The Story Of Etay

Chapter 2

Etay watched as Zac left the room.
"What a bunch of dumbasses. All I have to do is keep acting like a poor defensless sweet little kid, and I'll have them eating out of my hand! But two important people need to be dealt with.... Mom and Dad." He sat there thinking.

Etay made sure no one was looking and grabbed a cigarette and lighter from Taylor's duffel bag. He flicked the light and took a long draw on the cigeratte.
"Something's going to have to be done about that bastard twin of mine. He blows my cover and I'll shoot him full of holes with a 9mm."
Footsteps came down the hall.
"Fuck!" Etay screamed out loud. Quickly he smashed the cigarette out on the carpet and hid the lighter. The door creaked open and in stepped Taylor. Etay glared at him.
"I talked to Isaac and he said I should give you a chance. So I'll give it a shot," he paused and looked his twin over. He looked exactly like Taylor only Etay was taller and more muscular. Taylor's eyes darted to the cigarette ashes on the carpet.
"You smoke?!"
"Jesus Christ bro! Where have you been?!" he galred at his twin then a smile lit up his face.
"Oh silly me. Taylor's been going on the world saying how awful drugs are, and having all those women drooling over him. Well let me tell you this," Etay lashed out and pinned Taylor to the wall one handed. "I've longed for that attention and now I'm gonna get it. And you are gonna learn what fucking shit I had to go through everyday!"
He tightened his grip on Taylor's throat.
"Yes," Taylor's reply came out as a small squeak.
"Good," Etay let his brother go and watched as he fell to heap on the floor.
"Now if you'll excuse me I have some business to attend to."
Tay watched as Etay grabbed the lighter and headed towards the lounge where their parents were.
"Oh fuck! I gotta go get Ike!" Taylor got up and ran off trying to find his older brother.
"Isaac!!!!!" He found Isaac checking his e-mail on the laptop.
"What?" Ike asked calmly.
"It's Etay. I found him in Mom and Dad's room and he's got a lighter and I think he's gonna set them on fire!"
Ike looked questioningly at his brother.
"You have so got to be kidding. Etay's not that bad." Tay smacked his head forehead.
"Okay forget it." Suddenly there was screaming. "See I told you!"
"I'll get Zac! Come on!" They found their brother.
"What the-?"
"We'll explain later. C'mon!" They grabbed Zac and ran into the lounge.

There was Etay standing over Diana and Walker and a blaze of fire.
"Etay what the fuck are you doing?!" Taylor screamed at him.
Etay whipped around and stared at Taylor. An evil smile painted across his face.
"What I should've done a long time ago." And with that Ike, Tay, and, Zac watched in horror as their parents burned before them.

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