Color Of Blue

Chapter 4 - Reunion

Neque sadly watched as the bubble formed in the center of her home. She knew the Faction had the young one Taylor. She saw Demi come through the rip still holding onto Zac and then Nadroj followed with her beautiful Ike.
"Que!" Ike shouted and ran into her arms. She hugged him closely to her feeling his grief. She hated that she had to meet him again in this terrible situation. He looked up at her blinking innocently into her eyes. How she missed this human. She gently caressed his hair.
"Your hair is shorter my Ike." Neque crooned, twisting her finger through one of his curls.
"Ahhhh... yeah. Taylor and I cut ours." He sadly said bowing his head thinking of his brother.
"We will find him my love." Neque cooed softly wanting to comfort him.
Zac looked around then spotted Haelz sitting next to Mayte near a window. She stood and ran over to him taking him in her arms. Zac hugged back and never realized how much he missed his friend.
"We have to save my brother Hazel! They kidnapped him." Zac growled angrily as Haelz nodded her head looking deeply into his pain filled eyes.
"Don't worry my young one. Somehow we'll find them! The Faction are too arrogant to think they have gotten away with this terrible act." Haelz stated with anger turning into a shade of deep blue.

"My friends we will find your brother. I promise you that." Neque affirmed watching Ike and Zac look around her sprial home with wonder. They noticed how delicate and translucent everything seemed to be.
"Where do you want us to stay?" Ike asked looking at Neque with questioning eyes.
"There is a room down on the lower level, where I have set up a area for you." Neque answered as Zac sat down in between Haelz and Mayte, who just stared out the window staring into space. He placed his backpack down between his feet.
"What will they do to my brother?" Ike asked gazing up at Neque.
"I don't know what they have planned for him young one. But they want to know the reason why he is apart of our Nadroj. I fear for him very much. He does not know the answers to their questions and they may think he does." Neque replied looking down at the floor.
"What do you mean? You know why Tay's genes mixed with Nad ..Row's?" Ike asked, watching her body turn into a light shade of blue.
"Sit down my Ike. I will explain everything to you and your brother. We didn't know how it happened either when he was first born onto us." Neque began as Ike sat down feeling scared for some reason. He licked at his lips nervously and turned seeing Zac looking just as scared as he felt. He shakingly sat down on a clear looking chair, when she squatted in front of him taking his hands in her's.
"I'm scared Que." Ike murmured fearfully.
"No my Ike, don't be scared. Your brother has given our Nadroj a gift. When they, Demi and Mayte, were healing your brother, there was a moment when he lost their link with them. Do you remember that and you went into his mind to wake up his mind's eye?" Neque asked gently.
"Yes. Taylor passed out and lost the link and I woke him." Ike answered nodding his head, searching her eyes.
"Well that is the moment when Taylor and Nadroj became as one. Demi thought that Taylor passed out because he was to overwhelmed with grief when they were at your home in mind spirit. But it was Nadroj's energy that latched onto him. Your brother does not know this either. For a split second Taylor was Nadroj and Nadroj was Taylor."
"What? I don't understand." Ike stated crinkling up his eyebrows.
"Their cells were perfectly matched. Every cell and fiber were as one. Actually Nadroj wasn't meant to be. Mayte should have lost the young one, but your brother saved him, my Ike. His DNA attached to Nadroj's DNA. Because of this union, Nadroj is human also. That is why he can smile and cry like Taylor. He may look like us, but he is more then our world could ever have dreamed of. You see... Nadroj has our psychic ability as well as the power of Taylor's psychic abilities. He is the most powerful of our kind. These others, who were born at the same time period, are mutants due to the imbalance of the rips. They think they are the new race of our people, but sadly they are just malformed because of that machine that Tom Shane built. They attained more powerful psychic ability then our people, because of the imbalance of the magnetic waves. But actually they are dying. They won't live as long as the rest of us, but they refuse to believe this." Neque explained, watching Ike's face turn into a frown.
"They are dying? But what will they do if they find out the reason why Nodrow is the way he is, because of Taylor?" Ike asked swallowing hard, almost afraid to hear the answer.
"They may try to do the Enosa on him. I fear that because it could hurt him very bad. They must never, my Ike, ever find out this information." Neque answered watching her Ike's eyes fill with tears.
"Why would it hurt him?" Zac cut in asking fearfully.
"Because their powers are different. How can I explain so you will understand?" Neque said bowing her head. Ike squeezed her hands starting to shake a little.
"The magnetic waves of the rips has mutated the psychic waves that they use. If Taylor is caught in these waves it could destroy all his brain cells or worse kill him." Neque explained, when Ike jumped up looking fearfully around feeling totally helpless.
"Oh God! Taylor! I want my brother." Ike screamed, bursting into tears with Neque wrapping her arms around him.
"I had to tell you Ike, so you will know the importance of why we fear the Faction so much." Neque expressed.
"That is why, young ones, I protected my Taylor with a mind block in his memories. They will not be able to find out anything from him in this area of his mind." Nadroj added in with tears in his eyes.
Zac leaned heavily against Haelz feeling worried beyond anything he ever felt before.
"Can Nad..Row find Tay?" Ike mumbled, blinking back his tears, looking desperately into Neque's eyes.
"We are hoping that Taylor will somehow link with him. He does have the power to do this. He may not know that right now. I wish we would have explained to the young one how really close in mind he is to Nadroj. That is why Nadroj loves Taylor so much. He has given him life." Mayte suddenly spoke, looking toward Ike.
"You mean Taylor is just as powerful as Nodrow?" Ike asked, with disbelief covering his face, suddenly realizing what they were getting at.
"You all are... Ike." Neque informed him.
"What?" Zac asked standing up and walked over to where Ike was standing.
"When you all became as one mind, that day when you destroyed the machine, you also attained these powers through Taylor. If you now connected as one you would be just as powerful as Nadroj." Mayte said glowing in a intense shade of white.
"I don't... I don't believe this!" Ike declared, looking at Zac who looked stunned at the news also.
"But apart Taylor can't defend himself. He needs us." Zac stated swallowing hard.
"Yes my Zac. Taylor is powerful and I hope he finds that within himself. He is alone out there. I hope he has the strength to fight back." Neque droned when she turned her head and looked out the window.
"Do we just have to sit and wait?" Ike asked fearfully looking up at Neque for an answer.
"For now my young one, but Nadroj will search for him. His mind is open and you must keep yours open too. Taylor has to find a way to connect with us."
"Oh Taylor. Please dear God let my brother find us." Ike implored, saying his prayer, as he looked up at the ceiling.
"My poor Taylor. He is such a sweet, gentle human and they are so evil." Demi moaned while Nadroj put his arm around his father's shoulders, wanting to comfort him, knowing how much he loved Taylor.
"Tay is stronger then you think Demi. I know my brother. He may seem shy at times, but he is very brave." Zac boldly said with Ike smiling and nodding his head in agreement.
"Now I must show you my home, my young ones." Neque stated trying to take their minds off their worries. She knew she felt better knowing that they were with them once again. In her memory of her unclear dreams this was the step toward making things right again. She knew they had to wait for the one called Taylor to realize the power that he held inside. She feared that it was going to take awhile. She kept her fears hidden from Ike and Zac. She knew their brother had to do this on his own and this time no one could help him.

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