against a wall playfully. Taylor snarled and his teeth turned razor sharp again. Isaac's face became terror-stricken. He stared at his brother in shock.
"I was only suggesting..T-..Tay-..Taylor." He muttered shakily. Taylor sighed and pulled off his jacket.
"Isaac, I'm a werewolf. So is Etay." Taylor confessed.
"No that couldn't be. I thought that snarl was only a snore! I mean it's kinda obvious Tay!" Isaac snapped.
"How long did you guys know this?"
"Since two hours ago. These three girls came over and pulled us apart when we were fighting. That's how Etay and I got hurt."
"Girls? Fighting? Where was I when this happened?" Isaac asked.
"You were with Zac, trying to calm him down when he went into shock again." Taylor muttered softly.
Isaac sighed and looked at Zac who was staring at Taylor with panic. Taylor looked at the floor. "Oh geez, I hope he isn't in shock." Taylor thought.
"Zac, please....please don't be scared." Taylor said walking over to Zac.
"I'm not scared Taylor." Zac said as he scooted next to Isaac who was scared to death. "I'm just concerned." Zac finished. Taylor nodded and shook Isaac. Isaac snapped out of his horrific daze.
"Well, we'll have to talk to Etay when he wakes up." Isaac stammered.


Cathy stared at the paper with Etay's cell phone number written on it. She bit her lip and thought about something.
"Cathy? I don't like that look." Fran said with a smile.
"What look?" Cathy said with an innocent look.
"You have a sneaky expression on your face. What are you going to do?"
"Do you think someone else will answer the phone if I call, like Isaac?" Fran giggled.
"Cathy this is soooo you! I don't know. Try and find out."
"What will Ariella think?" Fran shrugged her shoulders.
"I don't know. She's asleep now." Fran said with the same mischevious look on her face as Cathy. Cathy nodded with excitement and dialed the number.

The phone rang.

"Hello?" Someone answered. It was Taylor.
"ETAY?!" Cathy said with excitement.
"No this is....wait! Are you those girls who were in our hotel room?" Cathy looked at Fran who was huddled by the phone with Cathy.
"He knows who we are." Cathy murmured.
"Well duh Cathy, it's not like Carson Daly told the world about Etay yet." Fran said shaking her head. Cathy nodded and continued the conversation.
"Yes, this is us."
"Okay....and you wanted...?" Cathy went blank. Fran nudged Cathy.
"Etay." She muttered. Cathy nodded.
"Oh, I wanted to know if Etay is alright. You also. You guys were fighting.and we were just wondering if you are alright."
"We're okay. Etay's sick though." Taylor said. He grinned. "You're that girl who tried kiss Isaac...aren't you?"
Cathy blushed as Fran cracked up into a fit of laughter.
"I hope that's not how Isaac remembers me." Cathy muttered with embarrassment. Taylor chuckled. "I hope not either. Come upstairs. We need to talk."
"See ya in a few minutes."
"Bye Tay." Both ends of the line hung up.

"Bye Tay?" Ariella said shuffling into the room. She glanced at Fran. She was still in a guffaw. Ariella giggled.
"What's up with Fran?" She asked. "What the heck was going on?"
"Well, I called up the cell phone number that Etay gave Fran and Taylor answered. Anyways, he wants to meet us upstairs." Cathy explained.
"On the phone huh? Were you trying to score a date with Isaac?" Ariella said with a sly grin.
"Am I that predictable?" Fran nodded. She had finally calmed down.
"You haven't heard the best part." Fran said as they started to walk down the hall. " Taylor remembered about when..."
"Shut up Fran." Cathy begged.
"The time when Cathy tried to kiss Isaac." Fran said giggling. Ariella started to laugh.
"Oh yeah! That was funny!" Ariella exclaimed. They entered the elevator. Cathy pushed the up button. The doors closed and the elevator went up as Ariella and Fran made kissy noises.

"They're coming up here?" Isaac exclaimed. Taylor nodded.
"They could help us Isaac, calm down. They've known Etay for the past ten years. I'm sure that they can help."
Isaac nodded. Then they heard a moan. Zac, Isaac, and Taylor looked over at Etay. He was waking up.

Etay woke up feeling disoriented. His vision was blurry and his hearing was muffled. All effects of the fever. He made a weak groan. He felt very weak, and hungry. Then he heard murmurs around the room. Then he heard familiar voices.
"Ariella...Cathy...Fran?" He guessed. He heard tiny giggles and knew his friends were here.
"Now that we're all awake, we need to talk about all this." Isaac said.

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