The Story Of Etay

Chapter 9

"So what kind of name did you want to have?" Taylor asked as they walked back to the hotel.
"I was thinking something like yours." Etay responded.
"But nothing too close. Maybe Tyler." Taylor grinned.
"Gordan Tyler Hanson?" Etay wrinkled his nose and shook his head.
"Too close to your name. Just Tyler Hanson." He said.
"Why do you want to sound like me?" Taylor asked.
"We're twins, and it'd be cool to have names that were alike."
"Taylor's my middle name." Taylor commented.
"I know, Tyler would be my first. It'd make us different, yet the same." Taylor nodded. Then his expression got scared. He grabbed Etay's wrist and pulled him around the corner. Taylor was panting.
"And you did this because?" Etay said with confusion.
"People press you." Taylor said breathing hard. Etay shook his head.
"What?" Taylor got control of himself and started over.
"The press is following us Etay. They were getting their cameras out." Taylor said getting nervous.
"So? I can handle them."
"Etay...Tyler.trust me you can't." Then a group of journalists surrounded them. Taylor heard Etay make a low growl.he was getting angry. Taylor took Etay, and ran like the wind. They went upstairs and into the bedroom where Isaac and Zac were also.
"What's wrong guys?" Isaac asked. Etay started to cough violently. Taylor led him to the bed so he could rest.
"Why did you let him run? He's getting over his sickness Tay! We have an appearance on TRL tomorrow with Etay."
"The press were chasing us. Then Etay got angry and was about to transform into a werewolf." Etay made a soft groan and got into a lying position on the bed. He felt horrible. He was better, but still kind of sick. He didn't want to tell his brothers though, he wanted to go on TRL. Isaac threw a blanket over Etay.
"Get some rest man, we'll wake you later." He said. Etay nodded and rested.


Cathy sighed as she looked out the window.
"Cathy, what's wrong?" Fran asked. Ariella went over to the window. She saw what Cathy was gazing at and giggled.
"Nothing's wrong. She's just in heaven. Isn't he a cutie, sporting a tank top, with tight leather pants." Ariella teased Cathy. Isaac was outside in the cold morning air.
"No it's not just him. Look at Etay and Taylor..and Zac."
"Etay?! Where?" Ariella said as her eyes rushed around the sight outside. "Which one's him?"
"Does it matter? I mean they both look alike. They're both in tight pants." Fran murmured looking at the twins. Cathy laughed and got up.
"Come on, we have to get our bags and go to the taxi. We'll be late for the plane." She said. Ariella and Fran nodded. The three went to the airport, following Hanson.


"And now, here they are! Hanson!!!" Dave Holmes said gesturing his arm towards the door. Isaac, Taylor and Zac came out.
"So, this is Taylor right? I have heard that the last time was Etay." Taylor nodded.
"It's 100% me." He said smiling.
"Where's that brother of yours?" Dave asked.
"Introduce him to find out." Zac said.
"Oh, okay.he wants a grand entrance?" Isaac smiled.
"That's our Etay." Zac got into the same stance Dave was in.
"And now, introducing.." He started. "The cool, the awesome....TYLER HANSON!!!" He exclaimed holding his arms wide apart. Etay came running out. The crowd went wild.
"Hey Tyler. I thought it was Etay?" Dave asked. Etay nodded.
"Yes, but Etay is my nickname. Tyler is my real name." He mentioned. Dave chuckled.
"Taylor and Tyler. Wow. So are you planning to be in Hanson?" Etay shook his head.
"No, no Hanson. I'm a brother of Hanson, not a member." Etay said. He looked into the crowd to see girls with 'I love Etay' written on their arms. Etay grinned. He looked up into the crowd. Etay saw Ariella, Fran and Cathy sitting near the front. He waved to them and they waved back.
"So Tyler, are you single?" Ariella bit her lip.
"Sorta." He murmured with a slight blushed expression.
"What's sorta?" Dave teased.
"There's a girl I've been kinda going with." He said.
Ariella furrowed her brow in confusion.
"Who is this girl?" Dave asked.
"Her name.is Fran." He said. Ariella's face went from confused to furious. She gave Fran a dirty look and rushed to the bathroom. Fran followed.
"How was I supposed to know he liked me?" Fran asked.
"Well, you and him were flirting in New York!" Ariella exclaimed. Fran sighed.
"Ariella, I'll tell him everything." She said. Then they heard a knock on the door. Fran went outside the bathroom and shut the door. It was Etay.
"Is everything okay?" He asked. Fran shook her head.
"No. Etay I need to tell you something." She said looking into Etay's eyes.
"Well, when I got your number." She took in a deep breath. Do I really want to do this?" Fran asked.
"When I got your number...it was for Ariella.not me." Fran said with a tear in her eye. Etay's expression got confused.
"Why didn't you tell me before?" He asked with a hint of frustration.
"Because I forgot Etay. I'm really sorry." She said starting to cry. Etay took her in a friendly hug.
"Don't cry Fran, things like this happen." Etay said softly. Fran nodded, burying her head into Etay's shoulder. Ariella stood in front of the girls' bathroom door. Etay sighed.
"Etay....Fran." She whispered and started to walk back to her seat. Etay stopped her.
"Ariella, put away that attitude. It's not like Leonardo Dicaprio lost to Matt Damon on Celebrity Deathmatch." Etay said with a sly grin. Ariella smiled.
"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked. Etay shrugged his shoulders.
"I dunno, just trying to change the subject." Ariella laughed.
"I see." She said. Fran went back to her seat, next to Cathy. Now it was just Etay and Ariella.
"So....Ariella?" Etay started.
"Fran and you aren't seeing each other?" Etay nodded.
"I'm single. Unless you wanna go out?" He said slyly.
"That'd be great." Ariella said. Etay smiled.
"Go back to your seat. The show's gonna come back on." He said as they walked back to their places.

As soon as the Hansons got back to their hotel room, Etay fell asleep. Isaac went to take a nap as well. Zac and Taylor started to play a video game on the N64 system courtesy of the hotel. Taylor took a quick glance at Zoe. She shook Etay.
"Leave Tyler alone Zoe, he needs his sleep."
"But I wanna see Tyler be a doggie!" She said with a giggle. Taylor and Zac laughed.
"It's not a dog, it's a werewolf." Zac corrected.
"Woof...woof." Etay muttered, waking up. Zoe pulled back the covers to see Etay had transformed into a werewolf.
"DOGGIE!" She said happily and hugged Etay. Etay smiled. He finally felt loved.

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