Color Of Blue

Chapter 34 - Must We Say Goodbye?

Walker sat against a tree feeling content looking over at the alien beings who fawned over his sons watching them closely. He smiled knowing how much they cared for them. He regretted what he thought of them from a few days back. Now he realized why his sons felt such a bond with these beings. They had a quality about them that expressed pure love. They even didn't treat the Faction badly after all they did to their people. All they felt was saddness for them. A sort of pity. He saw Mayte and Haelz help Retah walk out of the complex and sat her gently down next to the other two who had fear in their eyes. He still didn't understand the power that he held inside that made them this way now. Walker rested his head back against the tree suddenly thinking of Diana and his other children. He wondered how they were doing. He knew that his wife was probably worried about them. He closed his eyes picturing her in his mind and smiled. He missed her so much and longed for her sweet touch. He couldn't wait to go back home and felt glad that his promise was kept to her that he would bring Taylor back to her.

"My Walker?"
Walker jumped looking up at Nadroj and smiled.
"Sit down Nodrow." Walker said patting the ground next to him. Nadroj sat looking out into the distance and smiled.
"They are doing fine. They should wake up soon." Nadroj informed him turning his head to look into Walker's happy eyes.
"They are amazing. I never knew how powerful my boys are. It took a lot out of them healing Taylor." Walker stated as Nadroj nodded.
"I know. The damage in my Taylor's mind was worst then I thought. Retah created a black like hole in his mind. It was growing larger. I am afraid if Ike and Zac didn't heal him when they did... Taylor would have got very sick." Nadroj pointed out bowing his head.
"I... I didn't know." Walker expressed crinkling his eyebrows together glupping hard.
"She became more one with him then I realized. But why talk about this when he is okay now!" Nadroj smiled looking into Walker's eyes watching the man nod his head.
"Yeah... that's true! My son is fine and that is all that counts." Walker said happily shifting a little.
"I hate to see you leave. I will miss you all so much." Nadroj mumbled looking at his hands.
"But mostly Tay. I know how much you are apart of him. Don't worry. You are always welcome in my home! You can come and visit anytime." Walker exclaimed smiling up at Nadroj and reached out touching his arm lightly. Nadroj turned and smiled glowing in a light shade of gold.
"I think your sons are waking up now." Nadroj pointed seeing Taylor sit up looking around him curiously.
"Oh. Let's get back over there then!" Walker exclaimed jumping up and started to run back to the camp with Nadroj following behind.

"Dad?" Taylor asked and saw him running toward him. Ike and Zac woke up sitting up slowly as they both yawned.
"Say something Tay. I want to hear you say something." Zac smiled running his hand through the front of his hair pulling the loose strands away from his face.
"Like what? Where is Saber?" Taylor asked and smiled big knowing his words were now making sense.
"YES! You're the old Taylor again!" Zac laughed grabbing his brother around the shoulders and hugged him shaking him against him. Taylor laughed looking at Zac with a big smile covering his face.
"How are you feeling Tay?" Walker asked out of breath as he went down on his knees in front of his sons.
"I'm doing fine. See? I'm making sense again." Taylor chuckled smiling from ear to ear.
"Yep. Taylor can talk his head off again like he always did!" Ike said teasingly.
"And it shouldn't be any other way." Taylor laughed when suddenly he saw Saber walking up to them from a distance.
"Hey SABER!" Taylor bellowed standing up quickly and rocked a little backwards feeling off balance. Walker stood up grabbing onto to Taylor catching him.
"Whoa." Walker said noticing his son was still looking happy.
"I'm okay. I just got up to fast I guess." Taylor explained as he sat back down with Walker going down with him.
"Just take it slow." Walker sternly warned him, watching his son nod agreeing with him.
"I will." Taylor answered when Saber came up behind them grunting and pushed his head against Taylor's back.
"He sure misses you." Zac said smiling as Taylor turned petting Saber between the eyes.
"Where did he go anyway?" Taylor asked hearing a purring sound that seemed to come from Ike and looked over at him.
"Just Lucky Tay. He always sleeps with me." Ike informed him reading the curious look on his brother's face.
"Oh. I thought for a moment there you were making that sound." Taylor chuckled with Ike rolling his eyes.
"Saber goes out looking for food. That is why he was gone for awhile." Nadroj explained smiling down at Taylor.
"What does he eat now since he is full grown?" Taylor asked curiously as Saber started to hum with contentment rubbing his head hard up against him rocking him forward.
"He looks for a certain kind of mold to keep up his strength. It is the color of brown. All Noil's know where to find it. It usually grows on trees my Taylor." Mayte interupted squatting down next to Nadroj.
"Oh I see. Saber? Not so hard." Taylor warned turning around stopping the Noil from rubbing against him and stood up slowly leaning on Saber's head to give him balance.
"Tay? Do you feel alright to stand?" Walker asked with concern watching him.
"Yeah I'm fine. I feel like riding him again." Taylor smiled laying his head against Saber's nose lovingly.
"I don't think that would be a good idea just now." Walker stated when his son turned looking at him.
"Why not? I don't feel off balance anymore. Really Dad." Taylor pleaded knowing his father worried about him. Zac stood up next to his brother and reached out petting the huge head behind the right ear. Saber looked at Zac and contently blinked his huge eyes at him.
"I would love to ride him too!" Zac exclaimed smiling.
"Hey! We both could ride him together." Taylor expressed looking at his father again for approval.
"Well... I don't..."
"Please Dad? We'll be okay. Please?" Zac begged as Walker smiled shaking his head a little.
"Just be careful." Walker said finally giving in.
"Move back Saber." Taylor ordered when the Noil did as he wanted moving back off the blanket. He panted looking at the boy intently with anticipation in his eyes. Taylor walked up to the side of him with Zac following behind feeling excited.
"How do we climb onto his back? He is huge!" Zac exclaimed watching his brother pull gently at Saber's right ear.
"Squat down Saber. I want to ride you." Taylor ordered when Saber sensed what he wanted. He laid down on the ground feeling the boy grab him behind the neck and pulled himself up onto his back just behind his neck. Taylor smiled shifting into place looking down at his brother who stood waiting to get on himself. Zac looked up at him while he reached out his arm toward him.
"Grab my arm Zac. I'll pull you up." Taylor instructed as Zac grabbed his arm. He lifted and pulled Zac feeling his brother jump at the same time.
"Man this is so cool!" Zac yelled sitting behind Taylor and reached his arms around his brother's waist. Saber stood up easily as he moved slowly walking around the blanket to the other side. Ike stood watching his two brother's with Lucky hooting happily in his arms.
"Are you ready Zac? He can run like the wind. So hold on tight! You're going to love this!" Taylor shouted with joy seeing everyone watching them. Nadroj still felt amazed that someone could actually ride on top of a Noil. It was never thought of on their world.
"READY!" Zac shouted when Saber suddenly took off at full speed.
"YES!" Taylor screamed out with joy loving the sensation again as the wind whipped through his hair.
"YEEEEHAAA!" Zac shrieked with laughter holding onto his brother tightly.
"Isn't this great?" Taylor asked feeling a true sense of freedom after so many days of fear and pain.
"Man he is fast. I LOVE this Tay!" Zac chuckled as the wind flipped his hair into his face as the Noil turned suddenly running back toward the camp.

