Color Of Blue

Chapter 3 - Taylor's Prison

Retah intently gazed down at the creature named Taylor, as she sat on the floor near the magnetic bubble. She thought he was a strange looking being, but yet he was beautiful somehow at the same time. His dark yellow strings on his head were soft to the touch, she remembered when she helped carry him in the bubble earlier. She wished he would wake up soon so she could look again at his blue eyes. She wondered also why he had on so many layers over his body. The layers looked odd. The blue layer that covered his legs was confusing to her. She wondered how he slipped them on. One of the upper layers was white and then another one with long material over the arms, was over that one and colored green. Maybe all the human beings on this world covered themselves she thought. Maybe their skin was very sensative to touch. They did seem to her to be very weak and delicate. How this one was suppose to be so powerful amazed her.

Colored lights jolted Taylor out of the nightmarish dream he was having. He opened his eyes slowly, grabbing his head in agony. More lights flashed. He turned his head and jumped seeing black eyes staring at him through some kind of translucent barrier.
"Where? Where am I?" Taylor moaned fearfully trying to turn his body to the side. He noticed he was laying on some kind of cushion. He licked his lips feeling extremely thristy. Carefully, he sat up, suddenly remembering what happened to him. His head spun with dizziness. He blinked to clear his unfocused eyes.
"Please...who...why am I here?" Taylor mumbled and stared into the black eyes of the being who just cocked it's head to the side, watching him closely. Taylor swallowed hard and scanned the area that he was in. He noticed he seemed to be trapped in some kind of bubble like thing. Everything around him was dim. Gingerly he reached out and touched the side of the translucent wall that was next to him.
"Ahhhhh..." Taylor screamed receiving a jolt that went up his arm painfully. His eyes filled with tears noticing his hand was numb, as he pulled back and hugged it with his other arm to his chest.

"Suolaej the creature is awake!" Retah announced as her mates came up to where she sat and squatted down next to her, as they watched the being with amusement as he looked around his prison.
"Why is he making sounds?" Yven asked watching the creature touch a wall and then scream as they all jumped together.
"He is not very bright is he?" Suolaej added in, thinking this Taylor being was stupid for touching the magnetic barrier.
"Maybe it is because he doesn't sense the magnetic power that surrounds him." Yven said, as they watched the creature pull back his arm and rubbed it with tears running down his face.
"Look! He does that water thing with his eyes, like Nadroj!" Retah pointed out as the creature looked over at them with his face covered in a expressive look of hurt and pain.
"They don't seem to show emotion like we do. It shows on their faces. I remember how the story went. They have muscles in their structure that are different from us. Neque said that in one of her teachings." Suolaej explained sliding closer to the wall.
"Yes that is right. Also didn't she say that these creatures made sounds to communicate to one another?" Yven asked still intently watching the being who now started to shiver as he looked over at them.
"But the trouble is we don't understand these sounds. We have to figure out how to talk with him. I know Nadroj placed some kind of barrier in his mind so we can't read his thoughts!" Suolaej grumbled angrily remembering.

Taylor gulped hard watching the aliens staring at him like he was some kind of zoo animal.
"Stop it! Stop staring at me!" Taylor cried out angrily standing up feeling his legs shake under him.
One of the beings stood and turned walking away from the bubble. He couldn't understand why these beings wanted him. He looked around and tried to reach out with his mind.
"Nad..row! Please somebody? Help me!" He screamed in his mind.
"Eno gnuoy, tsaeb taht htiw etacinummoc ot yrt ton od!" One of the creatures yelled in his mind, as Taylor turned and looked at the black eyes, not understanding a word that was said.
He sat back down on the cushion feeling alone and scared.
"Why am I here? What do you want?" Taylor moaned feeling his stomach rise into his throat.

"He is trying to communicate to Nadroj I think. He said his name." Retah stated as Yven nodded.
"Don't worry his thoughts will only be heard by us. The magnetic fields will hold in any kind of psychic powers he has. What I want now is a blood sample from him and also a skin sample as well. I want to see what his body makeup is. Maybe then we will discover why his genes mixed with Nadroj's." Suolaej declared passing his hand over a switch to open a area of the bubble.
"Hurry! He sensed the opening. He is staring at it!" Yven warned walking near the opening as Taylor stood up fearfully.

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