Color Of Blue

Chapter 33 - Three Minds As One

Taylor woke up looking at the blue sky, seeing the early morning hue of the clouds drift along lazily as he stretched his arms over his head bumping his hands on Nadroj's belly. He slowly sat up and turned his head smiling at Nadroj who was still sound to sleep. He noticed he had a slight headache.
"Tay?" Ike groaned rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as Taylor turned to look at him.
"Morn...good." Taylor said crinkling his eyebrows together noticing his speech was still bad. He licked at his lips and sighed deeply.
"Morning Tay." Ike smiled sitting up next to him. He noticed Taylor looked frustrated.
"Time? Want...." Taylor stopped and frowned knowing he couldn't form a proper sentence.
"You want to know what time it is?" Ike asked putting his hand on his shoulder gently. Taylor shook his head.
"No...eat time?" Taylor expressed feeling exasperated as Zac sat up while Taylor turned to look at him.
"You mean you want to eat something?" Zac questioned as he nodded with a weak smile.
"Hate...talk like this!" Taylor moaned looking up when they noticed everyone else was beginning to wake up also. Nadroj sat up smiling at Ike, Taylor and Zac.
"Did you sleep well Nodrow?" Ike asked wondering why he was glowing in an intense shade of gold and smiling from ear to ear.
"Oh yes my Ike. I had a very restful sleep." Nadroj exclaimed as he stood up with all of them watching him curiously walk toward the complex.
"Wonder what he is so happy about?" Zac asked as Taylor stood up to follow him.
"Tay? Where are you going?" Ike asked turning to face him. Lucky suddenly hooted and bounded into his lap making Ike jump a little.
"Want...see...why...what...Ohhhhh...." Taylor tried to express himself, throwing his arms up angrily and gave up running to catch up to Nadroj as he saw him pass through the door of the complex.

