Color Of Blue

Chapter 5 - Somebody Save Me! - Continued

"Retah! What are you doing?" Suolaej angrily asked as Taylor jumped looking toward him not hearing him enter the room.
"I was feeding the young one." Retah answered turning to face him, as Yven came up behind him.
"Doesn't look like he ate very much." Suolaej stated looking down at the pancakes on the tray.
Taylor nervously sat down on the cushion wondering what they were going to do next. Suolaej walked over to him as Taylor backed up on the cushion pulling his legs up to his chest.
"I want a sample of your strings young one." Suolaej informed him.
"I...I..." Taylor began, watching the being raise up an instrument that looked like a knife and brought it close to his head.
"Don't try to fight." Suolaej ordered noticing the creature just stared up at him fearfully. He grabbed some of the strings from the side of his head and cut off a few strands.
"Please...." Taylor moaned touching the area where he cut his hair.
"I want you to lay down on the cushion now."
"Why?" Taylor asked glupping hard as Yven approached standing next to the other being.
"Just do what I say. I need more samples from you." He declared as Yven handed him another tool. "I'm not some animal! Leave me alone!" Taylor bellowed out angrily.
"Do you want us to force you into submission again?"
"But ...." Taylor started when Suolaej grabbed him roughly by the shoulders and forcefully pushed him down onto the bed. Yven grabbed his legs stretching them out, holding unto his ankles tightly.
"What are you going to do?" Taylor groaned as the being brought up the tool near his right eye.
"I am going to place some drops into your eyes. Now stay still."
"No!" Taylor yelled as Retah grabbed onto his head. Suolaej lifted his eyelid and placed a drop of liquid into his eye. It stung making it start to water. He raised his hand grabbing onto the alien's hand trying to push it away as he attempted to put another drop into his other eye.
"Don't move!" Suolaej warned slapping the young one's hand away.
"Please it...it hurts. What is it? Why are you doing this to me?" Taylor cried as his eyes painfully watered from the drops. He brought his hand up shakingly to his face.
"I want to find out why they are the color of the sky. The medicine will attach itself and then I can scrape a sample from them."
Taylor blinked as the tears fell down the sides of his face. He felt like they were blinding him.
"I...I can't see." Taylor groaned fearfully.
"It will not damage your eyes young one. Now calm down." Suolaej stated bringing up the same tool and turned it around.
"No." Taylor whispered with fear coursing through him, watching the tool come close to his right eye.
"Hold very still. If you move then maybe I will blind you. Understand?" Suolaej warned as Taylor nodded his head. Taylor felt the sharp edge touch his eye lightly. He licked his lips fearfully hoping the being would quickly finish. He noticed it didn't hurt to much.
"There. I got the sample I needed young one. The drops will fade off in a few hours." Suolaej explained as he stood up and headed out of the room. The other two followed as Taylor laid still on the bed breathing deeply as he rubbed at his eyes. He didn't like the way they were feeling numb.
"I will leave the food in there with you in case you decide to eat." Retah told him walking over by another desk and sat down leaning back into the crystal chair. She watched him laying on the cushion looking scared.
Taylor rolled over on his side facing the magnetic wall. He wondered why his friends wouldn't save him. He swallowed hard as he tried to reach out to Nadroj but only felt the magnetic waves enter his mind. He balled his right hand into a fist. He thought of his brothers wondering if they were looking for him. For some odd reason he knew they were trying to find him. Tears welled up in his eyes. He feared these beings knowing they wanted to destroy his friend.
"Please... please somebody save me!" He thought as his emotions got the best of him. He started to sob feeling lost and scared. He hated the fact that they were treating him like a lab animal. He fearfully wondered what they would want from him next.


"Nodroj? Why are you rubbing at your eyes?" Neque asked noticing they were watering. He broke the link with his friends as they were trying to search for Taylor through their minds, trying to pick up on any thought wave that Taylor might be reaching out to them with.
"I don't know. They are hurting for some reason." Nodroj answered looking over at Ike and Zac who were looking curiously at him too as they sat in the living room section of Neque's home.
"They do look a little sore." Zac said leaning up against Haelz.
"Could it be?" Neque expressed turing a shade of light gold. Ike turned and looked up into her eyes wondering why she suddenly became excited about something.
"What my wiseone?" Mayte asked curiously with Demi sitting between her and Nadroj.
"My young one I think you are feeling our Taylor." Neque declared as Ike crinkled his eyebrows together.
"How? How is he feeling Taylor?" Ike asked as his heart skipped a beat.
"My Taylor. Yes they did something to his eyes. But I still can't locate where they took him." Nadroj expressed sadly blinking rapidly. Zac slid up close to him.
"Maybe Tay is trying to reach out to us and that's why you can feel him." Zac asserted hoping somehow he was right. Nadroj gently reached out and pulled a long strand of Zac's hair behind his ear lovingly.
"No my young friend. Our minds didn't connect, but somehow I can always feel him lately. He is so much apart of my body. I'm afraid they are doing experiments on him, in their attempts to find their answer about me and him." Nadroj sadly explained watching Zac's face turn into a frown.
"Oh man! Taylor must be so scared." Ike moaned looking down at his hands.
"What do you think they are doing to him?" Zac asked turning to look at Neque for an answer.
"They will probably take blood and skin samples from him to test his body makeup. I just hope that the young one will realize not to let them know about the Enosa." Neque pointed out watching Ike and Zac nod their heads.
"Well I think Taylor will realize that Que. He must know that Nodrow put up a block field in his mind for a reason." Ike confirmed smiling up at her feeling assured. She lightly ran her finger down his cheek gazing into his eyes.
"Your brother is strong my Ike. We should continue now young ones. Let us try to reach out again with our minds." Neque expressed as they all formed a circle again forming a link as Nadroj led them, reaching across out into the distance.
"Come to me my Taylor. Feel my presence! WE ARE ONE!" Nadroj demanded strongly.

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