Color Of Blue

Chapter 8 - Tell Us Why

Retah gazed upon the young one as he feverishly rolled his head from side to side. They didn't expect this reaction from his body from the test that they put him through. She gently caressed his head pulling back his wet strings from his forehead. The magnetic waves testing his structure weakened him. Retah felt angry with Suolaej for not realizing that the intensity of the waves could hurt this delicate creature.
"Noooo. Please stop it! It hur...hurts!" Taylor groaned through his feverish mind.
"You will be just fine Taylor." Retah cooed softly watching his eyes open.
"As one! We are as ONE!" Taylor bellowed looking up at her fearfully.
"Why does he keep saying that?" Yven asked as Retah jumped turning around and looked up at him.
"I don't know. But this human needs nourishment. His body is very weak." Retah announced as she stood up next to the cushion.
"But the human said he didn't find our food we gave him very good and he wouldn't eat it my Retah." Yven reminded her as she walked toward the unit where they stored the food they made for him.
"I will force it down this human's throat if I have too. We can't let him die. We have to find out why he and Nadroj are bonded." Retah said passing her hand over a panel and took some food that resembled a mush like subtance filled with the nutrients that they thought these creatures needed. She walked back over to the cushion and squatted down next to Taylor who still moaned rocking his head slowly.
"Do you need any help?" Yven asked as he watched her scoop some of the mush onto her fingertip.
"Just stay here in case I do."
Yven squatted down near Taylor's head and noticed he fearfully looked up at him.
"What? Please go away." Taylor murmured as he turned looking at Retah blinking back the sweat that dripped in his eyes. She raised her finger near his mouth.
"Eat this young one. It is good for you." Retah crooned softly.
"No. Please I... I..." Taylor moaned turning his head away not liking the horrible smell of the food.
"You have to. You need to eat." Retah pleaded turning his head toward her. She brought her finger near his lips again. Taylor crinkled his eyebrows together and tried to turn his head away once again. She roughly grabbed his lower jaw and forcefully opened his mouth shoving her finger in, rubbing it on the roof of his mouth. Taylor gasped at the sour taste and started to gag slightly.
"Swallow it!" Retah demanded closing his mouth noticing he started to shiver.
Taylor swallowed the paste in fear.
"Now keep eating this young one or I will force every mouthful into you. Understand?" Retah declared as Taylor nodded his head taking in a shaky breath of air. She fed him another as he fearfully looked up at her.
"Please. It's enough." Taylor moaned after the sixth time. The taste sickened him.
"I want you to eat it all. There is not to much to go." Retah informed him as he blinked still feeling like he couldn't even raise his arms to fight. She shoved in another mouthful of the mush. She watched him smack his lips with a sick look covering his face. Yven touched his forehead lightly noticing the fever was going down. Taylor glanced up at him as Retah fed him the last mouthful.
"There. You finished it all young one. Very good." Retah said glowing a light shade of gold.
"Water? Please I need water." Taylor begged wanting to take the awful taste out of his mouth. Yven went and got him some, bringing it to him. He carefully raised his head and brought the bottle to his lips. Taylor drank the water greedily.
"Enough? Or do you want more?" Yven asked as Taylor shook his head.
"No. That was fine." Taylor said swallowing hard.
"How do you feel young one?" Retah asked as Taylor tried to lift his arm. He was glad that he could finally move again even though he felt extremely weak.
"I'm so hot. It's so hot in here." Taylor mumbled looking up into her black eyes fearfully. She softly caressed his right cheek with her finger as Taylor jumped a little.
"You still have a fever. But I think you will be fine now. You just rest." Retah ordered as Yven followed Retah over to the desk that controlled the bubble. Taylor watched as the magnetic waves surrounded him again. He gazed up at the ceiling tearfully remembering the test that they put him through. He wondered if he could take anymore of their tests as he shivered from the thought. He knew somehow he linked with Nadroj and couldn't understand why they didn't detect this. He closed his eyes drawing in a deep breath.
"Their coming. I know they are coming for me." Taylor thought cracking a small smile. He didn't know why he could sense this, but somehow he could feel Nadroj was very much apart of him. He slowly drifted off to sleep feeling exhusted.

Suolaej studied the creature's data intently going over the images that the machine analyzed from the information it collected. He was awed by the anatomical structure of this human. He gazed intently, slowly reading through when he heard the door slide open behind him and saw Retah and Yven enter the room.
"Well... anything interesting?" Yven asked walking up next to Suolaej with Retah following behind.
"They are quite amazing creatures. More complicated then we thought." Suolaej said when he suddenly stopped cocking his head.
"What is wrong my Suolaej?" Retah asked noticing he was staring intently at the screen.
"Here! Look there! That is our DNA pattern. Why is it in him?" Suolaej bellowed standing up.
"What? That can't be. It's impossible. You must have read it wrong." Yven exclaimed reading the screen and then took a step back.
"See? I'm right." Suolaej announced watching Yven turn in a light shade of blue.
"How? It is like it is apart of him. How did he attain our DNA?" Retah asked feeling awed. She looked back toward the door wondering what this young one held inside.
"He knows why! He just won't tell us. I am going to find out." Suolaej declared angrily rubbing his forehead in frustration.
"You know if this Taylor one has us as apart of him....then maybe Nadroj is apart of them. He does do that smile thing with his face and his eyes water just like him." Yven added pointing in the direction where Taylor was imprisoned in the next room.
"But I am still at a loss here. Why? How did this happen?" Suolaej angrily expressed slamming his fist onto the table.
"At first I thought maybe this creature somehow mated with Mayte, but this is more then that. This is amazing." Retah expressed cocking her head still looking at the screen with awe. She pressed the key to go to the next frame of data and sucked in a sharp breath.
"What the? This can't be!" Yven exclaimed, turning a light shade of green feeling suddenly sick.
"He has the same psychic powers as the beast?" Suoleaj fumed looking at the screen wondering if this was some kind of nightmare.
"But then why doesn't he use it?" Yven asked starting to feel fear toward this creature.
"I don't think he knows. Somehow he does not realize how powerful he is." Retah added wondering why.
"I must agree with that, but he knows how he became apart of Nadroj, otherwise the beast wouldn't have put up that block in his memories." Suolaej attested angrily, looking toward Retah who bowed her head.
"Well if he doesn't know his potential we must not let him find out." Yven pointed out boldly looking from Suoleaj to Retah.
"Yes I agree with you." Suoleaj stated as they all wanted to look further into the data that they received from this creature.

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