Color Of Blue

Chapter 5 - Somebody Save Me! - Continued

Taylor jumped seeing a blurred image suddenly of Nadroj's face. Retah sensed the image also and bolted out of her chair running over to the bubble watching the creature sit up looking like he was in a daze.
"Suolaej! Yven! Come quickly! The young one is trying to link!" Retah screamed as her mates bolted out of the door of the laboratory running up next to Retah who was glowing in a dark shade of blue.
"Help me! Please Nod...row!" Taylor screamed realizing that his friend was reaching out to him. Tears filled his eyes as he stretched out his arms in front of him.
"I have to get in there!" Suolaej growled running to the console and opened a entrance into the bubble. He ran to Taylor grabbing him up into the air.
"NO!" Taylor shrieked in anger kicking his feet into Suolaej's stomach.
"Break the link now! Do you hear me?!" Suolaej demanded throwing a surge of energy into the young one's mind. He saw his head snap back in with his eyes wide in horror.
"Ahhhhh... we are one! We are one!" Taylor screamed suddenly feeling angry, when he knew that this being broke his link to his friend and threw a bolt of energy back at the being who started to shake him roughly. Suolaej dropped him onto the floor grabbing at his head. Taylor slid back still holding the energy toward the alien. The being screamed in pain, making Taylor jump with fear. Suddenly he felt another surge of energy painfully rip into his mind as Suolaej fought back. They stood locked in battle throwing out their energy at one another.

"Yven do something! We must stop the creature." Retah yelled as Yven stood still frozen, shocked that this creature could actually hurt one of them. He snapped out of his trance and ran into the room throwing his energy also at the young one with Retah following doing the same.
Taylor twisted in agony feeling the pain course through him as he collasped onto the floor.
"Please stop!" Taylor begged knowing he was losing the battle, when he felt their power was greater than his.
"You think you can overpower us! We are The Faction! We are the most powerful of our kind!" Suolaej bellowed with intense anger. Taylor fearfully slid backwards watching them coming toward them. He swallowed hard bumping into the bed.
"I... I..." Taylor began when Yven grabbed him by his shirt pulling him up off the floor staring into his eyes angrily.
"How did you link with him? Tell me now!" Yven threatened as Taylor fearfully sucked in a breath.
"I didn't. He... he did!" Taylor pleaded starting to shake feeling the being's grip grow tighter as he twisted his shirt.
"Does he know where you are?" Yven demanded to know searching his face for an answer.
"Yven stop! He doesn't know. I saw the image myself. No connection was made." Retah interupted putting her hand on his shoulder.
"Are you sure?" Yven asked turning to look at her.
"If he did, the beast would have been here by now." Suolaej added rubbing his forehead still feeling the pain that the creature threw at him.
Yven released his grip as Taylor fell backwards onto to the cushion looking up at him with wide fearful eyes. He wondered if they were going to punish him for using his power against the tallest one they called Suolaej.
"We will increase the power of the magnetic waves of the bubble. This must never happen again." Suolaej claimed as he turned and walked out of the area, hating the fact that the beast proved once again to be more powerful in his attempt to link with this human.
"They will find me." Taylor mumbled sitting up slowly watching the other two leave the bubble also.
Retah turned around hearing what he said. She looked at him as Taylor cringed not liking the look she gave him. Suolaej passed his hand over a switch while Taylor watched. He heard a hissing sound and could see the bubble turn into a light shade of blue.
"You won't link no more young one. So don't even try." Retah stated feeling awed that the creature held such power within him. She looked up at Suolaej seeing he was still angry and could feel his humiliation. She wished somehow she could comfort him, but knew he was to filled with pride to accept her advances of pity. She walked back to the other desk and brought up a screen to enter their days activities, while her mates went back to the laboratory for further study.
Taylor watched them as he sat on the bed feeling defeated. He blinked back his tears remembering the image of Nadroj in his mind. Somehow they connected. He wanted to know how it happened. He wondered what he meant when he heard Nadroj's voice tell him that they were one. He knew that it meant something, but what it was he could not understand. He laid back down staring up at the ceiling feeling exhusted. He turned his head watching Retah, who was doing something at the other desk as she stared at some kind of screen in front of her. Desperation suddenly overwhelmed him as he started to shake. All he knew is he had to somehow escape this prison that held him. He decided he would watch them very closely from now on and then maybe he could discover his way to freedom.

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