"Nodrow?" Taylor called out as he walked into the building looking around him feeling odd as he saw the three cushions that were apart of the prison that the Faction kept him and his brothers in just yesterday. He swallowed hard remembering the fear and pain. He crinkled his eyebrows together wondering where he went and suddenly felt Nadroj's presence in the lab. He quickly walked toward the door and saw it slide open when he approached it. He carefully peeked inside and saw Nadroj looking down at Retah who was still sleeping peacefully on the table. He looked up at Taylor sensing him.
"Nodrow....what...see?" Taylor asked casting his eyes up and down.
"Come in my Taylor. I am just checking up on her. She is doing fine." Nadroj said as Taylor walked up to the table. He looked over and saw something was covered up on a table next to her. Taylor pointed over at it curiously.
"That?" Taylor questioned looking up into Nadroj's eyes searching his face.
"It was her young one my Taylor." Nadroj mumured sadly bowing his head.
"It...no.." Taylor whispered with tears welling in his eyes feeling sorry for the infant.
"The young one would have never made it my Taylor. It was very malformed. We will leave her rest now. Come Taylor." Nadroj explained not wanting him to see it. He knew it would only upset his Taylor. He walked around the table and grabbed his hand softly in his turning him away. Taylor looked up at Nadroj sadly as his friend led him out of the room. When they went outside he noticed that his Dad and brothers were eating breakfast sitting in circle with the others.
"Tay? Want some cereal?" Walker asked as Taylor nodded his head sitting down in between his brothers. His Dad poured some corn flakes into a bowl and then grabbed a bottle of milk that was stored in a cooler near him pouring it on top of the flakes. He handed Taylor the bowl with a spoon. He ate the cereal slowly noticing that Nadroj was staring intently at him and his brothers.
"How is the Faction doing?" Walker asked looking at Neque.
"They are still asleep. Let them rest. Their minds are still very confused." Neque stated as Walker nodded finishing up his cereal. He looked over at Taylor who looked very sad.
"How are you feeling Taylor?" Walker asked watching his son's eyes cast up and down.
"Good. Talk....not." Taylor cringed hearing his words come out wrong again. He slammed his bowl down angrily as he started to shake.
"Tay? It's okay son."
"NO! Back...not...home....talk! Can't...sing...not...more!" Taylor groaned with tears welling in his eyes.
"Yeah I know what Taylor means. How can he go back home like this? He won't be able to sing or talk clearly anymore. What is everyone going to think? It might end our career Dad." Zac explained sadly putting his bowl down as Taylor's face twisted into a look of agony.
"Young ones? Taylor will go home healed. He will be able to talk again." Nadroj exclaimed turning into a golden shade and smiled noticing Ike, Taylor and Zac looked at him with shocked expressions.
"Nadroj? How do you know this? Do you know how to heal him?" Ike asked watching Nadroj then turn into a yellow shade of amusement.
"Nodrow?" Taylor asked sensing he was hiding something from them.
"My Taylor the answer you seek to your healing is where you sit right now. Do you not see it?" Nadroj smiled looking into Taylor's confused eyes lovingly.
"Huh? No...get." Taylor asked not understanding as Ike and Zac also was wondering what their friend was trying to reveal to them.
"Yes. Why didn't we realize this before? The answer was always before us." Demi exclaimed looking at the confused, dumbfounded boys.
"What are you trying to say? Where?" Ike asked when suddenly all their alien friends turned into bright intense shades of yellow.
"Would you just tell us! How is Taylor to be healed?" Zac grumbled feeling exasperated wondering why they wouldn't just come out with the answer to his brother's healing.
Taylor darted his eyes back and forth trying to figure out what they were trying to make them see, as he suddenly sat up straight with his heart pounding with excitement and smiled.
"Know! YES!" Taylor shouted smiling at Ike and Zac who were still confused. They both turned to look at their brother.
"Tay?" Walker asked knowing his son realized what they were trying to tell them.
"Heal! Minds....three....us!" Taylor bellowed throwing back his head feeling total joy at the realization.
"Huh?" Ike asked when Zac bolted up from where he sat.
"We can heal him! That's it! Ike don't you get it?" Zac laughed as Taylor smiled from ear to ear.
"Dang! That's ....that's right! We are ...are three minds as one!" Ike shouted scaring Lucky who ran out of his lap and hissed. Everyone burst into laughter watching the Nettik who backed up flattening his ears back cocking his head curiously.
"Heal...me...guys!" Taylor said concentrating on each word.
"Well why didn't you say that in the first place?" Walker asked looking at Nadroj smiling.
"I wanted them to realize that together they would heal my Taylor. They still don't really understand how they work as one. Even I didn't know my Walker until I looked into the book of Serpow last night when everyone was asleep." Nadroj explained smiling back at him.
"Well let's start now!" Zac gushed with Taylor nodding his head.
"You must form into one my young ones, like when you healed the rips so long ago." Demi stated standing up and walked over to them. Taylor looked up at Demi and smiled. He grabbed Taylor gently by the shoulders making him stand up in front of him. Ike stood up also feeling excited.
"You must feel one another." Mayte said watching Demi and Nadroj lead the boys off the blanket. They all stood up following them.
"But one thing. Will we be able to see what part of Tay's mind was damaged?" Ike asked seriously remembering how Nadroj and Neque couldn't see it.
"You will be able to my Ike. You are apart of one another." Neque explained running her fingertips lovingly down his left cheek. Ike smiled up at her and nodded his head wanting to believe her.
Ike, Taylor, and Zac took hold of each other's hands and formed a circle. Taylor nervously licked his lips and smiled.
"Are you ready Tay?" Zac asked as Taylor nodded enthusiastically.
"You are the center Tay. Whenever you are ready." Ike proclaimed feeling Taylor squeeze his hand.
Walker watched nervously but felt excited rubbing his hands together. He looked up when Haelz lovingly put her arm around his shoulders.
"Don't worry my Walker. Watch and see the power between them." Haelz said glowing gold as Walker smiled sucking in a deep breath.

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