Color Of Blue

Chapter 7 - The Long Road

Walker impatiently sat waiting for the arrival of his sons and their friends. Diana was in the kitchen trying to keep busy to take her mind off her worries. Walker remembered the excitement in Ike's voice telling him that they would be coming back home with some important news about Taylor. Ike told him they would explain everything when they would get there. He turned hearing someone enter the living room. Diana smiled weakly and sat down next to him.
"When did they say they would get here? This waiting is driving me crazy." Diana asked looking down at her hands sadly.
"They should be here soon, honey. I wonder what this could be about. Maybe they found Taylor." Walker exclaimed hoping with all his heart that Taylor would be home soon again.
Suddenly they heard a hissing sound fill the area around them and saw the translucent bubble form in the center of the room. Walker and Diana stood up and watched nervously when Nadroj appeared first, followed by their sons and friends. Ike walked up to his dad with a small smile covering his face.
"My friends... Taylor has connected with me and we know where the young one is." Nadroj exclaimed as he sat down on a chair with everyone making themselves comfortable around the room.
"He did? Thank you Lord!" Walker expressed as Diana looked directly into Nadroj's eyes sensing that everything was still not right.
"But where is he? Why didn't you bring him home?" Diana asked wanting to know.
"We came here to tell you that Taylor is in a place on our world where the magnetic waves and time balance are extremely sensative. We can't just go in there and save him." Nadroj explained watching Diana's eyebrows crinkle with anger.
"But then how are..." Walker began looking toward Neque who was glowing in a light shade of blue.
"We are going in on foot. If we try to come through the rips my Walker they might harm our Taylor. They are very powerful in their own right. It will take us several days to get there though." Neque explained looking from Walker to Diana.
"Who? Who's going?" Walker asked wanting to know and turned looking at Ike who sat next to him.
"Well... we all are Dad. Me, Zac, and our friends here. Don't worry Dad we will get Taylor back." Ike answered noticing his father shifted uneasily in his seat.
"I'm going! I want to go with you this time." Walker exclaimed suddenly as everyone jumped from his outburst.
"But... but Dad..." Zac began.
"No! I'm going. I am not going to sit here and wait like the last time. I need to do this for Taylor." Walker declared as Neque nodded her head understanding.
"Yes my Walker. You may come along. But first I have to see if you can withstand a fourth dimensional time balance. Your sons can because of their psychic abilities. Even when they first experienced the tides they felt very off center and sick." Demi advised, when Diana looked over at Walker with a frown covering her face.
"Walker... no! I don't want you to go. It might not be safe for you." Diana moaned feeling a surge of worry pass through her. Walker grabbed her hands lovingly and gazed into her eyes.
"Diana I have to go. I want to help get our son back."
"But Walker... you can't protect yourself like Ike and Zac." Diana tearfully asserted searching her husband's eyes.
"Mom, we won't let anything happen to Dad. If he is with us he will be okay. I would love it if Dad went with us." Zac exclaimed smiling up at her.
"Come with me Walker. I want to lead you into the rips and see how your mind and body perform in there." Demi said holding his hands out to him. Walker got up and slowly went to him taking his hands. He turned to see Diana still looking fearful. Demi opened a rip and gently took Walker into the balance of the tides as everyone watched.

"Just close your eyes my Walker." Demi instructed holding tightly onto Walker's hand as he drifted into the tides deeper, to test if he could really handle the sensations of a four dimensional world.
"It is weird in here. My head feels... feels strange." Walker said swallowing hard, trying to fight back the dizziness he felt overwhelm him. He felt Demi stop as he still held on to Demi's hand feeling afraid to let go.
"Now open your eyes and look up at me slowly." Demi cooed softly cradling Walker's head in his hands.
Walker did as he told him and looked up into the alien's eyes. He felt dizzy and saw three Demi's in front of him.
"Ohhhh... I can't... this is..." Walker moaned trying to gain control of his balance. He desperately grabbed onto Demi's arms.
"Calm down Walker." Demi stated as he entered his mind and felt surprised sensing the psychic ability buried deep inside this man's mind. He reached in and brought forth Walker's psychic senses. Walker jerked as Demi's energy surged through his brain. He shook his head trying to back away, not liking the feeling.
"What? What are you doing to me?" Walker moaned when suddenly everything around him became clear and focused. He blinked looking up at the alien who was now glowing in a intense shade of gold.
"My Walker you have pyschic ability also like your sons." Demi explained bring up a block that surrounded them. Walker still stared up at him feeling confused.
"What? I... what... I do?" Walker stammered when he turned and was astounded by the beauty of the tides. He took a few steps forward and gazed out into the rips. Demi followed and placed his hand on his shoulder.

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