Color Of Blue

Chapter 10 - A New World Surrounds Us

Zac felt exhusted as he kept on following the others trailing behind them. This land smelled awful which was giving him a mild stomach ache. He sucked in a deep breath as Demi turned and reached out his hand toward him.
"Are you okay my young one?" Demi asked feeling concerned for Zac who didn't look like he felt so well.
"I'm fine! Stop worrying about me Demi." Zac said feeling somewhat annoyed that Demi was reading him like a book. He walked up quickly to catch up with them. Walker turned around looking back at Zac with concern.
"Zac? What's wrong?" Walker asked stopping when they were going down a steep embankment carefully watching their footsteps.
"The smell in this place is really getting to me." Zac admitted as he rubbed at his stomach.
"Yeah what is that smell?" Ike asked looking around him with Neque looking down at him lovingly.
"It is the dirt my young ones. It is due to the magnetic tides that were off balance years ago and it affected this area of our world very much." Mayte informed them standing next to Walker noticing that Nodroj was staring off into space ahead of them again. She wondered if he was still feeling Taylor as apart of him. She noticed a painful look crossed his face. She gently touched his arm wanting to comfort him as tears welled in his eyes.
"I don't want to linger here to long my friends. It is a dangerous area to be in." Neque expressed with a tone of warning in her voice.
"Why is it dangerous?" Ike asked wanting to know why she looked so nervous in a shade of light blue.
"There are creatures that lurk around in this place."
"Ahhh... let's go then. I'm fine guys." Zac pleaded when they all suddenly heard a weird moaning sound echo through the valley behind them.
"What was that?!" Ike groaned with a shiver running up his spine.
"It sounds like a Emot is near." Haelz said grabbing Zac's hand and quickly pulled him forward wanting to leave the area. Zac tripped a little as she sped quickly ahead pulling him along.
"Hazel wait! I... I can't go that fast!" Zac protested as she tightly held onto his hand fearfully, walking fast.
Zac turned looking behind noticing everyone was following at a fast rate of speed.
"What is... what is a Emot?" Zac yelled breathlessly trying to keep up with Haelz's long strides.
"You don't want to know my Zac! Just hurry! We have to make sure it doesn't catch our scent." Haelz warned wanting to protect her Zac from this dreaded beast.
"Haelz you can stop now!" Neque shouted sensing Haelz's overwhelming fear.
Walker, Ike, and Zac panted from walking so fast. Nadroj looked behind them sensing the Emot was no where close to them and realized they were now safe. He sadly looked at Haelz who still glowed in a shade of intense green.
"The creature is not near us my Haelz. We are safe now." Nadroj crooned softly trying to calm her. She nodded her head trusting the young one and his feelings. She sat down heavily on the ground.
"Hazel are you alright? What's wrong?" Zac asked filled with concern as he squatted down in front of her. She reached out caressing the side of his face lovingly looking deeply into his eyes.
"Her maternal mate was killed by one many years ago my friends." Demi cooed sadly sitting down next to her and gently put his arm around her. She rested her head on his shoulder blinking up at him finally gaining back her emotions.
"You mean your mother?" Zac asked swallowing hard watching her bow her head turning a light shade of blue.
"I am sorry my Zac. I just couldn't stand the thought of one...of them hurting you." Haelz stated as Zac nodded wanting to understand.
"It's okay. I actually was just as scared as you were. It sounded really scary." Zac admitted smiling, as she glowed golden loving him for trying to make her feel at ease with his words.
"I think we should stay here for the night my friends. This is a good spot to rest till morning." Nadroj pointed out liking the fact that a huge cliff was right next to them, which would protect them from the nature's elements. Walker helped Mayte pull off her huge backpack.
"How many miles did we cover today?" Walker asked looking at Neque as she looked into her backpack pulling out the electronic map and turned it on. She calculated the distance that they traveled today.
"We covered about ten miles today Walker. I am sure we will travel further tomorrow. We did get a late start my friend." Neque informed him as he nodded and sat down rubbing his forehead thinking of his son. He hated the thought of not knowing what was happening to him.

