Color Of Blue

Chapter 8 - Tell Us Why - Continued

Taylor awoke and slowly turned his head seeing he was still alone. He strained sitting up as his head spun making him feel a little sick to his stomach. He swallowed hard wishing he could have some more water again. He noticed his long sleeved shirt was back on but opened in the front. Slowly he bottoned it back up feeling every muscle in his body ache. Finally the dizzy feeling drifted away. He glanced around the outer room wondering what they were up to. He tried standing up but his legs gave way under him and he fell back onto the cushion heavily.
"Go slow Tay. Just take it slow." Taylor thought to himself. He sat up again and took a deep breath taking in the fact that he liked the idea that he was left alone. He thought of the test and wondered what they found out from him. He hoped they wouldn't find out why Nadroj and him were connected. Everything they had on him probably was in that machine now. He gulped fearfully knowing that was where they were right now, checking out the information. He wished desperately that Ike and Zac were with him. He hated feeling all alone. Tears rose in his eyes as he looked down at his hands sadly.
"I can't let them get the best of me. I have to try to get out of here." Taylor thought looking up and with all the strength he could muster he stood up again. He rocked a little forward but stood his ground. Carefully he took a step and noticed some strength was once again in his legs. He walked to the wall and looked hard at the desk with all of the controls.
"I have to find out how this thing operates." Taylor murmured under his breath looking at the waves humming around him. He carefully put his hand up close to the wall and could feel a tingling sensation go up his arm. He frowned wishing he could somehow drop this bubble from around him. He turned around walking back to the cushion and sat down feeling defeated.
"I have to watch them closely from now on. I'll see if I can somehow read into their thoughts without them knowing." Taylor decided taking control of his situation. From now on he would watch and learn. He jumped when he heard the door open to the lab that they brought him into yesterday. He noticed they were all glowing in a dark shade of gray. They approached the wall and looked at him intently.
"Young one we are going to ask you some questions now." Suolaej growled in a angry tone.
"You must answer us truthfully this time." Yven added in as they all sat down.
Taylor nervously wondered why they looked so angry. He started to play with his ring twisting it around.
"We have studied the data that we have attained from your body and we found something very interesting." Retah explained noticing the young one looked fearfully at her and then at her mates.
"You have DNA strands in your body that belong to our kind. Why is that?" Suolaej asked.
"I... I do?" Taylor swallowed hard at the news pulling the ring off his finger as a shocked expression covered his face.
"Don't answer me with a question!" Suolaej bellowed making Taylor jump back slightly feeling scared.
"I don't know." Taylor mumbled slipping the ring back on his finger as his eyes darted from side to side.
"You are lying to us again! Why are you apart of the beast and how did it happen?" Suolaej demanded pounding his fist onto the floor.
"Please! I'm telling you the truth! I don't KNOW!" Taylor shouted feeling fed up with this same question that had been asked over and over again.
"Yes you do! Now tell me the answer!" Suolaej declared watching the young one start to look angry.
"I DON"T KNOW! OKAY? Stop asking me! I can't answer if I don't know why myself!" Taylor yelled standing up. Suolaej stood at the same time and ran over to the machine opening a door into the room. Taylor fearfully stepped to the side as the alien rushed in heading right for him.
"No! Leave me alone! Go away!" Taylor screamed as Suolaej grabbed roughly onto his arm jerking him forward. Taylor swung a fist catching the being in the nose as the alien staggered backwards letting out a shriek of pain.
"Please I don't..." Taylor began when suddenly a surge of pain ripped in head making him moan in agony.
"How dare you touch me! You will never do that again!" Suolaej shouted as he rubbed his face still feeling the blow.
"Then don't touch me you jerk!" Taylor yelled back angrily rubbing his forehead.
They stood face to face as Retah and Yven watched thinking this fight between them was most interesting. Retah wished that Suolaej would control his temper more. Suolaej left the room and closed the gap as Taylor still felt unsure but slowly sat back down onto his cushion. He wondered why he didn't try to hurt him anymore then he did.
"Young one? We will find out the answer. It is hidden in your memories. Nadroj didn't put up that block for nothing." Yven exclaimed turning a light shade of gray feeling smug.
"Whatever it is that he doesn't want you to know is going to stay there. I will never let you see!" Taylor bravely answered sucking in a breath staring at them straight in the eyes.
"Then you do know something." Retah said gazing deeply into the blue eyes.
"I am telling you the truth when I said I don't know how Nodrow and I are apart of one another." Taylor answered casting his eyes down to the floor.
"You will tell us soon. I know you need to consume food in order to stay alive and you won't get any until you answer us." Suolaej informed him watching the creature's face turn into a frown.
"Go ahead! Starve me! I don't care and I will never let you see into my mind. I don't know why but you want to hurt my friend. I will not let you hurt him or this world. You are just...." Taylor angrily fumed.
"Shut UP!" Suoleaj screamed hating this creature even more now.
"Why? You hate to hear the truth!? I don't believe you are superior or you wouldn't want to destroy my friend! Isn't that it? He is the superior one among your kind and you can't stand the thought!" Taylor bellowed pushing his right fist into the cushion as they all stood up.
"He is the BEAST! How dare you say that to us! We will destroy him and take our rightful place on this world!" Yven shouted wishing he could destroy this creature who suddenly looked at him with a expression of panic covering his face.
"No! If you think you will find out through me.... I will never let you know!" Taylor cried out angrily wishing he could escape this nightmare he was in.
"We will leave you now and let you decide when you will tell us everything we want to know." Retah exclaimed as she turned heading for the door as her mates followed her outside.
"No I won't! Do you hear me?! I WON'T... I won't..." Taylor yelled running up next to the magnetic wall, watching them ignore him as they left the room. He bowed his head, shakingly running his hands through his hair as he licked at his lips. He sat down on the floor crossing his arms over his chest and rocked forward, letting out a loud sob of anguish.
"Nodroj I promise you. I will never tell. It is the Enosa that they want to know about. I will never let them destroy you! As one. As one." Taylor thought still rocking his body back and forth suddenly knowing what that meant. He was one with his friend he finally realized. Something happened during the healing that made them so much apart of each other. He started to sob uncontrollably hoping that somehow his brothers and friends were coming to save him. He wiped the tears from his face and looked up knowing he was the link to saving this world and all of its people.
"Oh God give me strength." Taylor whispered, praying as his bottom lip quivered.

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