The Story Of Etay

Chapter 4

The clapping swelled as the three brothers entered the room.
"Jesus Christ! How can he walk in these things?!" Etay thought as he wore Taylor's incredibly tight pants.
Ike, Zac, and Etay all stood in their usual places on the set.
"It's glad to see you guys again!" Carson siad.
"We almost didn't make it!" Ike siad.
"Yeah I grabbed an AK47 and was gonna shoot everybody!" Zac always had to put his two cents in.
Carson just shook his head and muttered something.
"So how have you been Taylor?" Etay began to panic.
"Shit! What do I do?! Alright Etay, think what your gay ass twin would do." Etay thought.
Immediately Taylor's dopey grin was plastered on his face.
"Really good. We played a show a couple nights ago and it rocked!"
Carson nodded. When no one was looking Etay let out a huge sigh.
"I can't believe I just said that!"
Isaac and Zac didn't know it wasn't the real Taylor. He'd let them know in a few minutes.

After a few videos, and some more of Zac's wise cracks, Carson asked the boys for their opinions on N*SYNC.
When it came to Etay he had it all plotted out.
"So Taylor, what do you think about them?" Carson asked.
"Personally I think they're all a bunch of fucking gay freaks," then it him, or rather Ike did.
Carson went on about how they were going to take a commercial break. Backstage was another story.
"Etay what the fuck do you think you're doing?!" Ike screamed at him.
"Getting something I've always wanted; attention." Isaac sighed.
"Look Carson's gonna call us back out there in a minute. I suggest you shape up. He doesn't know about you; yet."
"Sure thing bro," Etay smiled evilly as he watched Isaac walk off.


Taylor groaned in pain as he sat up.
"What the fuck happened?!" he thought. "Oh crap! The promo stop at MTV!"
He got up and tripped over Etay's bag. The pills he had sliped Tay spilled onto the floor.
"Why that bastard!" Taylor screamed. "Wait until he gets back!"


Carson started again.
"So what's the new video gonna be like, Taylor?" Ike and Zac prayed Etay wouldn't slip up again.
"Well it won't look like the fucking N*SYNC crap!"
Three girls in the audience watched the scene before them, or at least two of them. Their names were Ariella, Cathy, and Fran. Ariella was dozing off peacefully. Cathy elbowed her.
"What the fuck was that for?!" Cathy placed a finger to her lips.
"Look!" Ariella watched as Etay started swearing left and right.
"I don't give a fuck about what you fucking tell me to do!" Etay yelled at Isaac.
"He got out?!" Ariella squeaked. Cathy nodded.
Fran was staring at Etay's pants.
"You know I think he's bigger than Tay!" Ariella smacked her.
"Fran cut it out! We've gotta think of something!"
Quietly the three of them snuck out of the studios and back to their hotel.


Taylor sat there watching as his twin said every known cuss on the planet. Movement caught his eye.
"Wonder where they're going?" he thought. He'd find out soon enough.

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