A New Found Freedom

Chapter 6 - Big Butt's and Small Cages

Tay and Ike

Doubled over in uncontrollable laughter, Brian looked up at the two quarreling brothers who each had a hold on the end of a slave shirt. They'd yell at each other about why one should get it and the other shouldn't and give it a yank towards his body. Then the other one would repeat it until they had Brian laughing his butt all over the room.

"Gu.guys! Quit it! *Laughs* Knock it off!" Still unable to stop laughing, he walked up and jerked it out of their stunned hands.
"Who cares how you look here? I sure as hell don't! How you smell is something else, who stinks!? Go take a shower! Now quit it, you'll get something new to wear for the convention."
He took one more look at the pouting brothers and just laughed harder as he sat down.
"What do ya think'll happen once we get there? Do you think they'll really pen us up?" Tay couldn't resist asking as he ate a disgusting blob of guttott.
"Dude, Tay for gawd's sake, stop asking! We don't know!"
Obviously Ike was still upset of the shirt incident. He flushed red when he saw how his friends were reacting to his childish behavior and dug himself out before he got any deeper.
"Just a question, how'll you guys feel when I win first place today huh?"
"Uhm, ha! No comment Ikey, no comment." Taylor gave his brother a cheeky grin as he packed some shirts into a ragged bag to bring along to the slave convention.
"Excuse me? You think I'm not gonna win?"
Taylor nodded quickly with Brian holding laughter in in the background.
"And all these years I thought you were smarter then Zac. Looks like I guessed wrong for once."
"Hehehe, Ike? You suck, you can't win! You know I'm the only man who could win, so just shut yer yap and lemme be!" Taylor finished the last part in a southern drawl.
Brian stepped in with a discouraging question.
"Should we say bye now incase we get separated or you guys are traded out?" He raised his brows in a query. He saw Ike nod his head, but when he glanced at Tay, he wasn't agreeing with Ike on this one.
"No, no we're not gonna even think about being traded, you know we aren't gonna be traded off." Taylor said this with such conviction that Brian and Ike's anxiety was set to rest for the time being.


All their eyes met in a silent fairwell that they were now certain would come and Brian watched as his friends left the room. They silently trudged down the hall, fear overwhelming every part of their souls and being. Turning down another hallway, they spotted the other three slaves who were going along with them to the convention and gave a friendly wave, which was returned. Then, as a group, all of them were led to the front of the estate into the waiting transport that would take them to the "kennel" area of the large gathering. Once they arrived, they'd be cataloged, numbered, and put into a small cramped cage until a stall was cleaned out for them.

One corner of the pen was layered with "straw" to sleep on, a watering trough, food bowl, and treat container were also among the few belongings each slave was given. The pens were all pressed tightly up against one another so more slaves could be fit in the building. Each slave species was separated from the other in hopes to keep fights down and inter-species mating from occurring. The only way slaves were allowed out of their pens, was at noon every day when they were led into a large arena to roam around and stretch their legs for an hour or so. There are several different arenas built to, again, keep the slaves separated. While they were kept in the pens, they were admired much like prized cattle when they weren't being judged.
Isaac sighed, "This has got to be the most humiliating feeling ever. How could they shove humans into little cages like this? We aren't animals!"
He sighed again, then caught sight of his tags on his cage saying his pen number, and seeing Tay's, he squinted and felt like cheering when he saw they were penned right next to each other. That's when he caught sight of Tay himself. Ike busted up laughing, he had no chance of holding it in at all. His brother was in a cage made for some one that would be about 4 feet tall, so he was crouched into a ball with his head between his legs and his knees somewhere above the top of his head and his face turning red under Ike's laughter.
"Ike! Shut the hell up! It's not funny! Stop laughing!" Taylor was really upset, but poor Ike was laughing too hard to notice. Tay's humor soon returned and he started laughing too as he heard a single sound from his brother. This one sound was enough to ruin a person's reputation if done in public. Ike had laughed so hard that he farted. Ike's face turned the same color as Taylor's but still, he wasn't able to stop laughing. He and his brother kept it up till all of a sudden the cage doors were opened. Neither noticed, then the whole cage was lifted up and turned upside down, sending Ike crashing to the ground with a plop. He didn't hear the same sound from his brother, so he looked up and started laughing all over again. The opening was so small, that Tay had had to snake his way in, but now was unable to get out in the position he was in. The alien holding his cage grinned after awhile too. Meanwhile Taylor was giggling and mumbling about how his, 'fat ass was too big to fit, sorry!' through the door. Then the being started to shake the cage violently. Both boys quickly stopped laughing and Ike went on the defense.
"Hey! Knock it off! You're gonna hurt him, quit! HEY! STOP it now!" Ike went up and grabbed the guy's arm, but was thrown to the ground. A moment after he hit, something whacked him in the back and his head. He looked up to see an angry Taylor laying next to him. Then he saw more then anger, he saw tears and heard Tay groan.
"Tay, what's wrong? Come on man, what's wrong?"
His answer was watching his little brother pull his pant leg up and seeing a five inch cut down his leg that was about three fourths of an inch deep with blood pouring out by the second. It must have been cut by wire when he was plopped out of his cage.
"Oh my gawd. ohmygod! It's gonna be okay! Hold on a sec!" Ike got up quickly and headed for the register as no one noticed him. He tapped on the massive arm of the Raggenii that was in charge and pointed to his brother, who at the moment was doubled over in pain holding his leg, and started to tell her what happened in Galidia. She nodded once and went to Taylor, taking him away from Isaac, who was sent to his pen with two "escorts" to wait for the return of his best friend.


His leg was killing him. Why wouldn't somebody help him? Where's Ike? His leg hurt! Suddenly, he felt arms slip around his waist and under his knees and strong arms lifting him up in the air. Instinctively, he burrowed closer and leaned his head against the shoulder of the being carrying him. Abruptly, his head was shaken off. Startled, he stole a quick glance at the person carrying him and tried to get away from the female Raggenii who was holding him. He knew he shouldn't be so difficult, but he didn't want to be this close to anyone but family. He started squirming, insisting he could walk as he tried in vain to slip out of the iron strong grip. The Raggenii gripped his legs harder and gave him a shake to quell his squirming. Whimpering from pain, he felt the arms loosen as his back met something soft. He took a look around and saw that he was on a bed, in a first aid tent.
He sighed as he watched a cadeska, another slave species that reminded Taylor of an elephant trapped in a person's body, clean his wound up. They have huge ears, noses, and everything else, but they were bipedal and looked like a monkey.
"I always knew aliens didn't look like slugs. Zac though did. Guess that proves him wrong then. Oh yeah, like it matters now??"
Then he watched him slowly stitch his leg up and wrap it in some kinda material to keep the bleeding down. He had to bite his lip the entire time because it hurt so much. Once finished, the same ill tempered Raggenii picked him back up and carried him back towards the "kennel" area and inside the surrounding building. The pain in his leg flared up and he started to squirm.
"Let me walk you screwed up ALIEN!!!"

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