The Story Of Etay

Chapter 3

"You bastard!!!" Isaac cried and threw Etay in the bathroom. Zac rushed to get some water and Taylor helped. Isaac shut the door with a slam and pinned Etay against the wall.
"What the f*** is wrong with you?! You almost killed our parents!" Isaac screamed at the top of his lungs. Etay shoved Isaac to the ground hard.
"You better watch it buddy. You don't wanna even go there." Etay growled.
Isaac got back up and took a swing at Etay.
"Just watch me pal!" He exclaimed. Etay took Isaac's arm and twisted it around Isaac's back. Isaac cringed of pain.
"What's wrong, is the poor baby in pain?" Etay teased with a pleased grin. Isaac screamed of anger and got out of Etay's grasp.
Firemen came rushing into the house to the seen and rescued almost everyone. Everyone except Isaac and Etay. The door was locked, and the fighting continued.
"YOU NEARLY KILLED OUR PARENTS, AND IF THEY DIE, YOU'RE DYING TOO!" Isaac shouted. That's when two firemen came into the bathroom after knocking down the door. One fireman took Etay , the other took Isaac. They went outside and the rest of the crew set the bundle of flames out.
"Keep them separated." The chief instructed about Isaac and Etay.


"Ikey, I'm scared!" Two-year-old Zoe exclaimed. Isaac sat her on his lap and hugged her, while comforting her.
"It's gonna be okay sweetie, it'll be alright." He said softly in her ear. Zoe had tears running down her face as she hung onto Isaac for protection.
"Etay's a meanie!" Mackie said with an angry face as he hugged Taylor around the waste. Jessica was holding onto Avery and Zac was rocking back and forth in shock.
"Mama." He whispered as he stared at nothing. Taylor and Isaac looked at each other. Taylor leaned over so he could whisper into Isaac's ear.
"What are we going to do about him?" He whispered.
Isaac shook his head.
"The least we could do is to try to snap him out of it when the young ones are in the police car. Ya know when we're taking to a hospital." He whispered. Taylor nodded.


Etay sat on the back of a fire truck.
"Freakin' Isaac. No one messes with me like that!" he grumbled to himself.
"Maybe if you would be nice to them, they'd respect you." A voice said beside Etay. Etay looked up to see a police officer.
"Zac likes me, isn't that good enough?!" Etay exclaimed. The officer shook his head.
"That poor boy is in shock now, look at him!" The officer said pointing to Zac. Isaac and Taylor put a blanket around him. Taylor was trying to snap him out of it, while Isaac was doing the same.
Etay sighed.
"It's his fault for even.... WAIT A MINUTE! Who the heck are you anyway and why are you in my f****** business???" Etay said with annoyance in his voice.
"I'm Ryan Brice, a therapist for the Oklahoma police department. I'm here to help you."
"I don't need help! I'm not one of those people that lay on those damn couches saying how dumb my life as a baby was! I don't need help. I'm perfect the way I am, so stay out of my life!"
"If you're perfect then why did you try to burn your house down? And kill your parents?" Ryan asked.
No answer from Etay.
"Try your best to get along with them ok? If that doesn't work, then we'll talk."
"I don't wanna talk."
"Then be nice to your family."
"What if I don't?"
"Then you'll get arrested for attempted murder and spend the rest of your life in jail. We're letting you plead insanity if you promise to keep this bargain." Brice said staring at Etay, who sighed.
"Fine fine, I'll try my damn best to be nice. But that's gonna be awfully hard for me!"
"Well, if it's that hard, then we could always talk in my office."
Etay cringed.
"NO THAT'S OKAY!" He said getting up and walking over to the police car. It was going to take them to a hospital.

