The Story Of Etay

Chapter 11

"ETAY!" Ariella cried, shaking her boyfriend.
He woke up with a jerk. Panting hard, he leaned his body against the back of the bed. Sweat poured down his face. He made a low sigh.
"What the heck happened?" He asked trying to gain his breath again. Ariella gently caressed Etay's forehead.
"You had a bad dream. You fell asleep after we made out. What did you dream about?"
"N-nothing. Air, I gotta go...ok?" He kissed her cheek and went out of the room. Etay walked down the hallway.
"He does hate me. I did cause all this."

Taylor stormed down to the basement where Ike was hiding out.
"What the heck did you do that for?"
"Do what for?" Ike asked innocently.
"You told Etay all that crap and made him run off!"
"He did not run off and even if he did, then good. We don't need someone who attempted murder to strike again."
"Strike again? CRAP Isaac! Why must you be so idiotic! He was trying to get along with us. At first you were protecting us but now you're just acting childish."
"Yes, you hate Etay's guts! Why Isaac, why?" Taylor asked.
"I don't hate him!"
"Do so!"
"No I don't! He just pissed me off!"
"If you don't hate him then prove it!"
"If I hated him then I wouldn't have saved him from attempting suicide!"
"Then why did you yell at him like that?"
"What?" Taylor asked with a slight hint of confusion.
"Yeah Taylor! Rub it in my face. I'm dead jealous of Etay. All you do is spend time with him. Sometimes I wish I had a twin to talk to all the time." Isaac said kicking the wall.
"Ike....I didn't know you felt this way." Isaac got up and walked out of the room. He went out the door and down the street.
"Urgh, Tay really makes me mad!" Isaac thought as he walked down the street. Isaac lost track of time and continued to walk down the streets. He thought of everything he had done in the past few days.
"I am a rotten brother." He mumbled as he kicked a stone. The stone rolled down the street and seeped through a tiny hole. Isaac slanted his eyebrow and moved toward the tiny hole. The ground gave away and Isaac fell into a large hole.

Etay stared at the wall as tears streamed down his face. Suddenly a body fell next to him. It was Isaac. Isaac was lying on the ground unconscious. Etay slowly moved next to him. The night air gave the ditch an extremely cold atmosphere. He noticed Isaac was shivering with coldness. Etay took off his jacket and wrapped it around Isaac, whose face was blue.
"He's not breathing." Etay mumbled with slight fear. He didn't know what to do.
"What should I do? I don't know CPR!" He exclaimed. Without any more ideas, Etay slapped Ike's back hard. Isaac awoke shocked as he gasped for breath. Etay patted Isaac's back in comfort.
"Come on bro, breathe. You alright?"
Isaac started to cough. The shade of blue was leaving his face, and replaced with redness. Etay sighed of guilt.
"I'm sorry man." Isaac looked up at Etay.
"Sorry? You practically saved my life!" Isaac said, nearly above a whisper.
"I should be the one who's sorry." Isaac said groggily. He fought to keep his eyes open.
"Isaac, keep your eyes open. Don't go to sleep!" Etay instructed.
"I think you have a concussion. Don't go to sleep!"
"I can't help it Etay." Isaac said as his eyes shut. "Etay, if I die...."
"Isaac, don't say that. It's just a concussion."
"Please don't feel sorry about anything you did. I think you're the greatest brother. I'm sorry I got jealous of you man.so sorry." Isaac drifting off. Etay shook Isaac.
"NO, NO! Isaaaaccc!!!" Etay cried shaking his brother. "Wake up Isaac, please wake up!"

Blurry visions of a figure were before Isaac. He made a slight groan and turned his head toward the figure. As his vision came into focus, he saw it was Taylor, Zac and Etay.
"Isaac!" Zac exclaimed as he hugged his older brother.
"You were in a coma for three days!!!" Etay said.
'Are you okay? Mom's gone ballistic, crying every night." Taylor said sadly.
"Really?" Isaac asked. They nodded. "What happened?"
"Well, the ground was supposed to be under construction. They didn't have any tape around it so no one would trespass. So when we walked, we fell down. You hit your head and fell into a coma." Etay explained.
"You revived me when I couldn't breathe." Isaac said.
Etay nodded. For the first time ever, Isaac smiled at Etay. "Thanks Tyler."
"No problem dude. That's what I'm here for."
"I'll go get Mom. She's been waiting for you to wake up."
The three went out and got Mrs. Hanson. Mrs. Hanson came back into the room. She saw her oldest son staring at her. Diana's eyes filled with tears and she rushed over to him and hugged him. Isaac hugged his mother back.
"Oh sweetie, you're okay." She said then kissed his forehead. He chuckled softly.
"Yes Mom, I'm alright. Are you okay?"
"I'm fine Isaac, I was just worried about you. It's what mothers do." She said with a small smile. Isaac yawned. Diana pet his forehead and then got up.
"It's late, so we're gonna go back home so you can get some rest. Get some sleep okay?" Isaac nodded, closing his eyes.
"Okay Mom." He murmured falling asleep. Diana giggled and left the room.

