A New Found Freedom

Chapter 2 - Tay And Ike

Groaning involuntarily, Taylor stood up after picking the last vegetable-like corbetii on a massive field, Taylor guessed, that had to be thousands of football field's long. He added the delicious veggie in his collecting basket and looked around for his brother Isaac. He spotted him a fair distance down the field from him, chatting with a friend they'd made that was a farming slave like they were. Brian Naslund. A twenty-eight year old man from Dallas, Texas. He used to be an insurance salesman and more then once he'd saved Ike's neck or even his.
"And everyone used to think we were little angels, well..they don't know us then do they?" Chuckling to himself and remembering they're last episode with they're dimwitted master. Tay finally reached them both.

"So Tay, who out picked who today?" Ike said smiling at his brother, holding his basket up along with Brian.
"HA! Looks like I win today fellas, better luck next time."
"Poor Ike, he's delusional Tay. Think we should do something about it?" Brian grinned in an evil manner, causing Tay to giggle and nod. Brian nodded quickly and they both jumped Ike, stealing his basket sending Isaac to the ground with a muffled thud, then splitting up the corbetti among each other. Ike sat on the ground scowling waiting for the little game to be over with. Sighing, he sat in the warm dirt thinking of his mom and dad, wondering if the Iosie captured them too during their performance in Dallas. Tears came to his eyes thinking of his parents, then they were unstoppable when he remembered the day Zac had been bought by this huge being with a whip. No matter how hard he tried to stop, the sobs raged through his body, until finally Tay noticed and cautiously approached knowing what his brother was thinking about.
Setting his hand on Ike's shoulder, he whispered, "Ike, man, don't think about it. Everyone's alright. We're ok aren't we? Zac and them can't have it worse then we do... right?"
Desperately trying to calm his older brother, Tay soon found himself holding Ike in his arms, crying along with him. The loss of his family had been eating Ike's soul away slowly over the last couple of months, while Tay held everything inside until it burst out, sending waves of pain through each of them.

Brian stood back, feeling awkward rubbing the stubble on his chin, watching the brothers relieve the internal pain they'd been suffering. Standing five foot eight inches, he felt like a child next to the younger men he'd befriended, not to mention butt ugly to be blunt. His dark brown hair was getting to be a pain as he shoved his out of his face, seeing how his master didn't allow haircuts but once a year, so he wasn't getting one for, oh, lets say another nine months or so. Sighing, he put his basket on the ground and divided the corbetti evenly back into Ike's bushel. Walking up to the young men, he reached out with each hand and firmly shook the guys out of their close embrace.
"I really don't wanna say this guys, but we gotta get back or we'll have an interview with a stun whip, and that's not my thing 'k?" He grinned, hoping to lighten the atmosphere that was screaming tension...but failed as the other two slowly stood up.
Ike's face turned to stone as he felt anger and pity build up inside him.
"If it's this hard for us, what's Zac's going through! He's got nobody. How do you think he's feeling right now, huh!?" Ike quickly picked up his basket and started to run down the field, leaving a shocked and depressed Taylor and a just plain shocked Brian standing ankle deep in dirt.
"He's right, I wish Zac were here, it'd make it a lot easier to deal with, ya know?" Brian nodded as Taylor expressed his sadness after heaving a massive sigh.
"I feel like I like let him down, not being able to get that damned alien away from him! Brian, you shoulda seen how he looked at us! His face was so..gawd I hate not knowing where he is! Or if he's alive, if he's bein' beat on..I want him back so bad!"
"If you feel this crappy, how'd ya think he feels? This is gay as hell! They have no effing right to take us!" Brian slammed his bushel basket into the pile along with the other slaves.
"Whoa..where's Ike??"

Taylor felt his stomach drop to his knees as he searched the large, milling group of various slave species. Most of them being made up of the Raggenii, a very adaptable species. Momentarily forgetting his search for Ike, Tay started to note the physical aspect of the Raggenii. The coolest thing about them, Tay thought, was how they had an extendable jaw like a shark, to make "foraging" on they're home planet easier. He learned that they were a primitive people before being taken under the control of the Iosie, but he could tell they had major sapient intelligence. The two features you noticed most, were they're strange copper skin tone, a little deeper then that of a penny, and they're one foot long goose necks that supported they're small heads. The arms on these creatures..they could snap you in half easy with shoulders that wide and massive! But they had similarity's to Terrans as well. They stood on two legs, had two arms, finger and toes too, but...they have two more fingers and three more toes then Terrans do. They looked kinda awkward, being barely five feet tall and with blood red eyes too. Taylor shuddered when he thought of those eyes, so..weird. The only reason they were still being used as slaves, was the ability to see heat at night. Loyal Raggenii were placed as night security for runaway slaves. Ike, Tay, and Brian found that out the hard way.

"IIIIKE!!?" Taylor jumped slightly when his thoughts were broken by Brian's yelling. Scowling in his direction, Tay thought he saw the curly hair of Isaac, so he took off after the head, following until he realized it wasn't him. "Damnit, damnit, damnit! Where are you!!!?" He wasn't watching where he was going when he rammed into some one ahead of him. Looking up startled, a stream of apologies were flying out of his mouth until he saw the giant geeky grin of his long lost brother.
"That was so not funny!" Tay growled as he shoved passed. He made sure he couldn't be seen by the other's before he cracked a grin of his own as he headed for the mess hall..dinner smelled mighty fine right about now.

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