Color Of Blue

Chapter 6 - The Power Within

Suolaej studied the blood sample of the young one. He looked up at a screen seeing it analyze the DNA. He turned into a shade of light green feeling frustrated. He couldn't see the reason why this creature's DNA would combine with one of their kind. Yven was doing the same thing with the sample of strings that they took from the being's head.
"Do you see anything different or unusual?" Suolaej asked still staring at the strings of DNA information on the screen.
"No. I can't find the reason from these samples how Nadroj and this creature are somehow bonded together." Yven stated seriously as they were still just as far away from the answer.
"That being knows something out there. Otherwise why would the beast not let us into his memories. Something happened during that time when we were born. I can not understand how a human could intermix with his genes."
"But Retah said that the Taylor one told her he didn't know why it happened."
"He is lying to us! It is more then just the rips that were off balance." Suolaej proclaimed pounding his fist on a table. He stared at the wall trying to think of what to do next.
"I don't understand why he has such power. It was as if that being was as powerful as the beast." Yven stated innocently.
"He is not you fool! If he was then we wouldn't be able to hold him like this. We just underestimated his strength. And we will not do that mistake again." Suolaej vowed remembering the pain he felt.


Taylor awoke sensing someone staring at him as he flipped over facing in the direction of the outer room. He saw her sitting again in her spot watching him. He crinkled his eyebrows together throwing her a dirty look.
"You finally are awake young one. How are you today?"
"Fine I guess." Taylor answered sitting up as he ran his hand threw his hair.
"Are you hungry?"
"Yes, but I can't eat that stuff you gave me. I need real food and I am thristy too. Please could I have some water?" Taylor asked wondering why she was so friendly with him.
"What does thristy mean?" Retah asked looking at him up and down.
"Ummm... I need water. It's a form of liquid." Taylor licked at his dry lips as he swallowed hard.
"I think I know what you want. I will give you some." Retah said standing up and walking next to a wall passing her hand over a panel. Taylor watched seeing a door slide open in front of her. She reached for a bottle bringing it back with her as she then passed her hand over the console creating a small opening in the magnetic wall. She sat back down sliding it through to his side. Taylor stood up walking next to the wall picking up the bottle, looking at it closely, noticing it was filled with clear liquid. He looked at the strange lid curiously.
"How do you open this?" Taylor asked sitting down onto the floor crossing his legs in front of her.
"Press the sides and it will snap the lid off." Retah explained watching him intently.
"Oh." Taylor did as she said and brought it up to his lips taking a small sip testing it. He noticed it was water. He drank greedily loving the wetness pour down his dry throat.
"You are interesting Taylor." Retah said watching him look shyly up at her.
"When are you going to let me go?" Taylor asked wanting to know the answer.
"Let you go? First you must tell us how you intermixed your genes with one of our kind young one."
"I told you. I don't know why it happened." Taylor began when he saw the door slide open from the room behind her. He stood up and backed away from the wall as they came up near Retah.
"Yes you do young one. It's in your memories." Yven exclaimed as Taylor fearfully looked at him.
"No. I don't know how. Please I don't know why it happened." Taylor pleaded wondering what they were planning next.
"If you refuse to tell us we will find out in different ways and that will be very uncomfortable for you." Suolaej informed him.
"What do you mean?" Taylor asked suddenly feeling sick to his stomach.
"We have our ways young one. I want to examine your structure today." Suolaej asserted feeling amused by the look of fear that covered the being's face.
"What? I... I..." Taylor began when suddenly the wall formed a huge hole in front of him. They all stood up as he fearfully looked at them when he felt a bolt of energy hit him as he flew backwards feeling dazed, as the bottle of water flew out of his hand spilling onto the floor. He noticed he couldn't move as they approached him. He tired to speak by couldn't even open his mouth.
"Bring him into the lab. The machine is ready." Suoleaj ordered as they lifted his body off of the floor.
"Please don't! Please let me go!" Taylor screamed in his mind as they carried him into the room and placed him down onto a table. He couldn't move but he could feel everything.
"Take off his upper layers." Yven instructed as Retah pulled his arms out of the sleeves, pulling the layer out from under him. She looked confused at the next layer.
"How do we take this one off?" Retah asked looking up at Yven.
"Just pull it off." Yven said pushing her gently to the side grabbing onto the bottom of the layer pulling it up. He pulled it off over the creatures head.
"He is breathing to fast." Retah noticed as she looked down into his tearful blue eyes that were filled with fear.
"He's just scared. Now place the connections onto his chest." Suolaej directed watching Yven attach them to the skin of the chest area.
Taylor hated that he couldn't move as his heart raced with intense fear. Suddenly he felt his hand lift up as Retah looked at his fingers curiously.
"Why does he have hard tips on the ends of his fingers?" She asked as Taylor glupped hard moving his eyes watching her.
"What about the bottom layers?" Yven asked noticing Taylor's eyes started to drip with the water.
"No. We can leave that on. The machine will be able to read through it." Suolaej answered as Taylor closed his eyes in relief.
"Now young one we will find out the answer. This machine will examine every cell of your structure." Yven informed him as Taylor just blinked up at him.

Taylor watched them move away as he felt the table suddenly move under him. He wanted to scream but he was still totally helpless. He noticed that he was moving toward some kind of opening. He swallowed hard watching himself being slid into a tunnel like thing that was clear.
"Oh God please help me. I... I'm so afraid." Taylor thought as he continued to cry. He tried to throw his mind out but he found he didn't even have the strength to do it. A humming sound suddenly filled the tube and he felt a sensation of prinkling needles over his entire body. He shut his eyes tightly, wishing that Nadroj or his brothers would save him. He couldn't understand why they wouldn't come to him. The sensation grew stronger around him as he let out a moan.
"Please." Taylor begged opening his eyes and saw Retah looking down at him.
"Are you receiving the information Yven?" Retah asked watching the young one closely, ignoring his pleads.
"Yes we are picking up data now. This will take awhile. Lets go outside. I need to get some fresh air." Suoleaj expressed as his mates followed him.
"No! Don't leave me here alone! Please!" Taylor screamed in his mind fearfully.
"Quiet young one! It's your fault that we have to do this to you. You won't tell us on your own." Yven chuckled as he went through the door leaving him all alone. Taylor tried to move his head as he felt the pain of the waves constantly run through his body.
"Nadrow? As one. Please as one." Taylor whimpered through his mind as he started to cry with bitter sobs, hoping this torture would end soon. He desperately threw out his mind's energy with all the strength he had within him.

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