The Story Of Etay

Chapter 13

Isaac and Etay stepped up to the door.
"You ready?" Etay asked Isaac. Isaac hesitated, then nodded. The boys stepped into the house. Etay looked down at Isaac's hands and could see that they were shaking. He was really nervous.
"Hey Etay? You back yet? I have to talk to you!" Taylor exclaimed walking into the room. He saw Isaac and froze.
"Oh.him." Taylor said with disgust. Isaac's hands started shake again. He ran up to his room. Etay rolled his eyes.
"What's up with you lately?"
"It's his fault! He's the one that yelled at you....and...."
"Shut up with that Tay! Geez! I thought you would like your brother coming back since you have to talk with him...but I guess I was wrong. After the trauma he's been through, he doesn't need that crap!"
"Trauma? What trauma are you talking about?" Taylor asked with concern.
"Like you'd want to know." Etay said as he walked off. "You don't even care about him anymore.he came back for us."
With that Etay went into the basement.
Taylor let out a heavy breath and went upstairs to the room. He cracked the door open to see Isaac lying on his bed, his face in the pillow. Taylor went into the room and shut the door. He sat on the bed.
"Hey." He greeted in a low tone. Isaac said nothing in response.
"Are you okay? I was worried about you." Taylor continued.
"No you weren't. Don't even lie." Ike said with bitterness.
"I was too worried."
"Why would you be worried? You didn't even seem to be happy when I got back."
"Ike, you know I love you. I was worried about how you were in your head. You should be in the hospital."
Ike groaned.
"About what you said before you ran off, about you being jealous. Did you really mean it?"
"Yes Taylor, I love you as a brother. I wanted to spend time with you." He said with his head remaining in the pillow. Taylor's eyes filled with tears. Isaac heard a sniffle from his younger brother.
"Tay, don't get all mushy on me." He teased raising his head.
"I'm sorry I was being such a jerk Ike, I really am. These changes are hard to deal with." Taylor broke into tears. Isaac sighed and sat up.
"Taylor, don't get like this."
"Why not?"
"Cuz. you had every right to be mad."
"No I didn't."
"Yes you did."
"How so?"
"Well, I acted like a jerk round Etay."
"Etay's the one who should be mad, and he's not. It's my fault for making you leave."
"No it's not."
"Yes it is. I was so upset at you. I was actually upset at myself."
"Because why?" Isaac asked.
"Cuz.I can't say."
"And why not?"
"Cuz I can't."
"Cuz you can't why?"
"Damn Ike! Quit being annoying!" Taylor steamed. Ike laughed at his younger brother and got up. He pet him on the head.
"Don't pet me, I'm not a dog."
"Pretty close to one though." Isaac teased. Taylor laughed.
"Yeah whatever."
"You coming downstairs with me or what?"
"Sure....but what about this thing Etay was talking about? Something dramatic happened."
"I'll talk about it later. I'm too emotional with that subject right now. Ask Etay. He'll tell you."
Taylor nodded and walked downstairs with his older brother. They sat at the dining room table. Etay came upstairs and sat down with them.
"Hey....you two kiss and make up?"
"We did have of it."
"Ugh....that's gross."
"ETAY! I meant we made up." Taylor said rolling his eyes. Etay made a laugh.
"Oh you think you're so funny don't you?"
"He's not funny, he's just stupid." Zac said as he shuffled into the room. Isaac laughed.
"What's wrong with you Zac?"
"I was sleeping. I think I'm sick." Zac said as he hugged his older brother.
"Hi buddy. Glad to see you back here." Isaac felt his forehead and sighed.
"Zac, you have a fever. Let's get you up into bed." Isaac said, pushing his brother up the stairs.
"I love you too Ike." Teased Zac. Ike laughed and pushed him on the bed. He stood by the doorway.
"Get some sleep ok?"
"But I just went to sleep."
"Get more sleep."
"I'm not tired."
"Don't argue with me."
"Ok Mommy. I'll make sure to take a nappy-poo. Geez." Zac said pulling the covers over his body. He yawned and shut his eyes.

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