Color Of Blue

Chapter 9 - The Journey Begins

Walker and his sons waited patiently for their friends to gather the things that were needed on this trek into their planet's wilderness. Walker browsed around the home of Neque, finding it very interesting. Ike and Zac watched their father with amusement as he gingerly placed his hand on the window that appeared to swirl with light shades of the rainbow.
"This is weird." Walker stated gazing out the window over the alien's city below.
"Isn't it cool Dad?" Zac added walking up next to him, smiling.
"Cool? Well that's not the word I was looking for, but it is amazing. I wish Diana could see this." Walker chuckled looking down at his son, gazing into his brown eyes.
"Their world is very different from ours. The colors are so intense. Even the blue of the sky is like no blue we could ever imagine." Ike said as Walker smiled at him, thinking how his oldest could always find the perfect words to discribe what he was feeling inside.
"Exactly! I wish they would hurry. Our friends I mean. I want to get Taylor back as soon as possible." Walker declared as he walked over to one of the crystal chairs and sat down.
"Que... just wants to make sure that everything is in order before we go Dad." Ike stated when Mayte and Demi entered the room, followed by Haelz. They all turned noticing Neque wasn't with them.
"We are almost done collecting what we need for the journey my friends." Demi informed them noticing Walker looked very apprehensive and worried.
"Where is Que?" Walker asked standing up as he rubbed his hands on his pants.
"She is bringing the map of the terrain we will be traveling through. She will be with us very soon." Mayte assured him looking toward Ike and Zac.
"Oh. I wish we could be on our way. I want... I want..." Walker began as Neque entered the room carrying a flat looking board like thing with her.
"I have the map my young ones. We will need this on our journey. I don't want anyone to get lost out there. It is a very dangerous place." Neque explained walking up near Ike as he gazed up at her with confused eyes.
"But we will be safe... right? I mean if we follow the correct path." Ike asked as Neque gently caressed his cheek.
"Yes young one. Just do not go off by yourself when we get there. It is very important for all of you to understand to follow everything we tell you to do." Neque expressed boldy, watching them all nod their heads in agreement.
"Don't worry Que. We will!" Zac assured her and smiled.
"Can we get started now?" Walker asked licking at his lips nervously.
"Yes my Walker." Que answered taking Ike's hand.
"Where is Nodrow?" Zac asked looking around as Ike and Walker wondered too.
"He is opening the time rip to the area now. Please follow me." Que instructed as she gently pulled Ike with her out into the hall and led them all down to another room. When they entered they all jumped back a little seeing a black hole opened in the center of the room with Nadroj standing near it.
"We're going through that?" Zac asked swallowing hard, not liking the looks of the ominous looking hole.
"Don't worry my friends. It is the way we shall travel to the land of dry yellow sands." Nadroj said looking at their fearful expressions covering their faces.
"But why a black hole?" Ike asked looking intently up at Nadroj.
"We must travel this way. It is the only way so they won't see that we are coming. We must not let them know that we discovered where they took my beloved Taylor, otherwise he would be in extreme danger if they found out." Nadroj explained as Walker nodded sadly. Nadroj felt Taylor in his heart. He could still feel his fear.
"I understand. Well let's go then." Walker declared sucking in a deep breath walking near Nadroj and Mayte.
"We will carry your stuff for you my friends. It is a lighter load to us." Demi stated lifting one of the huge backpacks consisting of the Hanson's camping equipment. The other beings did the same.
"Nadroj, Mayte, and Walker will lead us in. Nadroj is the only being of our kind that knows how to travel through the black holes." Neque stated grabbing onto Ike's hand again. Ike and Zac watched as their father walked through as they followed quickly behind.
The darkness overwhelmed them. The only thing visible to them was Nadroj, who glowed a intense shade of swirling colors.
"Que I... I feel so..." Ike began feeling panic rise in him as he felt Neque grab him around the waist tightly.
"Just calm yourself my Ike. You are safe. We are connected with Nadroj." She cooed softly trying to fill Ike with assurance.
"Just so long as I feel you Que, I know I will be okay." Ike murmured liking the closeness of her body next to his. He could feel her warmth surround him.
"We are almost there my friends. Not to much longer." Nadroj announced sensing Walker's fear of the pitch blackness surrounding them.
"Good! I don't know how long I can stand this." Walker exclaimed, tightly gripping onto Nadroj and Mayte's hands. Suddenly Walker saw light just ahead and sighed deeply when they went through and the land appeared before them. They softly hit the ground. Walker stumbled a little and turned seeing his sons coming right behind.
"Please rest my friends." Nadroj said looking out toward the horizon, as Neque walked up next to him.
"That was awesome!" Zac bellowed out loudly as Ike frowned at him.
"Only you would think that Zac. I didn't like that blackness at all!" Ike chuckled shaking his head as he sat on the ground trying to get his balance back.
"Well... I thought it was. Just imagine we actually traveled through one of those things." Zac smiled running his hand through his hair.
"Maybe that is true, but I perfer the rips better myself." Ike stated looking toward Nadroj as they approached the group.
"I want to show you where we will begin." Neque exclaimed bringing out her map and placing it on the ground as everyone leaned in to see it. She passed her hand over a switch as the board lit up showing a map of the land they were going to travel through.
"We are here my friends." Neque pointed out as Walker nodded his head wishing they had maps like this on their world.
"Can you show us on here where Taylor is?" Walker asked as Neque nodded and pushed on a ball like thing on the side as the picture of the map moved.
"He is here. It is about a week's journey from this point, depending on how far we travel each day." Neque said sadly sensing Walker's longing for his son.
"How far do you think we can go? I mean what is the land like out there?" Ike asked looking into her eyes deeply.
"That depends on you and how tired you become. We will try to travel as many miles as we can. It is very rough terrain we must walk through." Demi added in looking down at Zac who looked up at him intently listening closely.
"What dangers could we run into?" Walker asked wanting to know, since this place wasn't like anything on earth.
"Many dangers, my Walker. There are creatures out there which are very alien to you. So just stay close to us. We will protect you against them." Haelz informed them turning into a light shade of concerned blue.
"Well we will look on this as a adventure then. Let's get started." Walker announced standing up as Neque shut down the electronic map placing it back in her backpack.

Nadroj stood on the edge of the barren land before him casting his eyes out over the distance. He could feel his Taylor once again. He longed for him desperately wishing he could pull the young one into his arms. He hated feeling his pain and fear. The fibers of his soul could feel that Taylor was lonely and scared. Tears welled in his eyes as the wind whipped around him.
"As ONE! As ONE my Taylor!" Nadroj shouted in his mind.

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