Color Of Blue

Chapter 7 - The Long Road - Continued

"My Walker you are the reason your sons have these psychic powers. They must have gained them through you." Demi expressed seeing the shocked expression covering Walker's face.
"I... I didn't know. But I have to say I always seem to know when they are in trouble and I feel them at times. I thought that was just because I was their father." Walker chuckled smiling up at Demi.
"Well I think we should go back now and plan the trip to save my Taylor from those evil ones." Demi expressed taking his hand as he dropped the block from around them.
"How long will this trip take? How long until we get there?" Walker asked when they reached the rip into their time. They came through and Walker felt a little off balance as he rocked a little into Demi while everyone looked up at them.
"Going there on foot will at least take a few days my Walker." Demi answered walking back to Mayte and sat back down next to her.
"Well? How was it Dad?" Ike asked noticing his father had a stunned look on his face.
"The balances are beautiful. The colors are unlike anything I have ever seen before." Walker smiled sitting down on the couch next to Diana who eyed him curiously.
"You didn't feel sick or anything?" Zac asked.
"At first. But then Demi did something to me."
"What? What did he do to you?" Diana asked feeling a little worried.
"He said I have psychic ability like Ike, Taylor and Zac. Don't ask me how." Walker explained as Diana gave him a stunned look.
"He is the source to your powers my young ones." Demi declared as Ike and Zac turned to look at him.
"Awesome! We can blame you for our powers then." Zac laughed as Walker smiled at him.
"Then you will be alright...I mean going to their world Walk?" Diana asked looking deeply into his eyes.
"Yes honey. I think Demi was testing me. I think I passed." Walker stated smiling as she smiled back at his remark.
"I had to see if he could withstand the fourth dimensional tides. I am sorry if I have seemed a little bold my Walker." Demi said glowing in a light shade of gold.
"No... not at all Demi. I am glad that I found out. Now let's get back to business here. I want to get Taylor back. I can't sit here thinking he is hurt or in pain. First ....where exactly are we going?" Walker asked as Neque stood and sat down in front of him.
"This place is in a area that is very dangerous. We have to tread carefully. It is located on the other side of our world. It was abandoned by our people many years ago." Neque began.
"Why?" Walker asked looking at her intently.
"The magnetic pull around there became very unstable."
"But if it is... is my son safe there?" Walker asked swallowing hard.
"He is fine my Walker. It is just that our powers can't be used to our full potential in that area. I think that is why the Faction chose this place to bring your young one. So then if we found out where he was we couldn't just come through time secretly. They know the powers that Nadroj holds inside of him. Remember before we told you how Taylor and Nadroj are bonded. They are as one. Their minds and bodies work as one. I hope we can get to our young one before they find this out." Neque continued.
"Well what do we have to bring?" Zac interupted wanting to know.
"I will leave that up to you my friends. I don't really know what you need. This journey will at least take about fourteen days in your time. So if you need food and drink please plan for it. The water we can give you, but I remember how you need flesh to survive." Neque answered looking at Zac who nodded.
"Well we will take care of us Que. Guys let's get started." Walker declared standing up.

Several hours passed as Walker, Ike, and Zac packed up the things that they would need for the trip. They had everything ready and piled it all in the living room as Neque showed them a map of the journey, drawing it so they would understand the terrain of their world.
"We will start here. Then go on foot the rest of the way. Stay close to us and never wander off my friends." Demi instructed as Ike, Zac, and Walker leaned in around the table listening to Demi's every word.
"You mean we will travel through the rips and then start here?" Walker asked searching Demi's face.
"Yes. Haelz and I will always be with Zac. Neque will be with Ike. Nadroj and Mayte will be with you." Demi informed them as they all nodded at once looking at one another.
"Okay. We understand. Are you ready guys?" Walker asked smiling at them.
"Yeah let's go get Tay back!" Zac bellowed as Ike and Walker chuckled. Demi glowed golden when the rip in time was opened by Neque. Walker saw Diana staring at him longingly. He walked up to her taking her into his arms and gently stroked her hair.
"Are you going to be alright Diana?' Walker asked as she tearfully looked up at him.
"Yes don't worry about me. I will miss you all very much. Just bring Taylor back to me Walker. I want to hold him in my arms again." Diana pleaded swallowing the lump that formed in her throat.
"I promise you that the next time you see us....Taylor will be with us!" Walker expressed boldly as she smiled at him.
"I believe you." Diana confirmed as she watched Ike and Zac approach her and each one hugged her tightly.
"Remember boys take care of each other." Diana said tearfully watching them each slip into the rips leaving her all alone. She sat on the couch and listened to the silence around her.
"Please dear Lord bring them all home safely. Watch over them." She prayed silently to herself.

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