The Story Of Etay

Chapter 12

Taylor paced back and forth across his room. Etay was lying on the bed with his arms crossed behind his head.
"I can't believe that asshole did that!" Taylor said. He drove a fist into the wall and huge gaping hole opened up.
"Oops. Don't my own strength," he blushed.
"Tay relax. You're getting yourself all worked up." Taylor looked at his twin. Etay returned the look with a fierce growl. The door creaked open and Ariella stepped in.
Etay grabbed her in his furry arms and started bathing her with wolf slobber.
"Ewww. God Etay!" She pushed him away, and he sat there smiling at her. Taylor started laughing at her.
"Hey guys I think Ike's in trouble," her voice turned serious.
"Good. Let him get what's coming to him," Etay growled at his twin.
"I don't like him that much either Tay. But you're beginning to tread on thin ice with me," he turned to look at Ariella.
"Do you know what's wrong?" She shook her head.
"I tried to track him, and I couldn't. That's what scares me." Etay swung his long legs over the side of the bed.
"As much as I'm gonna regret saying this, I'm gonna go find him," Taylor turned towards his brother.
"NO WAY IN HELL ARE YOU GOING AFTER HIM! HE COULD STILL HAVE THAT GUN!" Etay turned on his twin and grabbed him fiercely by the neck.
"Listen Taylor, you have been so fucking angry about this that you won't listen to reason. I'm going to find him, and that's end of story." He threw Taylor across the room and straight into the window. The glass threatened to crack against his weight. Taylor let out a low groan of pain.
"Now stay there." Etay shut the door and darted down the steps. Ariella chased after him.
"What the hell did you do that for?" She screamed at him.
"Because he's been so uptight it'll loosen him up a bit. Now stay here until I come back." He went to the hall closet and grabbed his father's trench coat and hat. His muzzle poked out from under the brim of the hat, and the coat barely hid his legs. He shut the door after him and left to find Isaac.
"Be careful Etay," Ariella said to the closed door.


Isaac sat in the cold bus depot waiting for the 4:10 bus to Oklahoma City.
"At least I'll be away from them." He thought. He unzipped his bag and there was the small revolver. There was still a silver bullet inside. Isaac didn't think they'd come looking for him.
"Who would want a son who tried to kill his own brother?" He thought.
A bus roared into the station. The people standing beside Isaac began to gather their stuff. He figured it was time to gather his belongings too. The other passengers began to step onto the bus. Just as he was about to get in he heard his name being called.
"Isaac! Isaac!" Etay called from the other side of the station. He began to wave his hand so his brother could see him.
"God now I know how Tay feels on stage," he thought. Isaac turned to look at him. Etay smiled then quickly wiped the expression away knowing how well his lupine teeth would give him away.
"What is he doing here?" Isaac said softly. Etay could hear his brother mumbling. Isaac grabbed his bag and started to walk towards his brother. Etay began pushing his way through the crowd.
They walked towards each other. The bus Isaac had tried to get on roared away from the curb and the terminal was silent.
Isaac looked up at his brother who was towering over him. As a werewolf, Etay was 7'1". Etay tried to hug Isaac but he pulled away from him.
"Etay how can you still love me for what happened?" Isaac sighed and sat down on one of the uncomfortable benches.
"Because I'm your brother. I'll always love you deep down even if I never show it." Etay looked at his brother.
"I'm sorry for the trouble I caused Etay. Now you're stuck like that and it's my fault." Isaac's eyes began to tear.
Etay bent down to hug his brother, and this time Isaac didn't pull away.
"Isn't this precious?" A voice said from behind them. Etay whirled sharply around and there was a man pointing a gun at them. He smiled over the barrel of the gun.
"Hey kid!" Isaac stepped in front of Etay. "You're that gay boy from Hanson aren't you?" Isaac swallowed back a cold lump of fear.
"Yes," it came out as a squeak. The man came closer to Isaac. He seemed oblivious to the wall of fur and muscle behind Isaac.
"On your knees boy." Isaac dropped to his knees. A cold sweat began to break out across his face.
"That's right. Now unzip my pants. I've got a raging hard-on, and I know you little Hanson shits love sleeping with other men."
Etay growled menacingly. The man instantly registered Etay as a threat and began to back away. He raised the gun to Etay's face. From his point of view, it looked like the cloaked stranger was a victim of leprosy.
"No one treats my brother that way." Etay ripped off the coat and hat. He lashed his claws out. "C'mon you son of a *****, FIGHT ME!"
With shaking hands the man drew his gun up just as Etay lunged towards him again. A sharp, stinging pain shot up his left arm. Etay dived on top of him and began to rip the body apart.
The body quickly deteriorated to a pool of blood and flesh. Slowly Etay began to change back to his human form.
"HOW DARE YOU THREATEN MY BROTHER?! YOU WILL ROT IN HELL!" Suddenly his eyes caught the pale human skin of his arms. He looked down and saw he had changed back. Slowly he stood on his feet, and looked at Isaac who was smiling.
"You saved my life Etay. I owe you one in the long run." He came up to his brother and hugged him. Etay returned Isaac's hug, then studied his body. Etay had on the same black tank top and pants the day Isaac had shot him. His arms were covered in blood but that didn't seem to bother him.
"Isaac how did I..." Isaac cut him off.
"I think the gun shot had something to do with it." Making sure he could still change, Etay allowed his right arm to grow fur and claws. He changed it back.
"Yes!" He jumped into the air full of life. He came back down and slung his arm around Isaac's shoulders.
"C'mon bro let's go home," Etay said as they began their walk back.

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