The Story Of Etay


Taylor walked down the hall and into the kitchen.
"Good morning Taylor." Isaac said as he started to open the orange juice carton. Taylor grunted in response.
"Not much of a morning person are you?" Isaac teased.
"Do we have a show today?" He asked with a yawn. Isaac nodded.
"It's only an interview though." Taylor nodded.
*thump thump*
"Isaac stop that!" Taylor said loudly.
"Stop what?"
"The thumping noise."
*thump thump*
"I'm not doing that." Isaac said.
"Then who is?" Isaac shrugged his shoulders and sat at the table.
"Good morning guys!" Zac said cheerfully coming into the room.
"Hey Isaac, what was up with that thumping noise?" He asked grabbing the box of oreo cereal.
"It wasn't me Zac! Why does everyone think it's me?" He said with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
"I dunno." Zac said as he started to drum his hands on the table.
"You changed Taylor?" Zac said chuckling.
"I just got dressed." Taylor said.
"No you didn't. You were just in a Red t-shirt and black leather pants. Now you have on a blue tank top and jeans?" Taylor glared at Zac.
"Zac you're starting to scare me." Taylor said shaking his head. Isaac laughed and got up.
"I'm going to get more cereal, we're out." Isaac got up and went down the hallway of their bus to the closet. Isaac looked around the closet. Then he saw the cereals on the top shelf. He sighed and stood on a chair.
"Almost got it." he murmured to himself as he stretched his arm out towards the cereal. The cereal box was pushed by Ike's hand and fell to the floor.
"Shoot!" Isaac exclaimed. Then someone handed it back to him.
"Thanks Tay." Isaac said absent mindedly. Then he took a double glance at Taylor.
"Taylor, why did you change outfits?" Ike asked looking at Taylor in a red shirt and black leather pants.
"I didn't change." He said as Isaac glanced at the Taylor with a blue tank top standing in the doorway.

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