Color Of Blue

Chapter 34 - Must We Say Goodbye? - Continued

"What is going to happen to them?" Taylor asked still feeling a little fearful of the Faction, even though he knew they couldn't remember nothing of what they did to him.
"We will take care of them my young one. Their minds will stay as young as children for as long as they live." Neque explained trying to reasure him as he nodded slowly.
"I feel sort of bad now for what I did to them." Walker said searching Neque's face.
"Don't my Walker. In a way it is a blessing for them. They won't live to much longer. And in this state of mind they will be happy now. Their love and need for power is not apart of them anymore. For that we thank you." Neque crooned glowing in a light shade of gold.
"What do you mean they won't live much longer?" Ike asked noticing Lucky was by his feet looking up at him longingly. He bent down picking him up into his left arm and petted his head gently.
"They didn't want to believe our people that they were malformed. Even when they were born we knew that their life spans would not be as long as ours. Their time is now close to an end. The powers in them are growing weaker as we knew it would, but didn't know when. They only deluded themselves into believing that they were somehow superior because they were different. They knew that Nadroj was also and wanted to think they were like him but even better. The imbalance brought out the worst in them. Their need for power grew with each passing year. The Faction grew up resenting Nadroj for who he was. They were jealous of him and heard the stories of the young ones who saved our world, knowing that Taylor was responsible for the power that Nadroj held inside him. Our people held back the true information from them of how Nadroj and Taylor were like one and how it happened through the healing of the Enosa." Neque explained as they listened to her every word.
"I..I still feel afraid of them. I can't help it." Taylor murmured softly looking down at the ground.
"That is understandable my Taylor. They put you through a lot of pain. But know this my young one. You proved that you were more then they ever imagined. You gave them a good fight and love won out in the end." Demi expressed looking at Taylor and then toward Walker who blushed slightly knowing what he meant.
"Actually I think they didn't realize the power of all of us put together. Without any of you I know I would have not made it!" Taylor exclaimed with tears welling in his eyes.
"That is so true!" Ike smiled swallowing back the lump in his throat from hearing his brother's words.
"I guess they didn't understand what love is all about." Zac added in as Taylor walked up next to Nadroj looking up at him.
"Without you we would have never made it through this. You held us together Nodrow. I realize now how much you are apart of who I am. We share more then just the color of blue eyes! I feel you! I love you!" Taylor said looking deeply into Nadroj's tearful eyes. Nadroj reached his arms around him lifting him up into the air hugging the boy against him wanting to never let go.
"As one my Taylor. As one." Nadroj rasped with his voice cracking with emotion as everyone bowed their heads.

Hours later Walker and his sons finally finished packing up their belongings as they prepared to go home. Taylor sat on the ground watching his friends feeling a peace surround him. He looked at the land before him noticing this section of their world was coming back to life again. He smiled knowing that he was apart of the reason why. He slowly stood up and walked back toward his family hating to say goodbye to his friends once again.
"Tay? Are you ready to go home?" Walker asked knowing his son was in deep thought.
"Earth to Tay!" Zac shouted making Taylor jump.
"Huh? Oh yeah. I'm ready." Taylor smiled watching Ike holding Lucky in his arms.
"Ike? You can't bring him back with us." Zac stated looking at his brother's face fall into a frown.
"I know that. But who is going to take care of him when I leave?" Ike asked sadly when Haelz stepped up to him.
"I will my Ike. I will take care of them both." Haelz said pointing at Saber who pawed at the ground nervously sensing he wasn't going to see his friend for much longer. Taylor walked up to him and grabbed his blue tuffs in his hands.
"You be good now Sa..Saber. Listen to Hazel. Don't worry Saber I will come and visit you when I can." Taylor crooned with tears welling in his eyes. Saber moved in and rubbed his face against the boy's chest pushing him back slightly. He started to hum watching him turn and walk back toward the others. He grunted loudly as if to say he understood.
Ike handed the Nettik to Haelz sadly as he started to shake a little. Lucky hooted wanting to go back into Ike's arm again. He didn't understand what was going on as he blinked his eyes longingly up at him.
"Oh God...don't look at me like that Lucky. Hazel here is...is going to take care of you while I am gone." Ike choked on the tears welling up inside of him.
"I can't believe we are saying goodbye again." Zac murmured remembering the last time. Haelz ran her free hand down his face lovingly.
"Remember what you said the last time my Zac. We won't say goodbye just till we meet again." Haelz reminded him as she glowed in a soft shade of gold.
"Yeah... yeah that's right." Zac said smiling up at her as he she hugged him with her right arm still holding Lucky in her left.
"I will miss you Nodrow....Demi." Taylor exclaimed looking at both of them standing in front of him. They both reached out stroking his face gingerly with love.
"I will always be with you my Taylor no matter the distance between us. Whenever you need me. I will always be there." Nadroj smiled with a tear dripping down his cheek.
"Same here. If you ever need me just call." Taylor smiled pointing at his mind.
"My Taylor. You take care now and go with love." Demi cooed softly loving this human being intensely. He reached out bending low and hugged Taylor as he hugged back sucking in a shaking breath.
"You too Demi." Taylor whispered stepping back.
Mayte walked up to Taylor and hugged him against her.
"Love you May." Taylor expressed feeling his heart pounding out of his chest as he held back his tears. She hugged each one of them and sadly stood back next to Haelz.
Walker looked into Neque's eyes not knowing what to say. He couldn't put into words how much he wanted to thank them for helping to bring his son back to him safely. Ike reached his arms around her as Neque brightly glowed in a golden color.
"I will miss you Que. Visit us more often this time. Okay?" Ike asked sniffing, holding back his tears.
"I will my sweet love. Stay safe and go with love." Neque crooned running her hand through the curls of his hair lovingly.
"How do I thank you?" Walker asked looking at the beings around him.
"Just getting to know you my Walker is thanks enough. Together we have saved the things that are most precious to our hearts." Neque expressed casting her hand toward Taylor and then around her showing the world that surrounded them.
"Yes. We do make quite some team... huh?" Walker smiled as she gently put her hand on the side of his face.
"And love is the strength that binds us. It is the power that always overcomes, my Walker." She cooed with tiny lights floating in the air around them.

"I will lead you home now through the rips my friends." Nadroj said taking Taylor's hand in his.
Walker took his other hand as Ike grabbed onto his father's and Zac grabbed onto Taylor's. He opened a rip into the balance of time as the bubble formed in front of them. Nadroj started to swirl in rainbow colors as he took a step forward going into the rip with his friends. Taylor turned looking back out to his friends for one last look, as Nadroj took off at blinding speed taking them finally home.

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