Once at the hospital, everyone sat in the waiting room for hours on end, hoping to hear any word on their parents. Etay took a seat next to Zac.
"Hey man...I'm... I'm." He tried before Taylor interrupted.
"Is it my fault that Mom and Dad left me in a basement for the past 17 years? NO IT ISN'T! I'm getting help you moron!"
"Well, no, it isn't your fault about that..but now the world knows about my twin. The evil twin who tried to burn our house down! We have an appearance on TRL tomorrow, and Zac might not make it on the show depending on his condition." Taylor hissed.
"Oh well Taylor! The media was bound to find out sooner or later!" Etay cried.
Taylor shook his head angrily.
"How am I supposed to be nice to them, if they aren't nice to me?" Etay thought to himself.

It was late when the doctor came out with news of Mr. and Mrs. Hanson.
"Your parents are in major condition. Burns everywhere on their bodies. With some treatment, they'll be fine in three weeks or so." The doctor instructed. The kids nodded and were escorted to a hotel. Isaac carried a sleeping Zoe in his arms.
"What time is it?" He asked as he placed Zoe next to Avery and Jessica who were already falling asleep.
"It's around 9:30 p.m." Taylor answered. Isaac nodded.
Mackie crawled onto the bed and curled next to Avery. He fell asleep.
Taylor and Isaac looked at the doorway to see Etay standing there.
"Yes?" Isaac asked with an attitude.
"I just came to say goodnight." Etay said with slight rudeness.
"Goodnight." Isaac and Taylor said in unison. Etay struggled to stay nice, almost losing the battle, he left the room.
"Isaac, do you think he was trying to apologize?" Taylor asked with wonder. Isaac's face grew angry.
"I don't wanna even think about him right now Tay. Continue this conversation in the morning."
Taylor nodded. Taylor sighed and looked over at Zac. Zac was rocking back and forth.
"Mama." He murmured with fear.
"Everything's gone." Taylor mentioned.
"Don't worry, everything was covered by insurance. It's okay." Isaac said walking over to Zac. He sat beside his shocked brother. He began to rub Zac's back.
"Is Zac finally out of that shocked stage?" Taylor asked.
"No, I'm just trying to get him relaxed. Maybe in the morning he'll be fine. I hope he can make the TRL appearance." Isaac explained. He gently pushed Zac, so he'd be laying down on the bed.
"It's okay Zac, just rest." Zac closed his eyes and fell asleep.
"He's so shocked Isaac. I'm scared for him."
"Me too, but he should be fine. Let's get some sleep."
Taylor nodded and got into bed. Before Isaac went to bed, he locked all the windows and doors.
"Never too safe." He murmured as he got into a sleeping bag on the floor.


Etay rolled over to see the sun glaring in his eyes.
"AHHH, morning." Etay said pulling the covers over his head. Then he remembered his plan. He was going to pretend to be Taylor for the day, so he could be "nice" and see how hard it was to be Taylor. He got up, showered, then got dressed. Quickly he rushed up to the room where his family was staying.
*knock , knock*
Taylor answered.
"Hey man." Taylor greeted.
"About yesterday." Etay began.
"Don't start, Isaac might hear and he's really upset about that. I'll be gone for an hour or so. I have to get the tour bus. See ya later." He made his way down the hallway.

Etay shrugged his shoulders and took his plan into action.
"Back already?" Isaac said coming into the room.
"Yep." Etay responded. Zoe crawled onto Etay's lap, thinking it was Taylor.
"Etay missed breakfast!" She said with a frown.
"Yes, but I'm sure he'll have some before we leave for TRL." Isaac explained.
It was time to go soon, and Etay rushed onto the bus first so no one would see Taylor. He took Taylor to another room.
"Hey man, you look thirsty." He said, his back to Taylor. He put a muscle relaxer into a can of Dr. Pepper.
"Here, drink this. I'm.sorry...about...ya know."
Etay said handing the soda to Taylor. Taylor began to drink the soda.
"This should knock him out for quite a while." Etay thought.
Taylor nodded and put the drink down.
"I'm gonna go to sleep for a while. Wake me up when it's time for TRL k?" Etay nodded. He waited about two minutes later, then traded outfits with Taylor.
"Taylor! Hurry up, it's time for TRL!" Zac called. Obviously he was feeling better.
"Coming!" Etay called. He caught up with his brothers, and made his way into TRL studios.

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