Color Of Blue

Chapter 9 - The Journey Begins - Continued

They walked a distance nearing the group of trees when Yven stopped as Taylor turned and looked at him wondering why he didn't want to go any further.
"This is far enough young one." Yven stated.
"But I just want to see those trees over there." Taylor insisted and took another step forward, noticing the alien didn't stop him. He kept walking when he saw a bubble like thing sticking out of the ground.
"I said STOP!" Yven yelled bolting over to Taylor grabbing his arm and spun him around. Taylor swallowed hard looking up into Yven's angry eyes as the alien grabbed onto his shoulders very hard.
"I... I just wanted to see the trees." Taylor moaned as he looked over at the bubble again wondering what it could be. He sensed it was something that the being didn't want him to know about.
"We have to go back now. This is far enough." Yven declared not liking the idea that this creature seemed to be hiding something from him. He reached into Taylor's mind as Taylor jumped, shaking his head.
"Don't! Don't do that! I am not trying anything." Taylor groaned when he noticed that Yven turned into a shade of dark blue.
"You tricked me! You want something!" Yven shouted shaking him watching the creature's head snap back as he let out a groan.
"No! I... I... wasn't." Taylor fearfully moaned blinking up into the alien's eyes.
Yven lifted him off the ground and shook him again in the air.
"Tell me what you are trying to do here!" Yven demanded as Taylor moaned with tears forming in his eyes. He shoulders were hurting from the alien's tight grip.
"Nothing. I just wanted to see where I am. Please I am telling you the truth." Taylor groaned wishing he would put him down. Taylor formed a block in his mind, fearing that the alien would see what he was planning.
"Why is it so important to you?" Yven asked roughly placing him down in front of him as Taylor fell backwards onto the ground looking wide eyed with fear up at him.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do anything wrong. I just..." Taylor said slowly getting up off the ground, rubbing his right shoulder.
"We will go back now." Yven declared noticing the young one obeyed as he watched him start to walk back toward the building. When they finally reached the door Taylor turned and looked at him with a pleading look covering his face.
"Please Y..ven I'm sorry I..." Taylor began, fearing that he would tell his mates what happened.
"Quiet." Yven said feeling like he was a fool and angrily looked down at Taylor.

"What took you so long?" Retah asked feeling annoyed as she watched Yven walk the young one to his room. Taylor went through the opening as Yven brought the wall back up. She watched Taylor sit down on his cushion and fearfully look toward Yven.
"He did what he had to do!" Yven growled and went into the lab leaving Retah feeling at a loss, wondering why her mate was so angry.
Taylor bowed his head as she walked next to the bubble and sat in her usual spot.
"What happened out there?" Retah demanded making Taylor jump as he cast his eyes up and down looking at her.
"I... I relieved myself." Taylor murmured looking down at his hands.
"There is more."
"No. That was it." Taylor said gazing at her nervously.
"Why was Yven so angry?"
"I don't know." Taylor answered, figuring if the alien wasn't going to tell what happened, then he wasn't about to say either.
She looked at him knowing there was more, but decided to give up with this stubborn creature. She stood up and walked back over to her desk.

Taylor looked over at her feeling relieved that she didn't question him further. He laid back down and started thinking about what he saw. That bubble was something important or the alien wouldn't have tried to stop him from going to take a closer look at it. He wondered if it was some kind of weapon or maybe it somehow generated power to this place that he was in. He knew he had to get out of this prison and the first step was to learn every square inch of this place and every move his captors out there made. He turned and cautiously threw his mind out stopping near the magnetic wall. He closed his eyes and concentrated, analyzing the waves to see how much power they generated. He wanted to see if he could pass through the wall at a short distance. He carefully touched the barrier with his mind. He jumped feeling the waves jolt through him, but noticed it didn't seem to hurt him much.
"Just go a little further." Taylor thought to himself as he passed through. A smile formed across his face. Now he hoped that they wouldn't detect what he was doing. He slowly went over to Retah and looked down at the screen, but couldn't understand what she was working on. He drifted over to the lab and passed his mind through the door and saw the other two working intently, looking at the data that was taken from him. He swallowed hard when he saw a screen that he knew was a image of him.
"Let's see how far I can go." Taylor thought wanting to go outside and take a closer look at the bubble like object that he wasn't suppose to see. He slowly cast his mind back through the door and traveled outside enjoying the freedom and loving the fact that they didn't know what he was doing. He sped quickly over to the trees, feeling his heart race with anticipation. He saw the bubble and approached noticing it was making a humming sound. He saw colors emanating across the surface. He looked down into it and saw a complicated mass of mechanisms. He could see that each one had some kind of magnetic force that seemed to be glowing in different shades of power.
"This is amazing. Now if I can just figure this out." Taylor thought knowing somehow this thing was the source of power that operated their machinery in this place. He was ready to cast a bolt of energy toward it in the same way he remembered that he and his brothers did to Tom Shane's machine. He hoped he had the strength to do this without them.
"Well it is now or never." Taylor thought bringing up the energy within him when suddenly he felt a ripping sensation overtake his mind. At blinding speed he snapped back into his own mind and opened his eyes looking into three sets of black angry eyes. He grabbed his head feeling a surge of extreme pain fill him.
"Oh GOD! Please!" Taylor shrieked in agony trying to twist his body away. He saw that they were glowing in a intense shade of black.
"Think we wouldn't know?! We are the power you fool!" Suolaej shouted as they increased the pain on the creature who writhed in agony on the cushion.
"You will be punished for this act of defiance young one!" Yven bellowed as Taylor shook with wide fearful eyes.
"Stop! STOP!" Taylor begged pitfully as tears spilled down the sides of his face.
"Will you ever try this again?" Suolaej asked sternly searching the young one's face.
"No! I promise! I promise! Please stop!" Taylor pleaded still feeling the surge of pain course through his head. He started to gasp feeling like he couldn't breath.
"Don't ever think we will not know what you are up too!" Retah added in watching Taylor let out a sob.
"I won't! I promise I won't!" Taylor cried out as they released their hold on him. He gasped sucking in a deep breath of air as he moaned in shivering sounds of fear.
They walked out of the room and brought up the wall again leaving Taylor blinking back his tears. He rolled onto his side letting out deep sobs.
"I hate you! I hate you!" He thought in his mind through his tears. He brought his hand up to his forehead, still feeling the pain that they caused, wishing Demi could heal him like he did so many times before.
"Heal?" Retah asked as Taylor jumped hearing her. He closed his eyes tightly trying to block her out.
"Go away!" Taylor thought back to her.

Retah cocked her head slowly looking over at Taylor. She momentarily saw a image flash in her mind from the young one, of Emitforecnalab casting a healing light into him. She jumped up feeling like something about this moment had some kind of importance to the answer they have been looking for. She knew she had to inform her mates of her discovery. She bolted up heading for the lab.

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