A New Found Freedom

Chapter 4 - Slave Promotions and Smelly Socks

Tay and Ike

Several days passed since the incident on the field. Ike and Tay's humor had returned and bad news for Brian came up. He might be transferred from field work into his owner's estate, taking him away from his only close friends, and leaving them alone with nobody to help defend them. This wasn't going to work out. All three knew this when they were called into Agat's their master's office for his decision.

Speaking Galidia, he announced, "I have chosen you two to go to the Slave Convention in three days. Will you accept without disagreement?"
All three sat in a state of shock, when Agat pointed to Ike and Tay. Why had all three been brought in together?

The Slave Convention is when a slave owner's five best looking, as far as healthy and strong, slaves were brought to a building, much like a farm house to keep all the slaves in. Around noon everyday stalls where they were kept were opened and everyone was allowed to roam freely. Slaves were shown off much in the same manner as prized bulls or cattle were shown, receiving ribbons, prizes, and credits from the convention leader. At the end, the master's could make mega-amounts of credits if their slaves get high standings. Security was high due to rowdy slaves and this year, security would be a major priority due to a new species of slave: The Terrans. This year promised to be one not forgotten. But the guys didn't know the situation and how the convention worked, so stupidly they replied:

"I..y..yeah! I think we're all agreed on that Master." Tay stammered out, never making eye contact with him, but only with Brian and Ike who nodded.
"GOOD! You are going to do light work in my home until the convention, and if I don't trade you away, you'll go back to field work. And you will go to work in my home soon after the convention is over." He stated pointing at Brian as he shuffled around some papers, then handed four or five sheets to Taylor. "Here, hand these to the Raggenii at the door in my chambers. Now go!" All of this was in a booming voice, so all of them jumped up at the order and bolted through the door.
"Uhm, guys I hate to be the barer of bad news here, but did he just say you could be traded at this convention?"
The euphoria that Tay was floating on suddenly disappeared as he collapsed to the hallway floor with a soft thud.
"TAY!!!?" Ike dropped to the floor like a stone and gently shook his brother's shoulder.
"Tay, come on man wake up! Don't make me stick my sock in your face!" Ike pleaded, hoping against hope that his eyes would just snap open.
"Sorry little brother, but you've gotta get up now!" Ike yelled as he started removing his shoe and one sock.
"Ike, this is inhuman! You can't poison him! You'll kill him!" Brian said laughing.
Ike's reply?
"Uh huh, or it'll wake him up.."
Deftly, Isaac positioned the sock above Tay's nose, shaking his shoulder one more time trying to wake him up.
Grinning, he squeaked, "Sorry Tay, I gotta do it!!!" Ike dropped the sock.

Almost as soon as it hit, Taylor started gagging and coughing while he speedily retrieved the sock from his face and threw it as hard as he could. He glared at Ike and Brian, then saw that it was Ike who had socked him.
Showing no signs of what he was going to do, he asked, "What happened?"
When Ike opened his mouth to answer, Taylor pounced on him, tackling him to the floor. He pinned him down to the floor, his arms stuck under his body.
"Hmmm, Brian? What should we do to our Ikey here? Lemme think, lemme think reaaaaal hard..."
"Don't go hurtin' yourself now, hear?!"
An evil gleam entered Tay's eyes at that very moment.
"Oh Ikey. I wuv you to death! Don't you wuv me too?"
When Isaac quickly shook his head 'no', Taylor put on a hurt look and voiced.
"Oh Ikey!! I wuv you man! TO DEATH!!"
As he said death, he lifted off Isaac's chest and dropped down, hard enough to make Ike's eyes nearly pop out of his head.
"Now Ikey, let us try this again. Do you WUV me?"
Just as fast as before, Ike shook his head 'yes' this time.
"Aww, Bwian!! He wuvs me!"
To make it worse, Tay planted a messy kiss on Ike's forehead, then dropped down again, one more time.
"OOOOF! Tay, get your fat ass off me!"
Giggling, Taylor rolled off to the side and offered his brother a hand up, which was ignored.
"Since when did you get so friggin heavy?"
Laughter. Laughter from both of his friends was all he got in reply. Ike shoved both ahead of him and started walking to the estate, temporarily forgetting why Tay had fainted and pushing the thought of Brian's "promotion" out of their heads.

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