Color Of Blue

Chapter 3 - Taylor's Prison - Continued

Taylor saw one of the creatures standing in the area of the bubble, that seemed to open just moments before. He backed up wondering what they were going to do. He saw the tallest one rush to the side of this being and entered the room.
"Please! Don't!" Taylor cried as they approached near him, as the tallest creature held some kind of instrument in his hand that looked sharp.

"Grab him Yven!"
He lunged forward as the creature stepped to the side quickly, sensing his move.

"Go away! Leave me alone!" Taylor screamed as he tried to run toward the hole of the bubble. He felt the huge hand grab him, twisting him around roughly. The other creature grabbed his feet pulling him up into the air and they carried him over to the bed plopping his body down hard.
"NO! Please! What are you doing? What are you going to do to me?" Taylor shrieked as he tried to fight, but they were holding him down securely.

"Retah! Get in here now! Help Yven hold him down." Suolaej ordered, as she bounded into the room. She ran to Suolaej's side.
"Hold his shoulders down, while I get the samples." Suolaej instructed as she did as she was told.
"He is stronger then he looks." Yven said with amusement watching the creature struggle as he held his legs tightly down on the cushion.

"Let GO of me!" Taylor yelled angrily. The alien suddenly grabbed his right arm and forcefully stretched it out to his side. He pushed his sleeve up on his arm. He saw the being bring the tool next to his arm as he gasped, feeling a sting penetrate his arm. He moaned seeing the tube like thing fill up with his blood.
"Why? Why are you doing this to me?" Taylor whined as he blinked back his tears.
He saw him stand up and walk out of the room, leaving him still being held down by the other two creatures. He gazed up at the one who was just above him with questioning eyes.

"He is kind of beautiful." Retah said noticing the human was looking at her.
"Retah you are crazy sometimes." Yven laughed wondering what she saw in this being.
"Shut up! Don't ever speak to me like that."
"He is the one who polluted Nadroj's body."
"I know. But he is fascinating. I want to communicate with it!"
Suolaej reentered the room with the tool to cut a skin sample out of the human's body.

Taylor fearfully tried to move back watching the being coming toward with another kind of instrument.
"Please. What do you want from me? Why am I here? DEMI!" Taylor cried bursting into sobs as the being grabbed his arm again and brought up the strange tool next to his arm. He screamed feeling a cutting sensation dig into his arm. He started to shiver knowing he was taking a piece of his skin. The alien then placed his hand over the wound and healed the area quickly.

"There! I have what I want." Suolaej exclaimed watching the creature lick at his lips as the water fell from his eyes.
"I want to try to reach into his mind and figure out his language. So don't leave just yet." Retah demanded as Suolaej glowed a light blue shade feeling annoyed.
"We have to be able to talk with him. I want to question him." Retah defended herself.
"Alright my Retah." Suolaej said knowing she was right for once. He slid up next to her as the creature watched them with his eyes still shivering in fear. He grabbed onto his shoulders as she released her grip and slid over to the side of the being.

"Don't hurt me..." Taylor groaned as the being placed it's hands on his head. He closed his eyes knowing what was going to come next. He felt the being enter in mind. He was relieved that he felt no pain as he swallowed hard feeling the alien searching around in his head. He wondered what it was looking for.

"I can't get into his memories, but everywhere else I can. I hate that Nadroj. What is he trying to protect in his mind?" Retah asked finding the area where she could figure out how these creatures spoke.
"Well? Did you find it?" Yven asked starting to feel exasperated, while the human kept trying to shift his feet away from him.
"Yes. Very interesting. Their form of speech is not hard at all actually." Retah stated glowing gold and feeling content.
"Taylor?" Retah spoke looking at the creature who jumped slightly hearing his name.
"I... I..." Taylor stammered feeling shocked when she said his name.
"You will listen to everything we say young one. Now I understand your language." Retah ordered watching the human raise his eyebrows a little in shock.
"Who? Who are you?" Taylor asked still wondering why they kidnapped him.
"That is not your concern. We are going to release you now and if you move we will hurt you! Do you understand young one?" Retah warned watching the Taylor one nod his head in agreement.

They all stood up at once and noticed he didn't move, but followed them with his eyes fearfully. They left the bubble resealing the hole that they entered through. He sat up slowly looking down at his arm where they took his blood and skin.
"Please tell me what you want. Who are you?" Taylor pleaded knowing the smallest being now understood him. She sat down in the same spot she was in before and cocked her head, while the other two left the room through a door behind her.
"We are the Faction young one and you are going to tell us why you gave that beast your powers."
"Who?" Taylor gulped hard as he drew up his legs to his chest.
"Nadroj! He is the one I speak of you fool! Why did he place that block in your memories?" She asked glowing in a shade of deep blue.
"Block? I don't know what you are talking about. Please why am I here? What do you want from me?" Taylor questioned feeling a surge of fear fill him. He wondered why they called his friend the beast.
"We are the superior race of our people and somehow your genes polluted his. He stops us from taking our rightful place leading our people. You are the answer to how to defeat him."
"I... he... is not a beast! He is my friend!" Taylor yelled angrily.
"He is the enemy young one! And somehow you became apart of him. We want to know why and how you did it."
"I won't tell you anything! And I don't know why my genes mixed with his. It just happened!" Taylor answered becoming aware that these beings must be the reason Nadroj put the block around his memories. He sensed, somehow, that he must never tell them anything that he knew about his bond with Nadroj. He must have did this to protect him and his world. He tearfully looked up at the ceiling of the bubble hoping someone would find him.
"You lie young one. In time we will find out. Also don't try to reach out to your friends. This room that we have built for you will stop any thoughts that you try to send." Retah explained watching his eyes grow wide with fear.
"I won't tell you anything. I just want to go home!" Taylor asserted boldly.
"Don't talk back to me. You are inferior to us young one! Remember that!" Retah shouted and threw a bolt of energy into his mind watching with delight as he screamed holding his head.
"PLEASE!" Taylor begged, shocked by the pain as he dropped to the side shivering in agony. He felt the pain increasing making him feel light headed. Suddenly his world grew dark around him as he passed out on the bed.

Retah watched him as the being's eyes rolled to the back of his head. She couldn't stand the creature's defiance any longer. She slowly got up and walked toward the room where her mates were, ready to help them in analysing the human's DNA. She turned back and glowed golden knowing now they had the answer to all of their troubles. The young one was under their control and the others had no idea where to find this so called friend of theirs.

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