Color Of Blue


Diana sat on the couch curling her legs up next to her, trying to read a book to get her mind off her longing for her husband and sons. She hoped they would be home soon. She wrapped her housecoat around her feet trying to warm up feeling a chill in the air. She closed the book knowing she just wasn't going to concentrate on the story. All she could think about was her family. Her other children were now sleeping. She couldn't believe another day was going to pass by without any word from Walker. She rested her head in her hand sadly leaning on the arm of the couch when she heard a odd hissing sound fill the room around her. She stood up dropping the book on the floor when a bubble formed in front of her. Her heart started to race as she licked her lips nervously. Taylor walked through smiling looking ragged from head to toe.
"Taylor!?" Diana shouted with joy running up to him and leaped into his arms as she excitedly kissed his cheeks.
"Mom! Oh how I have missed you!" Taylor exclaimed as Ike, Zac, and Walker came through the bubble behind him as he tightly hugged onto his mother.
"You're home! My men are finally home!" Diana screamed with joy. Walker scooped her up into his arms loving the feeling of her body next him.
"I told you I would bring him home Diana! I promised you that." Walker exclaimed as he kissed her on the lips as she put her fingers through his hair.
Ike, Taylor, and Zac cast their eyes to the floor smiling. Walker gently set her down as her eyes filled with tears looking at her three sons who stood in front of her quietly.
"Are you okay? You all look so tired... and dirty." Diana chuckled looking down at her hands that were covered with yellow and red like sand.
"Ummm... I guess we all could use a shower." Walker laughed looking at his sons.
"How? How did you save Taylor?" Diana asked wanting to know.
"Honey? It is a long story. Taylor is healthy and fine!" Walker said as she crinkled her eyebrows together.
"It can't be that long. You have only been gone for three days." Diana told him as Walker smiled.
"Three days? Noooo...we have been on their world for almost two weeks dear." Walker said feeling confused.
"Dad? Time is different from here to there." Taylor asserted smiling at his parents.
"Oh yeah... that's right!" Walker chuckled.
"Tay? Did they hurt you? Are you alright?" Diana asked stepping up in front of him searching his face.
"I... well... I am... they won't be able to hurt me anymore. They all saved me." Taylor stammered with tears filling his eyes. She reached up her hand grabbing the side of his face running her thumb along his cheek, as he cast his eyes up and down. She could see there was so much to explain.
"Well why don't you all take a nice hot shower and I will fix you something to eat and then you can tell me the whole story. Okay?" Diana softly crooned smiling at them feeling like her world was whole again.
"Oh man... do I want a shower!" Zac bellowed as he saw Taylor and Ike walk toward the hall. He followed loving the peace of being home again.
Diana watched her sons leave the living room.
"Walker is Taylor alright? Tell me the truth." Diana asked with a worried expression covering her face.
"Yes Diana. What we all went through was amazing. Taylor is fine honey." Walker answered smiling down at her.
"Where is all your camping stuff?" Diana asked curiously.
"Nadrow will be bringing it to us very shortly. He brought us home first and went back to get it." Walker explained as she saw the bubble form again. Nadroj stepped through dropping some packs onto the floor.
"I brought it all my Walker." Nadroj said smiling at him.
"Taylor, Ike, and Zac went to take a shower. Thanks Nodrow. Come and visit soon." Walker exclaimed as Diana curiously looked at the being and then at Walker seeing that some kind of bond formed between them. Nadroj nodded and smiled as he stepped back through the rip while Walker and Diana watched it disappear.
"Yes Diana?"
"He is so amazing. Taylor and him are...are apart of one another. It is hard to explain just now. Actually Diana he is like one of the family!" Walker laughed softly seeing Diana raise her eyebrows wondering what he was talking about.

Neque sat in her spiral home again after several months passed since the humans went back to their world. She sighed deeply sitting by one of her windows watching the clouds drift by slowly. Her world was at peace once again. The Faction was placed in a special home as her people vowed to take care of them until the end. She stood up walking toward a stand that held the precious book of Serpow upon it. She gingerly rubbed her hand across it still loving the smooth feel of the gold. She opened the book passing slowly through the pages reviewing the history of her world. She reached the last page and jumped slightly as her skin turned into a light blue shade. She saw a drawing forming across the page showing Nadroj's body limply floating in the tides. She couldn't quite make out what was going on. She could see another figure that seemed to be right next to him. The words still didn't form onto the page. She had a sick feeling enter her mind. Only one word stood out on the page. Taylor.

The End

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