Ike laughed watching his two brothers looking like they were having a great time. He turned to look at their father who was smiling from ear to ear.
"I have to ride him DAD! I want to ride him too!" Ike bellowed running off the blanket and gently put down Lucky onto the ground who scampered back onto the blanket and layed down. He waved his hands over his head at his brothers who were coming toward him.
"GUYS?! I want to ride him too!" Ike shouted when Saber slowed down his pace coming up near Isaac.
"Hop on Ike!" Zac laughed reaching for him as he bent over offering his arm. Ike smiled and jumped on behind Zac.
"Dad? You want to ride him?" Taylor asked with a grin on his face.
"Ahhh... well I don't..."
"Come on Dad! Come with us. Please?" Taylor begged casting his eyes up and down hoping he would agree. Walker looked up at his son and noticed the flush of his cheeks.
"It is nothing like you ever felt before. Come on Dad... you will love it!" Zac pleaded giving him a puppy dog look.
"Well... why NOT!" Walker laughed reaching up his arm toward Ike. Ike grabbed him helping to pull up his father. Walker positioned himself behind Ike and reached his arms around him, holding onto his waist. A feeling of awe over came him sitting up on top of this magnificent creature.
"Everyone ready?" Taylor asked turning and saw them nod their heads smiling at him.
"Saber? Let's go!" Taylor bellowed with Saber taking off at full speed again. The weight of the four humans felt like nothing to him. He bounded over the flat land sensing the joy of the creatures riding on his back. He felt the need to please them as he ran picking up speed with dirt flying out from under his feet.
"This is AWESOME!" Ike laughed feeling his father squeeze his waist a little.
"Yeah it is! Imagine what the world would think if they saw us riding on a alien creature having a great time!" Walker chuckled making his sons laugh. A overwhelming love suddenly came over him as he saw their blond hair whipping in the wind. His world felt complete again knowing they all came through this in one piece. He could never imagine life without them.
"Saber let's go back now!" Taylor declared as Saber turned around and headed back toward the others.

Nadroj smiled watching the human's who he felt a great love for finally having a great time. Neque came up next to him cocking her head.
"Are you happy young one?" Neque asked sensing his longing in his heart.
"I will miss them wiseone. I love them so much." Nadroj expressed looking down into her caring eyes.
"I know my Nadroj. It is hard to say goodbye." Neque crooned understanding his feelings.
"I love that boy. He is my world Neque." Nadroj mumbled staring at Taylor when they approached making the sound of laughter that he grew to love. They slid off Saber one by one with Taylor sliding off last. He came around to the front of the Noil smiling.
"Thanks Saber. That was wonderful!" Taylor exclaimed as Saber licked him on the face.
"I will never forget that ride as long as I live!" Zac laughed looking back at the Noil.
"Want to ride him!" Retah bellowed making everyone jump as she ran up to them. Saber moved back and hissed at her remembering. Retah turned into a gray shade moving back fearfully.
"It's okay Saber. It's okay. She's not like that anymore. She doesn't understand." Taylor cooed trying to calm Saber down knowing he remembered that she was one of the evil ones who wanted to hurt him.
"Retah? You can't ride him now." Haelz softly said grabbing onto her shoulders.
"Why doesn't he like me?" Retah blinked looking up innocently into her eyes. Haelz knew it would be hard to explain.
"He is just unsure of you. He doesn't know you like he knows them." Haelz explained hoping she would believe her answer.
"Oh. I can see that... I guess." Retah nodded watching the young one who did not look like them dart his eyes from side to side as he stood in front of the Noil. Haelz gently led her back to Yven and Suolaej who sat on the blanket watching the activity before them feeling amazed.

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