Color Of Blue

Chapter 9 - The Journey Begins - Continued

A blue mist covered the area as Taylor walked through the dark barren land. A kind of peace settled over him. He turned seeing the kind blue eyes of his friend watching over him. He reached out trying to touch them. Somehow they escaped his reach. As he moved forward the eyes would move away from him.
"Please... let me reach you. Don't go away!" Taylor shouted as he ran toward the crystal blue eyes. Suddenly he felt a cold shiver run down his back, spinning around in fear he saw the black eyes coming at him. He swallowed hard knowing he had to run away from this evil presence, but his legs wouldn't move.
"Go away! Don't!" Taylor screamed covering his face with his arms as the black eyes covered him.

"NO!" Taylor screamed, bolting up into a sitting position as Retah looked at him curiously from her desk. Taylor sucked in a deep breath still feeling shaken by the dream. He cast his eyes down to the floor feeling embarrassed by his outburst. He couldn't understand why he could feel Nadroj was with him. It was as if he was so close, but yet so far away. He ran his hand through his hair slowly and stood up walking to the other side of his magnetic prison. He looked over to Retah, noticing she was ignoring him as she intently worked on something at the desk where she was seated. He knew he had to find a way to escape, but he had to first know where he was. He wanted to go outside and see more of his surroundings. A little smile formed across his face when he thought of a plan. He hoped she would fall for it.
"Excuse me? Could I have some water?" Taylor asked licking his lips. She still sat there ignoring him. Taylor crinkled up his eyebrows feeling frustrated by the fact that they wouldn't even look at him since yesterday.
"Please? You didn't say anything about not giving me water. Please I'm so thristy!" Taylor begged hoping to get some response. She slowly looked up at him throwing him a cold hard look. Finally after several minutes she got up from her chair and walked over to the wall, passing her hand over the panel again. The door opened and she grabbed a bottle of water. She walked over to the control panel that opened the magnetic wall which surrounded him. Taylor intently watched how she passed her hand over a blue colored switch and then pushed on a green colored long cylinder like object. He saw a small opening form just in front him near the floor. He watched her approach and bend over rolling the bottle to him through the hole. He bent down, picking it up when it stopped by his foot.
"Thank you." Taylor mumbled as she nodded her head a little in response. He opened the bottle and took a sip.
"Please Ra..tay say something to me." Taylor pleaded hating this silent treatment they were giving him. She sat down and stared at him. Taylor glupped hard and sat down also, facing her. She slowly blinked at him, looking at him up and down.
"I have to get out. I can't stand it in here. I... I..." Taylor began and stopped as she still gazed at him cocking her head to the right. She glowed in a light golden shade. Taylor felt a shiver crawl up his back, not liking the way she was looking at him as if he was some kind of animal she was admiring.
"Your eyes are so much like Nadroj's. I love the color of blue." Retah said softly as Taylor cast his eyes downward and backed up slightly from the wall.
"Umm... thank you." Taylor stated not knowing how to respond.
"You are the essense of him. You are quite beautiful young one." Retah cooed feeling amused by Taylor's reaction when he turned a light shade of red.
"I need some exercise. Can you let me take a walk or something?" Taylor asked desperately trying to change the subject. He didn't like that she was flirting with him.
"No young one. First you must tell us why you are apart of the beast." Retah answered as she cocked her head to the left still admiring his beauty. He bowed his head sadly.
"But I have to go. I... I... need to relieve myself."
"What? I don't understand." Retah said noticing he looked very uncomfortable as he shifted to the right.
"Humans need to get rid of waste from their bodies." Taylor tried to explain when he noticed Yven came out of the room behind her looking over at them glowing in a shade of medium blue.
"Retah! What do you think you are doing?!" Yven yelled as Retah jumped standing up quickly as he grabbed her arm spinning her around to face him. She angrily jerked her arm away from him.
"He needed some water! I just gave him some!" Retah defended herself, turning into a dark shade of blue looking up into his eyes.
"You are not to speak with him until he decides to give us the information we have asked of him!" Yven shouted back.
"Please!? I need to go to..." Taylor cut in nervously looking to Yven and then to Retah.
"Shut up!" Yven shouted pointing at Taylor who jumped up and backed away.
"Just listen to me! I have to relieve myself... now! Please!" Taylor angrily shouted back.
"What?" Yven asked not understanding what he meant as he walked up near the wall.
"I was trying to tell Ra..tay that humans have to get rid of waste from their bodies. And I need to do that now! There is nothing in here for me to relieve myself in." Taylor explained, swallowing hard when he saw Suolaej enter the room.
"What is all the yelling about in here?" Suolaej bellowed looking at his mates for a answer.
"The young one says he has to do something with his body." Yven stated as Suolaej looked at Taylor who stood looking nervous.
"What is it you have to do?" Suolaej demanded as Taylor took a step forward.
"I... I have to pee! Okay?!" Taylor declared when Suolaej walked up to the control panel opening a door into the wall. Taylor fearfully backed up seeing Suolaej walking toward him.
"Show me what you mean." Suolaej asked as Taylor threw him a image of what he had to do. Suolaej suddenly glowed in a shade of green.
"Do you understand now?" Taylor softly asked backing up near the cushion hoping they would let him go outside, feeling amused by their reaction from this normal human function.
"You are strange creatures. Yven take him outside so he can do what he has to do and I will place something in this room for the next time you have to do this action." Suolaej asserted as Yven walked into the room up to Taylor.

Yven grabbed onto Taylor's wrist, pulling him toward the opening of the magnetic wall. Taylor didn't fight loving the idea that they fell for his plan. He looked back at Retah, who eyed him curiously.
"Don't try to run or escape young one or you will suffer the consequences!" Yven warned leading him outside next to a rocky area. Taylor nodded and looked around at the barren waste land in front of him. The ground was yellow in color and he noticed the sky was a odd shade of blue. Yven pushed him near a boulder roughly. Taylor fearfully looked up at him.
"You didn't have to push me." Taylor pointed out angrily and positioned himself next to the rock.
Yven cocked his head watching him intently doing this action.
"Why do your bodies do this?"
"I don't know. We are just made this way." Taylor responded, looking around trying to take in as much of the view as possible around him. He finally finished and turned around looking intently at the alien who just stared at him curiously.
"Are you done?" Yven asked as Taylor smiled at him weakly and nodded his head.
"Can I... can we just stay out here a little longer? I need to get some excercise. Humans need that too." Taylor explained, casting his eyes up and down innocently.
"Please I won't try anything Y..ven. Can we just walk around a little?" Taylor pleaded, cracking a small smile trying to reassure him. Yven glowed in a light blue shade as he tried to decide what to do.
"Only a little around this area young one, then you have to go back to your room." Yven agreed, thinking maybe if they gave in to this creature and showed him some kindness he might cooperate with them sooner.
"Thanks." Taylor mumbled, taking a step forward as he saw some tree like plants not to far away from them.
"Just stay next to me." Yven warned, grabbing his arm to slow him down.
"Oh... sorry." Taylor said looking at him shyly.

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