A New Found Freedom


"ZAAAAC!! Where are you?!!?" Panic. Fear. Confusion. Three words that paled when compared to the chaos surrounding the sound check in Dallas Texas. All Taylor Hanson could feel was an overwhelming urge to find his younger brother. Eyes wide and wild, he scanned the screaming running throng of people rushing for the doors to get away..away?
"From what?" Taylor thought to himself. He felt Isaac grab onto his shirt in anxiety, he too had been searching for his little brother.
"OOF! " Both boys hit the floor with a loud grunt and an even louder thud.
"ZAC!!" Grinning an apology, he pulled them up from the floor. The grin was short lived as they saw an enormous..man? Thing? None of them could tell, but again, their thoughts were cut short as the thing pulled out a long rope looking object and something that could pass as a gun from a sci-fi movie. He then pointed to the door where all the screaming people had long since disappeared through. The boys nodded, out of being in shock and walked to the door.
"What's that smell??" Zac's eye brows connected as he frowned when he asked the question.
"I dunno..I feel like I'm gonna ralph guys." Ike grabbed at his stomach as he collapsed into darkness. Zac looked horrified as Tay followed Isaac's example. Soon he felt a shove from behind, pressing him into a majorly huge ship. This thing's gotta be as big as our old neighborhood! He gasped in outrage when he watched the alien throw his brothers limp bodies into the large space he was occupying at the moment. As he knelt to check on them, he soon felt it too, it was closing in on his sight. The darkness. He never felt the ship lift up from the ground, taking him away from Earth, away from his freedom.

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