Several hours passed as they set up camp. The tents were in place and Ike and Zac started a bonfire after they ate their meal. They all sat around it huddling close together.
"Man...it really gets cold out here... huh?" Ike stated rubbing his arms trying to warm up as he leaned against Neque.
"Hey! I didn't know you had two moons." Zac said looking up at the sky.
"Yes. How many on your world young one?" Haelz asked softly, wrapping her arms around him, sensing he was cold.
"We only have one." Zac answered looking down again and noticed Nadroj was staring off into space again.
"Nodrow what is going on with you? You have been so quiet all day." Ike asked breaking Nadroj out of his thoughts.
"What?" Nadroj asked looking over at Ike curiously.
"Where have you been?" Zac added in smiling at him, wanting to know also why he was so quiet.
"I...I...am just thinking about things." Nadroj stated still wanting to keep his secret of feeling Taylor mentally and physically.
"I can see that my son is really apart of you. You're just like him. He goes off into these quiet moments at times too." Walker expressed smiling at him.
"I love him." Nadroj mumbled sadly. He knew they would never understand his bond he had with Taylor. In a way he was Taylor. So much of who he was, was due to him.
"Yes...we all love him." Walker added, wondering why Nadroj looked so sad.
"Don't worry we will save him." Nadroj stated matter of factly cracking a small smile.
"I just wish somehow we could bond with him." Ike expressed looking down at his hands.
"I know you do my Ike." Nadroj nervously crooned wondering if he should let them know he was feeling him. He felt guilty as he looked at Ike's sad expression.
"I miss him. I just hope they aren't hurt...." Zac couldn't finish as he swallowed the lump that formed in his throat.
"My friends come into my mind." Nadroj instructed looking at Walker, then at Ike and Zac.
"Why?" Walker asked crinkling his brow.
"Just do what I ask and you will feel Taylor through me." Nadroj explained as his eyes filled with tears.
"How? You mean you can feel Taylor?" Zac asked feeling awed watching Nadroj nod his head slowly.
They all leaned forward as Nadroj entered their minds.
"Just feel. He is sleeping right now. We must not communicate with him or we will place him in danger. The faction would sense the link if we attempt to reach him through our thoughts. Taylor doesn't understand how to stop them from entering his mind." Nadroj explained when he saw their faces drop into saddness.
"Oh God. I can... I can feel pain. What did they do to him?" Walker angrily moaned wanting desperately to reach out to him.
"They punished him eariler today. He used his mind to search the area and they discovered him doing this. But no matter what, he has to fight them. I can sense he is trying to find a way out." Nadroj informed them as Walker broke away from the bond hating the feeling of helplessness. Mayte rubbed his back lovingly wanting to sooth him.
"But can he do it? Does Taylor have the power to defeat them?" Ike asked wishing he could hold his brother in his arms.
"He can't defeat them alone, but he can escape them if he tries hard enough. I just hope he realizes the power he holds within him." Nadroj expressed releasing the link as Ike and Zac dropped back.
"Nodrow please tell us if anything happens to him. We have a right to know. Okay?" Walker declared sucking in a shaky breath trying to control his emotions.
"I hate to interupt my friends but we should be getting some rest now, if we want to start out early." Neque pointed out looking at Walker next to her.
"Yeah I guess you're right." Walker agreed smiling a little.

Ike rolled over in his sleeping bag trying to get comfortable noticing everyone was sound to sleep around him. Neque slept by his side. He finally closed his eyes feeling drowsy when something tickled his right hand so he rolled onto his back shaking his hand. He sighed taking in a deep breath.
The small creature curiously walked across this soft mound wanting to inspect this odd being. The strange red things that smacked together caught his attention as he crawled up slowly approaching the odd looking face. Suddenly this creature fluttered its eyes open and looked directly at him letting out a weird low sound. The surface he stood on started to bob up and down rapidly. He let out a hiss sensing fear.

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