Color Of Blue

Chapter 5 - Somebody Save Me!

Taylor woke up grabbing his head and slowly opened his eyes. He rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling of the bubble that surrounded him. Sadly he licked at his lips as he listened to the humming sounds of the magnetic waves, turning his head expecting to see the alien still staring at him. He sat up cautiously and noticed he was completely alone. Taylor stood up carefully still feeling a little weak from the bolt of pain that the alien knocked him out with. He walked up near the wall of the bubble in front of him gazing around the outer room of the bubble that was his prison. He noticed a huge desk, with weird looking buttons and switches on the surface, that was about ten feet away from him.
"Must be the controls that operate this thing." Taylor thought angrily feeling thristy as he ran his hand through his hair pushing it back away from his eyes.
He turned, wanting to sit back down still feeling somewhat shaky. He jumped hearing a hissing sound as he spun around fearfully as the female alien came through a door carrying a tray, walking toward him.
"Are you hungry young one?" Retah asked sitting down next to the wall of the bubble again.
"Ahhh... yes a little... I guess." Taylor answered as he sat back down on the huge cushion, looking down at his hands and shyly looked up at her.
"Before I give you some food, I want you to answer a few questions." Retah declared watching him intently, still thinking that this creature was really beautiful. She tried to shake the feelings away as she gazed deeply into the young one's blue eyes.
"How do you know how I eat?" Taylor asked feeling curious, smelling a odd aroma drift around the room.
"All our people have heard the legend of the humans from Neque young one. We know you don't eat like us. Now to the questions. We know that your genes somehow mixed with the beast. When did this happen?" Retah asked noticing the creature looked suddenly nervous and started to play with a piece of metal on his finger, sliding it back and forth slowly.
"I don't know." Taylor murmured under his breath twisting the ring around, wishing desperately that somebody would find him soon.
"Don't lie to me! I know you could not have mated with Mayte. That would not be possible and we know that Neque didn't tell us everything that had happened when you saved our world from the imbalance of the tides." Retah angrily yelled turning a medium shade of blue.
Taylor swallowed hard trying desperately to think of something to say. He knew he couldn't tell her when this happened to him and Nadroj.
"Please. I'm not lying to you. I don't know when this happened to me and Nod..row. All I know is my friends helped me and many times my brothers and I were in the dimensional tides with them. Maybe the imbalance somehow did it when I was near May. I really don't understand it myself." Taylor declared looking her straight in the eyes hoping she would somehow believe his explanation. "Hmmmm... I will tell this to Suolaej. We never thought of that. The waves were totally ripped at that time. It could be the reason why." Retah mumbled as she stood walking to the console and passed her hand over a switch.
Taylor turned his head watching a hole form again in the wall as she grabbed the tray and walked inside, placing it down in front of him. She sat down intently staring at him.
"Eat young one." Retah demanded.
Taylor slid off the cushion sitting on the floor next to the tray. He looked down at the meal that consisted of three flat round pancakes, that were green in color. He picked up the utensil that resembled a fork.
"What is this?" Taylor asked feeling a little unsure about eating these sickly looking pancakes.
"It's food young one. It has the nutrients that you need."
Taylor pushed the fork into one of the cakes noticing it felt sort of rubbery to the touch. He cut a piece off and lifted it close to his mouth not really liking the smell. He carefully placed it in his mouth and started to chew.
"Oh God! That's horrible!" Taylor moaned wanting to spit it out, putting his hand over his mouth. The texture was sandy and gummy. It tasted bitter and sour.
"Swallow it. It is good for you." Retah began feeling amused by the frown forming on the creature's face.
"I... I can't eat this. It's awful." Taylor announced swallowing the food quickly. He looked up at Retah not liking the fact that she thought he was amusing to her. He put down his fork and pushed the tray toward her.
"Young one this is all you are going to get, so you better get used to it." Retah explained as she slid herself closer to him. Taylor backed up slightly not wanting her near him.
"Stay away from me." Taylor shouted as she reached her hand near his face wanting to touch his skin.
"You interest me."
"I don't..." Taylor began when she ran her fingertips down his right cheek. He grabbed her hand pulling it away angrily. He noticed she turned a shade of dark blue and then leaned in closer grabbing onto his shoulders and pinned him to the floor.
"Get off of me!" Taylor yelled trying to move away, but was trapped as she straddled herself on top of him.
"Don't ever touch me young one. I will do what I please." Retah exclaimed grabbing onto his hair as Taylor started to shake. She wanted to feel this creature out. His blue eyes were as beautiful as Nadroj's. She ran her fingertip over his eyelid as the creature blinked up at her fearfully.
"The color of the sky." She cooed softly and then began enjoying the feeling of his soft yellow strings.
"Please. Don't..." Taylor groaned as his eyes filled with tears.
"How do you do that?" Retah cocked her head intently watching the water form in his eyes.
"The water young one. How do you make water come out of your eyes?" Retah asked finally standing up and stepped off to the side as Taylor bolted up into a sitting position sliding quickly away from her.
"I don't know. It happens when we are upset and stuff." Taylor explained trying to hold back the tears that threated to overflow.
"You are amazing young one and quite beautiful. I can see that Nadroj is apart of you. The mystery is somewhere inside of you and we will find out the reason." Retah declared feeling the same attraction toward this creature as she did with the one they called the beast. She hated the fact that Nadroj rejected her. In her heart she longed for him all of her life. She knew she could never let on to her mates that she felt this way about Nadroj.
"Please... I don't know why I am apart of my friend. I can't tell you why that is." Taylor said wishing she would leave the room. He was afraid of her and couldn't understand the reason why they wanted this information so badly.

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