The next morning.

Taylor shuffled down the stairs and into the living room. He saw Etay, Mackie and ZoŽ sitting on the couch. He joined them.
"Good morning Mackie, ZoŽ....butthead." Taylor joked. Etay rolled his eyes then laughed.
"Yeah morning to you too bedhead."
"My hair looks fine." Taylor murmured.
"It looks like a BIIGGG fluff ball!" ZoŽ exclaimed spreading her arms out to hug Taylor. Taylor smiled a groggy smile.
"Thanks ZoŽ, you're sweet."
"I know that silly billy!" ZoŽ said giggling. She tapped Etay's shoulder.
"Etay be a doggie!" She begged. Mackie shook his head.
"It's a werewolf." He corrected.
"Doggie." Shot back ZoŽ.
"Okay!" Etay said, stopping the argument. He transformed into a werewolf and sat in front of ZoŽ. She giggled and pet Etay's head.
"Good doggie!" She said laughing. Walker came down the stairs, carrying Avery. He saw Etay and sighed with a smile.
"Tyler, we're gonna eat breakfast in a couple minutes, change back into a human." He instructed. Etay got on the floor and tried to transformed back to his regular form. He couldn't get back. He made a whimper and went over to Taylor.
"Uh-oh." Taylor murmured. "Try it again, maybe you weren't concentrating hard enough."
Etay crouched down and tried to transform into a human once again. He couldn't. He tried several more times. Then Taylor saw the bump on his head.
"Found the problem." He said rubbing Etay's bump. Etay growled and pulled away from Taylor. "It needs to heal before he can turn back into a werewolf."
Etay grunted and ran into the kitchen before Diana could call for breakfast. Diana watched as Etay jumped into the chair and pawed at his fork. Diana laughed and got out a bowl. He made a low growl. She turned toward him.
"Well, sweetheart....you can't hold a fork." She said setting down his breakfast in front of him. Soon, everyone (but Isaac, because he was at the hospital) was at the table. Zac looked across from him to see Etay in werewolf form, devouring his own breakfast.
"This is odd." Zac said sleepily. Jessica smiled.
"I think it's kinda cute." She commented. They heard Etay murmur a small bark while he continued to eat. He looked up from his plate, panting. He whimpered at Taylor. Taylor bent down to Etay. They were face to face.
"What's wrong Etay? Do you have a headache?" Taylor asked with concern. Etay let out a burp. Taylor coughed and waved his hand in front of his face with disgust.
"Gross Etay!" Taylor exclaimed. Zac laughed.
"Dork...you shouldn't have fallen for that!" Zac said.
"Yeah well.now Etay can't go on that walk with Ariella." Etay looked up with curiousity. He started to growl at his older brother.
"Well, I mean....you're a werewolf now. She won't want to go out with a werewolf...even if she has came all this way to see you." Etay growled louder.
"She should be here any minute. She said she'd drop by around ten, it's 9:55 now." Etay's head perked up and he ran upstairs to 'freshen up' though he was werewolf. Just then the doorbell rang. Taylor went up to get it with Zac beside him. They opened the door. It was Ariella. She stepped inside.
"Hi! Is Etay ready?" Taylor looked at Zac.
"He'll be right down....but...he..." Zac started. He looked at Taylor for help on this one.
"He's stuck...being..." Then they heard four feet stampeding down the stairs. Etay ran into the living room and jumped onto Ariella, making her fall to the floor.
"...a werewolf." Taylor finished. Ariella shook her head.
"Oh dear." Ariella said. She coughed and petted Etay's head.
"How much cologne did you put on, Rin Tin Tin?" She teased as she got up. He grunted and sat beside her.
"He should be okay after that wound is healed."
Ariella rubbed his head gently. She sighed.
"Are we still going for that walk?" She asked. Etay jumped up and started hitting the doorknob until the door open.

Isaac groaned as he continued to gather his stuff into his backpack. He was in major pain, but he had to go. He just had to.
"I'm a rotten brother." He murmured repeatedly. He coughed and opened the door. Quietly though quickly, he snuck out the door.
"Farewell everyone." He said walking down the hall.

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