The Story Of Etay

Chapter 5

"Where are we going Ariella?" Cathy asked as she they went down the hallways of TRL studios. Ariella shrugged her shoulders.
"We need to get Etay back." She murmured.
"Where's Fran?" Cathy asked. Ariella made an annoyed sigh as she pointed. Fran was flirting with Etay. Cathy giggled.
"Man, she can flirt." Cathy exclaimed. "I need to get some tips so Isaac and I can get it goin' on." She murmured.
"CATHY!" Ariella said laughing. Cathy smiled.
"Honestly girl, if you and Isaac were alone, you'd go nuts, and probably make out with him." Cathy laughed.

"Come on Etay..er.Tay! We need to go to DC for the show." Zac called. Etay nodded and scribbled down something on a sheet of paper and handed it to Fran.
"Call me sometime, here's my number." Fran giggled.
"Ok Sexy!" They went their separate ways.
Etay got on the tour bus to be in front of an angry Taylor. Etay sighed.
"Dude...don't even start." Etay warned. "I was helping you."
Taylor's brow wrinkled in anger.
"Helping me? How is that?" Isaac and Zac came over to them.
"Well, you're in no condition to go to the concert tonight." He said trying not to grin. Taylor shook his head.
"I am too!" Taylor began to walk around the room. He got dizzy and began to collapse. Isaac caught him.
"Etay is right Taylor. You shouldn't do the show tonight." He commented.
"Then who? OH NO! He's not taking my place! No way! He doesn't know how to play instruments!"
Etay nodded.
"Yes I do. I learned piano and drums. I'm covered for the concert."
"You don't know the material!" Taylor said with a satisfying grin.
"The internet bro." Etay corrected. Taylor moaned with frustration. Isaac sighed.
"I guess he's got us there. Okay Etay, let's go over the play list for tonight." Zac said. Etay nodded and they went into the other room. Before he went into the room, Isaac went over to Taylor and guided him to the bed.
"Dude, just get some rest. Take advantage of this while you can. Etay will realize how tiring it is and then give up. I'm almost sure about this." Isaac explained.
Taylor nodded and shut his eyes. Isaac made a weak smile and went into the room where Zac and Etay were.

"I want you to want me!" Zac sang as he ran around stage.
"Everything's going quite well." Isaac thought.

Hanson was finally at the show in DC. Fran, Ariella (with her friend Beth), and Cathy (with her friend Sam) were in the audience. Ariella, Fran and Beth had to leave early. Cathy squealed with delight as the song started to end.

Zac went to jump onto the drum itself. Etay grinned and swung his drum stick under Zac's foot. Zac slipped and fell to the ground. Isaac looked at Zac and Etay. Etay gave a fake look of concern.
"Etay!" Cathy whispered lowly to herself. Sam looked at her.
"Who?" Sam asked.
"You..wouldn't wanna know.." Cathy explained.
"Etay? Who is that? Taylor's twin?" Sam said laughing.
Cathy nodded, then thought about something to change the subject. She giggled.
"I think we should get backstage, cuz I'm Britney Spears' sister! Hit me baby one more time!" She said starting to dance. Sam laughed.
"Cathy, sometimes I worry about you." Cathy laughed once more.
"Yeah, I worry myself too."

"TAYLOR! We have some stuff for you!" Isaac called getting onto the bus.
He looked at Taylor's bunk to see him fast asleep. Isaac sighed and placed the bag of stuff on the table. Then Etay and Zac came on. Zac looked like he was in shock again.
"He's trying to kill me, like he tried to kill Mom. Murdering me." Zac murmured as he walked beside Isaac.
"I wasn't trying to kill you, I thought it would be funny!" Etay said with a grin.
"Oh yes Etay, letting our brother fall to the hard stage is just a bunch of laughs!" Isaac said sarcastically.
Etay muttered some low cuss words under his breath.
"So he's in shock. He'll get out of it." Etay said with a slight annoyed expression. Isaac rolled his eyes.
"Oh yeah, that really makes him feel better." Isaac growled.
Etay shot Isaac a dirty look, then grabbed Zac.
"You don't hate me, do you Zac?" Zac began to shake and reached for Isaac. Isaac hugged Zac.
"Goodness Etay! Let him get some rest and snap out of it before you start that." Etay rolled his eyes, nodded, and went into his bunk.

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