The Story Of Etay

Chapter 1

"Mom!!!" Taylor and Isaac called in unison. Zac ran to the doorway and dropped open his mouth. Mrs. Hanson ran to her sons.
"What's wrong? Did you need help with something?" She asked. Then she saw two Taylors and bit her lip.
"Walker! Come here, they found out. You weren't supposed to get out!" She scolded to the taylor in the red shirt.
"Oh dear." Walker said as he stood next to his wife. "Um...sons? We have to tell you something. You have another brother."
"Kind of obvious dude." Zac said.
"After Taylor was born, the doctors did an x-ray on my stomach and saw another baby there. At the time we couldn't afford another baby, just Taylor and Isaac. So we had to let Grandma take care of him. He was kept hidden so no one would know. We didn't want the town to know about keeping one twin and giving away another. It just seemed wrong. So Grandma kept Etay hidden...and now he's back."
Taylor and Etay went up to each other and stared at each other.
"This is so cool, I have a twin. Why 'Etay'?" Taylor asked.
"We called him Etay, because he has a slight bad side to him, almost evil. 'evil Taylor'.Etay." Taylor nodded.
Taylor thought about it for a second, then hugged his new found brother. Etay shrank back.
"What the f*** was that?" he asked pulling away.
"It's a hug. Have you ever been hugged before?" Taylor asked. Etay shook his head.
Taylor made a frown.
"Where did they keep you?" Isaac asked. Etay frowned.
"In the basement. They brought me a tv and a computer. Grandpa never knew about me. Then he and grandma passed away. I just don't like talking about it!" Etay said then ran into the living room of the bus. Taylor followed him inside.
"Do you wanna talk about it?" Taylor asked as he shut the door. He sat beside Etay. Etay shook his head angrily.
"It'll make you feel better."
"I haven't seen my family for my whole life. I've lived in the basement for the past 17 years. No Christmas dinner or anything and all of a sudden Mom and Dad want me back. It's like I was the rotten twin."
"No you're not."
"Yes I am. It's like they don't love me cause I have a f****** mark on my chest." Etay remarked.
"Let me see." Taylor said. Taylor didn't like the idea of his twin cussing. Etay pulled up his shirt. He revealed a birthmark on his chest. It looked like a flame of fire. Taylor gazed at it.
"That looks cool. Wish I had one."
"No you don't Taylor, it's just wicked. I hate it." Etay said as he stared at the ground.
"Aww Etay...don't be so sore about it. You're unique, you have a birthmark. I don't." Taylor said.
"YOU'RE unique, you're in a band called Hanson." Etay grumbled jealously.
"It's not my fault. I couldn't help it." Taylor said getting annoyed.
"Just chill, it's okay." He said with a slight attitude.
"Oh so you're saying that I CAUSED IT? How can you say such s*** like that?" Etay exclaimed.
"I didn't say that, but if you wanna be rude." Taylor said. Etay shoved Taylor.
"Just back off dude!" Taylor exclaimed as he shoved Etay in response. Etay then punched Taylor's stomach and Tay responded with a punch in the eye. That's when Isaac and Zac came through the door. Isaac held Taylor back and Zac held Etay back.
"Come on guys, let's not start this off on the wrong foot." Isaac scolded.
"I didn't start it.HE did!" Etay accused to Taylor.
"I didn't start it you moron! You're the one who Mom said was evil!" Taylor said trying to get out of Isaac's grasp so he could lunge at Etay.
"Isaac, we gotta separate them before they get out of hand." Zac recommended. Isaac nodded and took Taylor to another room. Zac shut the door and sat next to Etay.
"I know it's hard to fit in and all. I know the feeling." Zac said softly. Etay nodded with a hint of anger.
"He doesn't love me, I could tell from when he first saw me. They call me Etay 'Evil Taylor'. I don't even have a real name." He commented.
"Don't worry, I'll help you talk to Mom and Dad about it ok?" Zac asked gingerly. "If they won't change it, we'll just call you Model 5921."
Etay laughed.
"Okay. You know what? You're not bad at all. You're my favorite brother so far." Etay said.
"I am quite a chap huh?" Zac said with a british accent. Etay laughed.
"Quite a character might I add!" Etay said with the british accent. Zac laughed.
"I'm glad to see you are cheering up." Zac said laughing.

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