A New Found Freedom

Chapter 1 - Zac

"Ugh. This has got to be the hottest day on Kuat ever, " Zac thought to himself after wiping his brow.
"I can't believe I've been here for three months. Three months spent without my family, without Ike and Tay..I wonder what happened to em all?" He sighed sadly and continued to pick up dishes around the little diner installment he was forced to work at.
"Dang, I feel like I'm in Star Wars or something, this place looks just like Mos Espa! Well, if ya ignore all the plants and grass and stuff. Dork. Zac, dude, you got the weirdest thoughts!"
Being a slave had no pluses..none!!
"My life was perfect until the stupid beings came and took us all away." Zac angrily threw down a rag, which in turn knocked over a full cup of raqua , a popular alcoholic beverage on the slave selling planet of Kuat.
"BOY!!" Zac crouched to a ball and cringed in fear as his master came rushing at him at a full speed angry charge.
"Clean this up now!! Then get back to the wash room..I'll be waiting." Tyto, his master, gave him an evil smirk and headed back to his office for his stun whip.

Tyto had seen Zac in a slave pen only a few cliques away and marveled at his size when he learned of his young age. He was big even for a Terran! It had amused him to see the reaction the boy gave when he realized he was to be separated from two other Terrans. They looked similar to the boy he chose, but different. He had run over to them and latched on in a firm embrace with tears running down his face, refusing to let go. Tyto had pulled out his stun whip and was about to hit the boy when the other two Terrans stepped in front of him, looking angry. He called the guards, which hauled the two desperately struggling boys away from his, then lashed the Terran he chose. Zac had cried out in pain, pain he'd never known before in his life all the while grabbing at his back where he'd been struck, then collapsed to the ground unconscious.

Weakly and with a heavy dread filling his heart, Zac picked up the very rag he threw and cleaned the mess up on the table. He started to cry silently when he walked down the hallway of the one floor diner, into the washroom, and removed his slave issue shirt in preparation for the lashing he felt sure was to come. He heard more yelling coming from the front of the building and sighed deeply, knowing that soon he'd be feeling the wrath of that anger.
"This can't be happening to me! Not again, I didn't do anything this time! Oh GOD! I want mom!" Zac slumped to the floor and started to sob, with no control of his emotions. "I wanna go home. I wanna hold my drum sticks again. I wanna be with my family!!"
Sniffling hard and wiping his nose, he stood up waiting for the dreaded moment of hearing the door open. Eventually the yelling stopped, but he didn't hear any approaching foot steps, so eventually curiosity got the best of him and he started to snoop around. He waded over to a storage bin filled with something like mops and brooms and peaked in.
"Oh be still my fluttering heart!! Mops!!"
"Talk about excitement.." Zac muttered to himself while he picked up a scrub brush. Examining the bristles, he sighed and flung the thing over his shoulder, hearing a metal clang as it hit. Surprised, he turned around and looked for the brush again, seeing it a few feet away by the wall.
"Huh!? What the heck?"
He ambled over to the wall and felt a metal screen over a very wide ventilation shaft. It didn't take more then a second for Zac to figure out what he wanted to do.
"Dang! Talk about stupid me." He mumbled.
Escape. That wasn't the first time it'd came to his, ahem..smart little brain. That's where his first lashing had come from, he'd made it as far as the trees on the verge of the city limits when his master's "hired help" had tackled him and taken him back for punishment. He still bore the scars on his back, long thin lines of red that would fade in a few years..if he lived that long.

As soon as he started looking for something to unscrew the cover, he heard Tyto's footsteps and quickly jumped to the other side of the room, trying not to draw any attention to his escape. Upon entering the room, Tyto panicked when he didn't see the boy where he thought he'd be, but calmed down when he finally did spot him.
"Come here now! " Tyto ordered Zac over, quite loudly, chuckling as Zac nearly jumped out of his skin. He meekly obeyed, fearing every footstep that brought him closer to his cruel, HUGE, master.
"How considerate of you, you already took your shirt off!" He sneered while speaking Galidia, a language all slaves soon learned if they wanted to survive.
"Yes, Master?" Zac cowered fearfully by his master's large body without looking up. He got his answer as his master grabbed his shoulders and slammed him against a wall. As soon as he hit, the sobbing hit too coming out in long ragged moans.
"God give me the strength to survive this!" Zac pleaded in his mind, but the thought left just as soon as it came when he felt the first, of many, lashing blows to his back.
"Please! Some one save me!" Was all he could think about as his body shuddered from each blow of the whip. The pain never had a chance to cease as the boy slipped from the conscious world into unconsciousness.

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