Color Of Blue

Chapter 33 - Three Minds As One - Continued

They formed the bond as a blue light started to emanate off their bodies. Taylor concentrated as rainbow colors formed around him and his brothers. Zac formed the link as Ike brought forth his healing light. They were once again as one body. Every part of them was felt by each other. Ike looked deeply into Taylor's eyes who looked back with total trust and love. Ike moved forward into his mind searching for the damage.
"See?" Taylor asked knowing his brother was concentrating hard.
"Shhhhh." Ike answered not wanting to break the power as he went in deeper.
"Right. Go to the right." Zac informed him sensing a imbalance near them. Taylor jumped suddenly feeling pain. He moaned slightly.
"Tay?" Ike asked wondering why his brother was hurting all of a sudden.
"Hurt...pain!" Taylor groaned starting to feel dizzy. Ike jumped seeing a black like hole just in front of him. He immediately cast his light over the area. The light exploded against the wound rocking Taylor backwards as Ike and Zac grabbed onto to Taylor holding him up in their arms. Ike was determined to heal the area.
"Just take it easy Tay. Let Zac and I do all the work now." Ike declared as Taylor closed his eyes with tears forming under his eyelids.
"The wound is fighting me." Ike grumbled trying to hold it against the hole in Taylor's mind. Zac used his power pushing Ike's healing light stronger against it. Ike smiled feeling in control again.
"Thanks Zac. Keep holding it."
"That hole is weird. I never saw anything like it." Zac exclaimed noticing Taylor was beginning to tremble in their arms.
"Can't...hurts! Hurting me!" Taylor screamed as he started to pull back.
"NO! Taylor? Don't fight us! Just hold on. We will defeat it! Whatever she caused won't win!" Ike bellowed as Zac and Ike gripped onto their brother tightly. Taylor started to breath in short rasping breaths.
"I'm scared! Please let me go! I can't take this anymore!" Taylor screamed rocking his head back in agony when Ike's healing light sucked in the damage as it created a blinding light that bolted through all of them.
"NO! Stop it! Please stop it!" Taylor demanded trying to pull out of his brother's arms.
"Taylor? Listen to yourself. You're talking normally again!" Ike shouted with joy.
"We did it Tay! Relax now." Zac declared as they slowly pulled back the power. Taylor could feel a warmth cover his entire body as sweat poured down his face.
"I...I can." Taylor smiled as his legs gave way from under him with his brother's slowly lowering him to the ground making sure he didn't fall.

Walker watched in amazement as the light slowly faded from around his sons. He saw them place Taylor gently on the ground. He bolted up to them with his son looking up at him smiling but looking totally exhausted.
"I can talk Dad! They did it!" Taylor exclaimed starting to cry as Ike and Zac sat down next to him. Taylor reached out grabbing his brother's hands and squeezed them tightly in his.
"Are you guys alright?" Walker asked with concern rubbing Taylor's right leg.
"It was bad Dad. She really hurt him, but we healed it! We did it!" Ike said with his bottom lip quivering feeling extremely emotional as he petted Taylor's forehead lovingly.
Nadroj walked up and gazed down at them smiling.
"You should all rest now. I know it took a lot out of you." Nadroj expressed feeling proud.
"I...I love you guys." Taylor murmured closing his eyes falling asleep.
Walker lifted him up into his arms and carried him back to the blanket gently putting him down. Neque and Nadroj helped Ike and Zac walk back to the blanket and sat them down next to their brother.
"You guys are amazing. I am so proud of you!" Walker said swallowing back the lump in his throat as he gazed at Isaac and Zac who then layed down next to Taylor and smiled.
"Hey it was nothing Dad. We knew we could do it!" Zac laughed sucking in a deep breath.
"Nothing? Yeah right Zac!" Walker chuckled grabbing the side of Zac's face and shook it slightly with love in his eyes. Zac smiled broadly closing his eyes.
"We would do anything for him. Taylor is alright now." Ike sighed deeply feeling exhausted as Neque pushed him down next to Taylor wanting him to rest too. She ran her finger lovingly through a curl of his hair pulling it away from his forehead.
"Just rest my Ike. You will be going home soon." Neque cooed watching her Ike close his eyes also and fell quickly to sleep.

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