Color Of Blue

Chapter 6 - The Power Within- Continued

Zac walked into the living area carrying a can of soda in his hand, that they brought back with them from the last time they traveled home through the rips to get supplies. It was hard to explain to their family that they still didn't know where Taylor was taken by this Faction group. Only once they almost connected with Taylor but something broke the link yesterday. He noticed Nadroj was standing by a window staring at the sky.
"Shhhh....I feel him again. They are putting his body through something. I feel a sensation of needles." Nadroj told him sadly.
"Tay! Is he alright?" Zac asked sitting down feeling his legs grow weak as his stomach dropped thinking of his brother.
"I can feel his fear." Nadroj added when he noticed that Zac was looking up at him with his eyes filled with tears. He sat down next to him placing his arm around his shoulders lovingly.
"I...I...want to know what they are doing to him." Zac moaned with his voice cracking with emotion.
"They are trying to examine his structure I think. They think they will discover the answer that way I guess." Nadroj explained hating that he scared his friend.
"Will they? I mean will they find out?" Zac asked watching Nadroj shake his head from side to side.
"No. They......" Nadroj began when he suddenly bolted up looking around him.
"Nad..row? What's wrong?" Zac asked as he fearfully looked up at him.
"He's calling out to me. He is finally doing it! Zac I'm sorry but don't ask anything right now. I need to concentrate. The link is so weak." Nadroj explained as he started to glow with swirling bright colors. Zac watched hoping somehow he could bond with his brother.

"Nadrow? As one. Please as one." Nadroj heard the gentle fearful voice of Taylor in his mind.
"My Taylor. As ONE!" Nadroj sent back hoping Taylor would hear him.
"Help me! I can't move." His voice cried out to him.
"Show me where you are my Taylor." Nadroj pleaded feeling his intense fear overwhelm him.
"Nadrow? I...I can't. I..I'm to weak."
"Show me a image Taylor."
"I...I...." Taylor's voice became weaker.
"NO! Taylor don't lose me now." Nadroj declared when suddenly he could see him. He scanned the area quickly through Taylor's eyes, when suddenly he saw the face of Retah above him looking angry with her body glowing in a shade of deep gray. The link finally dropped as he fearfully looked down at Zac.

"Well?" Zac asked watching Nadroj intently.
"I know where he is young one. We must go and inform the others. He is very far away." Nadroj stated wondering if the Faction realized that Taylor connected with him.
"You do?! Oh thank you Nadrow!" Zac yelled with joy finally thinking that Ike and him could save their brother.
"It is not going to be easy getting to where they have taken him." Nadroj said grabbing his hand and pulled Zac with him wanting to go down to the lower level where he knew the others were. When they bolted into the room together, Neque looked up at them curiously.
"Nad..row knows where Tay is Ike! He bonded with Taylor's mind." Zac breathlessly said as Ike stood feeling excited at the news.
"How? When?" Ike questioned darting his eyes side to side looking up at their friend who did not look very thrilled or happy.
"I felt him just minutes ago and I think Taylor was weakened by the energy of connection. I don't know if they have realized that he has done it. He has linked with me." Nadroj explained as Neque understood his fear.
"What's wrong? Isn't this a good thing?" Ike asked gazing up into Neque's eyes.
"Yes Ike. But they have him in a area of this world where they can feel and see all that goes on around them for miles. We can't just slip through time without them noticing us coming." Nadroj explained seriously.
"Show us the place my young one." Neque insisted as Nadroj threw the image to all of their minds.
"It looks so barren." Zac expressed gluping hard.
"Taylor was outside?" Ike asked fearfully looking at Neque as she reached out and caressed his cheek gently wanting to calm his fear that she felt emanating from him.
"No young one, but when I saw the room I recognized it. They are in a place that was abandoned by our people years ago." Nadroj explained as Demi stood up noticing Zac started to look scared.
"Zac we will find a way. Don't be afraid." Demi crooned softly trying to reasure him as he walked over to him. Zac nodded looking up at him.
"How will we get there?" Zac asked looking at their friends wanting to know.
"The only way we can sneak in is by foot. And it will take us days to travel there." Mayte added in as Zac swallowed hard not liking the answer. Ike bowed his head squeezing his hands into fists.
"Then lets go now!" Zac bellowed wanting desperately to get Taylor back.
"We have to plan this just right my young one. Also we have to tell your parents that we have found them and what we plan to do." Neque expressed as Zac nodded knowing she was right.
Nadroj could still feel the fear and pain of his sweet Taylor. He didn't want to let on to his brothers about what he felt. He hoped that Taylor could hold out until they could get to him. He hated the Faction with a passion now. He knew in his heart if he lost his young friend or failed him, apart of him would die also. He loved this human more then his own life. He would give the world to him if he could. Now that thay finally knew where his Taylor was it was a question of how to get there the fastest way possible to save his young friend and his world from the evil of the Faction.

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