A New Found Freedom

Chapter 5 - Tyto's Loin Cloth


After talking to Tyto about the slave convention, Zac decided to post bone running away until the whole event was done and over. If he was lucky, Tyto would trade him off to a kinder master. If not that, maybe one that had was more considerate of PAIN! The lucky thing about stun whips was that the wounds healed quickly, but the scars tended to stay as a firm reminder of who's boss and who's slave. Unfortunately for Zac, he hadn't figured out the fine line that separated him from his superior master, who owned a pain inflicting whip.

(Day before the slave convention.)

Wincing against his will, Zac pulled on a clean slave tunic over his still sensitive back and moaned as he popped his head through the top.
"This isn't gonna work too well if I can't walk right tomorrow." For some reason, he woke up in a sour mood and stayed sour as he did his morning chore of feeding Tyto's guttotts, strange lookin' thingies. Zac couldn't really decide what they looked like..they were disgustingly fat, wide lookin' too. They had a strange gooey substance that oozed out pore's all over their bodies to keep them warm or cool depending on the climate. They were a grayish -orange shade with almost no eyes or any other features either, except for legs or what passed for 'em anyways.
"Gawd! I can't believe I survive on these things!"
Zac was feeding the very "things" that kept him alive, the staple diet of all the slaves. Gagging, he shoved one out of the way with his bare foot, feeling the slime ooze all over it.
"NASTY! OH...yuck!"
He did a bizarre little dance trying to wipe the goo off and jumped...right..on..another guttott. His blood ran cold instantly.
"Oh shit! I'm so dead! "
He quickly spread the rest of the feed out and ran as fast as he could to tell Tyto the Tyrant what had happened before one of his children could. Too late.

Zac heard the words he feared the most.
"BOY!! Come here now!!"
Crouching, he slowly approached his incensed master.
"I was just told about my guttott. Care to tell me WHY you stomped on it?"
Zac felt relieved when he saw the look on Tyto's face, he didn't believe a word his child said and told the child to leave.
"I.I..I." Was all that he managed to blurt out before turning crimson. He really didn't want the towering being to know he'd been disgusted by the slimy icky thingies.
"Well? I have little time for you right now." Tyto was strangely calm and understanding this morning.
Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes to steady his nerves, young Zac began again in Galidia.
"*sighs* I slid a guttott out of the way with my foot and I got the mucus all over and I started to jump around because I was grossed out Master and I just sort of landed on one." "He's never gonna believe me, that sounds so lame!"
"Hahahahaha! Is that all? It wouldn't have harmed you to leave it there!" Tyto erupted into thunderous laughter once again.
Zac's head shot up like a bullet at the sound of his Master's laugh and for some odd reason, he decided to join him. Tyto grinned as he heard his slave start to laugh also and he started laughing all over again, stumbling over and throwing his arm around the boy's shoulders.
"You..you are a woman boy! But I fail to hold that against you for now, I hope you'll understand!" Tyto was drunk! Zac started to fear the man all over again and quietly asked him if he could get back to his chores.
"GO boy, get back to work then!" His booming voice filled the office room as Zac scurried out as fast as was permitted. Leaning against a wall, he started to weep, remembering the last time he faced Tyto drunk..

"BOY! GETTT IN MY OFFFIIICEE NOW! I'm goan teach you to speaaak to me like tthhat!!!" Tyto screamed this at the top of his lungs.
It was Zac's first day being a slave and he'd told his master that he wouldn't obey him, ever. When this was translated to Tyto, the man had laughed and left the room leaving Zac in his slave quarters, a little paranoid and way depressed.
"I wonder what's gonna happen to me?" Zac had sighed and heaved himself up to examine his room and did so until a few hours later, his door had been thrown open, revealing Tyto in a loin cloth, holding a club and what looked to be a gun.
"Giit in myy office I said!"
Nodding his head, Zac followed.where he received a near death beating and that was how Nilot found him and nursed him back to health. He couldn't remember a thing past walking into Tyto's office to the next time he woke up, a week later.

Wiping his nose on his bare arm, he went back to the guttott cage and removed the dead creature. Sighing as he wiped his hands off, he turned to do his days work as a slave waiter in the diner.
"When will this ever end? I'm stuck here all day doing what that lazy slob won't or maybe he's too stupid too. I dunno, this just plain sucks."
Languidly, he walked into the diner, towards the back where his apron would be stored at this hour. He had just gotten it tied when he noticed an angry looking Iosie sitting at a table, waiting for service. He scampered over to the intimidating creature and asked for his order. Promptly, he ran back to the counter and placed the order. While waiting for his drink, the Iosie started asking Zac questions.
"You're a Terran aren't you?" Zac nodded. "Well, come here. You're the first one I've seen this close."
Zac's eyes grew wide as he started to slink back to the bar's counter to tell Tyto what this being was doing. When he turned, he felt the man grab his hair and yank him back towards his table and he announced his displeasure with a yelp. Once there, he was slammed down into his chair, praying that his master wouldn't think he was being lazy. The Iosie put his face inches away from his own and started to examine Zac, leaving him feeling very disturbed.
"Hmmm. you have softer skin then Raggenii, the color's better too. Where do you get such color?" The Iosie was really starting to freak Zac out.
"Sir, I really need to get back to work, my mast-"
"No! Your master won't care, now shut up and answer my question."
"I don't know sir... really I don't. Pigment maybe?" Zac raised his eyebrows.
"Yes....maybe pigment." The being seemed to be side tracked, as he was running his hand along Zac's face and neck. Zac didn't think he was really interested in skin color. He didn't know what to think.
"Oh gee, I wonder why!?"
"May I. May I leave now sir? I've got work to do." Zac started to leave, but was again yanked down into his seat.
"What kind of Terran are you?" He prompted.
"Uhm, what?" Zac started getting a sick feeling in his gut, uh oh.
"What kind of Terran are you!?" His face darkened when he realized what he meant.
"Oh...oh, I'm a..I'm a male Terran, sir." He hardly managed to stammer out.
The Iosie turned even darker and stormed off, leaving barely enough credits to pay for his drink. Zac sighed, walked up to the bar, put the money next to Tyto's hand, and shakily sat down on his stool, waiting for his next job to walk in.
"Life's hell now, thanks to Iosie!"

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